April 23, 2018

Wicker Basket Click Light Brown

wicker basket click light brown Wicker basket click light brown

wicker basket click light brown 1 Wicker basket click light brown
Basket made of natural wicker, the basket is placed on the handlebar of the bike using a "click" grip.

The basket has a foldable carrying handle.

The construction of the basket is specially adapted for shopping in a safe and comfortable position in the front of the bike.

Maximum payload-5kg
Color-Light brown

Brand: Burghardt

burghardt Wicker basket click light brown

Axiom City-Wicker DLX Front Basket

axiom city wicker dlx front basket Wicker basket click light brown

  1. Basket clicks on and off in a flash for quick and easy off-bike use.

Buy Axiom City-Wicker DLX Front Basket here $67.19

Electra Wicker Bicycle Basket with Straps (Colors May Vary)

electra wicker bicycle basket with straps colors may vary Wicker basket click light brown

  1. Basket is wicker and includes mounting bracket and all hardware.
  2. Mounting brackets for 1″ & 1 1/8″ headtubes included.
  3. Not compatible with: Boney Finger, Straight 8, Rockabilly Boogy, Hellbilly, Rat Fink, Pink Fink, Ghostrider, Amsterdam Classic.
  4. I have an Electra Townie and the size that is largest didn’t fit so my husband had to file it down a bit by hand but it worked.
  5. I also emailed Electra and they sent out a set of instructions.
  6. Here are the mounting instructions for the wicker basket.
  7. Locate the steertube mount (large metal piece with circle-there should be two).
  8. Larger circle for 1 1/8″ steertube (All Townies use the bigger 1 1/8″ mounting bracket).
  9. Using the correct mount, screw it into the back of the wicker basket using included hardware.
  10. You may find it easier to drill small holes in the back of the basket to feed the screws through.
  11. Make sure that the “L” shape is facing downward (finished/shinny side up) to insure basket will sit at proper angle.
  12. To attach the basket to the steering tube, take the stem out and take the lock nut off.
  13. This must be removed and its space is taken up by the basket’s bracket.
  14. Then slide the bracket onto the steering tube, replace the lock nut and stem.
  15. Make sure everything is tightened down again to ensure safety in riding.
  16. Both straps and mount are necessary for basket to hold up to use.
  17. If you have any troubles with this or need to know what size steertube your bike has please let me know or visit your local Electra dealer as they can surely help you with installation and/or additional help.
  18. The tag was also just thrown in the box and not attached to anything.
  19. All seemed fine with the basket though, so in the end it was a success.
  20. All in all the basket is very well made and is sizeable so it holds a good deal of whatever you wish to put in it.
  21. The only real problem I have with it is the straps built into it are not placed as well as they could be to attach them to specific bikes.
  22. In my case I had to break parts of the back of the basket to move the leather straps into a more effective place.
  23. Of course they cannot predict this for every bike, but keep in mind if you buy it you may have to rearrange the straps in order for it to hold to your bike properly.
  24. It looks cute and is also useful for water or carrying whatever is needed when biking.
  25. Note that it does not bring instructions so it may take a bit to figure out the assembly.
  26. For those that aren’t too familiar with bikes, it brings two different types of attachments for the column of the bike handles.
  27. Pick the one that fits and take the neck apart and then mount it.
  28. The two straps that hold it to the handlebars are slightly uneven, meaning the basket often tilts.
  29. It’s not extremely secure, despite my attempts to tighten it.
  30. However, the retro look on my blue Electra beach cruiser is so cute.
  31. I put this on a Marin beach cruiser and no issue whatsoever.
  32. Additionally, it did not provide mounting instructions, I had to find them online, which is fine, if it fits, but now makes me doubt that I found the correct information.
  33. Hard to attach if you want to remove it easily and frequently.
  34. It is difficult to install – apparently you have to press the screws through the wicker basket.

Buy Electra Wicker Bicycle Basket with Straps (Colors May Vary) here $49.99

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