April 23, 2018

Wheel For 3-speed Hub KY-401-T

chain to hub gear ky Wheel for 3 speed hub KY 401 T
3-speed hub chain

Number of gears-3

Brand: Tora Zajdel

Shimano SG-3C41 Universal Hub Kit Nexus (36H 3 Speed Coater brake)

shimano universal hub kit nexusspeed coater brake Wheel for 3 speed hub KY 401 T
  1. Want a simple cruiser but still have a hill to get up to get home.
  2. Installation was easier than expected and I have average mechanical abilities.
  3. A heads-up on what you may have to deal with – my bike frame is 5mm narrower than the new hub width, but I was able to spread/pull apart my bike frame without much trouble.
  4. However, I was able to compensate the spoke length by modifying the spoke pattern.
  5. The spokes do protrude through the bottoms of the spoke nipples about 2mm, so I added another layer of spoke protection (a strip made from an old inner tube).
  6. I bought the “red” Park tool, specific for my bike spokes.
  7. The Shimano comes with a 19T sprocket, but it is not attached.
  8. So I put my original 16T sprocket on the new hub in order to see how much of a difference there would be with the new hub gear ratios (my power/ pedal sprocket is 40T).
  9. Changing the drive sprockets is easy with a snap-ring plier or with two or three small flat-head screw drivers.
  10. So, if you want to convert a single speed beach cruiser to a 3-speed, I highly recommend this Shimano hub kit.
  11. I had to re torque the assembly as it came to me too tight, but being a small bike shop, that is no problem.
  12. Also, two day shipping with Prime lets me get parts in a timely way.
  13. If you are looking to have this put into a wheel, STOP!!
  14. Save the headache and some money and just go find a set.
  15. I’ve had this cruiser for 30 years as a one speed, so having the gears is really nice.
  16. I wouldn’t try to climb / coast too many mountains with it.
  17. Works great for local hills, but some of the mountain jeep roads I went on this summer were too steep.
  18. The gears weren’t quite low enough for me too ride up some areas.
  19. On long sections of steep downhill (all the way back down the mountain) disc brakes would be better because the drum brake could heat up under those extended conditions.
  20. Usually I’m riding around town and it works great for that.
  21. I did add a 23 tooth rear sprocket for fifteen bux that helps with hills and lets me use the 3rd gear more often.
  22. I would definitely recommend it for a cruiser or commuter, but not for serious mountain biker.
  23. I used Shimano’s on line directions about how to take the hub apart and insert the works into the old hub that was still threaded on the wheel.
  24. I had some questions I submitted by email and niagara Cycle was prompt in getting back to me.
  25. I took my bike and the hub down to the bike store and they mounted it up and rebuilt the wheel.
  26. The sproket it came with was a little bigger than most with 19 or 20 teeth.
  27. This made the hill clibming much better and comparable with an external derailer.
  28. I have another 3 speed for my wife I bought online and it is not as good on steep hills (even though must add that my flywheel at the pedal is a bit smaller too so that also contributed).
  29. Swapping the hub was a little frustrating (but worth it in the end.
  30. BUT I’m now able to easily pedal at a slower pace, and get up most hills with relative ease (with the one-speed my choices were to over-torque it, or walk it up).
  31. I’m considering upgrading another one-speed, and will certainly keep this product on my watch list just in case I need another one.
  32. This hub is amazing, 3 speeds and a coaster brake all in one.
Buy Shimano SG-3C41 Universal Hub Kit Nexus (36H 3 Speed Coater brake) here $47.98

700c Shimano Nexus 3 Speed Hub Hybrid Road Wheel Set with Shifter and 700c x 32mm Kenda Tires

c shimano nexus speed hub hybrid road wheel set with shifter and x kenda tires Wheel for 3 speed hub KY 401 T
  1. NEXUS Internal Hubs were born out of necessity in urban sprawls where bicycle transportation is a way of life.
  2. All the gear mechanisms, seals and robust construction have been meticulously engineered to deliver accurate and smooth shifting with each use.
  3. The shifter, bell cranks and cable and housing are included.
  4. When I priced things out, buying 3 speed hub, spokes, wheels, shifter, and tires would cost MUCH more than this set.
  5. When I installed the set, the only road block was that I had to lenghten the chain since the single speed rear cog was smaller than the 3 speed rear cog provided (17 tooth vs.
  6. I have ridden the bike with new wheels a few times now, and it rides great!
  7. The gears shifts smoothly, and as of now, I am extremenly happy!
  8. I bought a new old stock shimano 3 speed shifter and mounted it on my stem and now it looks tight as hell.
  9. I had was when i pumped up the rear wheel tire after finally rigging this whole monstrosity up, the tube exploded in my face, bike gods telling me to switch back to presta.
  10. I had to get a different chain due to the size of the cog.
  11. Came ready to attach to the bike, I just had to get a new chain.
  12. Put it on a kent thruster fixie now I have a really nice three speed.
  13. Rims are drilled out for schraeder valves, I prefer Presta so I installed Rim Saver valve protectors so I could use Presta tubes.
  14. Shifter assembly comes with a 60 inch long cable which was 16 inches too short for my needs.
  15. Fortunately, Shimano has a good tech section on their website where I found diagrams of the shifter and bell crank so I could install the longer cable.
Buy 700c Shimano Nexus 3 Speed Hub Hybrid Road Wheel Set with Shifter and 700c x 32mm Kenda Tires here $199.95

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