April 23, 2018

YC-152 Wrench For Hub Cones 13x14x15x16 Hardened

key to the moon conical hub xxx hardened YC 152 wrench for hub cones 13x14x15x16 hardened

key to the moon conical hub xxx hardened 1 YC 152 wrench for hub cones 13x14x15x16 hardened
BIKE HAND 2-piece wrenches for adjusting and unscrewing the hub cones. Its thickness is just 2.3 mm.

The keys are made of hard steel.

They have a hole to hang.

Each key has the following numbers 13/14/15 / 16. Includes 2 keys.

Brand: Bike Hand

BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle Repair Tools Tool Kit Set

bikehand bike bicycle repair tools tool kit set YC 152 wrench for hub cones 13x14x15x16 hardened

  1. BIKEHAND’s own website suggests the freewheel tool included in this set will work with Shimano.
  2. I used the hexagon Swiss army thing to unlock v-brakes to pull a cable out I needed.
  3. The chain breaking tool worked fine taking the chain off was easy.
  4. I was adjusting my spokes on the wheel because it was bent and actually hitting the frame of the bike.
  5. My spoke nibbles are a 14 and it fit fine with the universal spoke tool.
  6. I was a idiot though and forgot to deflate my tire before tightening spokes and punctured my back tube.
  7. I found the hole and used a patch from this tool box and it had the cheese grater thing and glue with a decent amount of patches.
  8. There was a little instructions but I’d advise watching a video if you never done it before like I did before patching a tube.
  9. So that’s all the things I have used so far and they all worked so I’m happy with this.
  10. Unfortunately my recent rebuild has a few years on it and the parts have been tough to remove.
  11. The chain breaker was broken before I even removed it from the box leaving me to question the quality of the tools that feel rather light in comparison to pro tools I’ve used.
  12. Probably good.to keep on hand if you ever get in a bind but I replaced with an assortment of tools that a local shop had put a few miles on.
  13. All the parts seem to be better quality than expected at this price.
  14. The only omissions are a cable / housing cutter and crimper, an adjustable wrench, and more metric wrenches.
  15. My first use of this was to repack the wheel bearings on an older mountain bike.
  16. I ran into an issue with the rear wheel because it was freewheel and this has the tool for a freehub.
  17. Not a big deal to get the extra tool and I knew it was not in the set.
  18. The cone wrenches worked fine on the front wheel and one side of the rear wheel.
  19. The tool quality is good for the price and they are sturdy enough for home use.
  20. All of the tools will do their job and should last at very least several years.
  21. Though I would not have minded slightly better quality, you cannot beat the price.
  22. The shimano freewheel remover did not work on my freewheel, so I had to purchase one separately, but the kit will get plenty of use from me.
  23. What I have used:
    Crank arm remover
    Bottom Bracket Remover
    Chain whip
    Link separator (chain breaker)
    Pedal wrenches

    They worked and will definitely do the same job a number of times again.

  24. The cassette remover worked flawlessly, the chain whip works and has a useful pedal wrench on the opposite end, and a bottom bracket tool on the adjacent end.
  25. The 8mm hex wrench works fine, so does the chain pin remover.
  26. One of its faults is that every Phillips head screwdriver included is too thin at the tip and so It was no good for tuning derailleurs, of course it’s cheap and easy to find a good screwdriver.
  27. I’ve removed multiple cranks, tightened multiple bottom brackets, removed a rear sprocket,…

Buy BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle Repair Tools Tool Kit Set here $39.99

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