April 23, 2018

WeeRide Co-Pilot Bicycle / Trailer

bike Trailing trailer weeride co pilot WeeRide Co Pilot bicycle / trailer
WeeRide Co-Pilot is a one-wheeled bicycle for your child, who joins the saddle to his bike. It’s like changing a bicycle in a tandem, thanks to which you allow your child to ride with you. Fun, comfort and safety of your child! WeeRide Co-Pilot is simply the best one-wheeled bikes for children, which in the most friendly way give your child a great experience in cycling.

Such experiences in no way are able to offer other bicycle accessories. Do you want to go with your family for a bike ride?

Your 4-year-old child also wants to go but it’s too big for the car seat, and he’s driving too slowly on his little bike. What are you doing?

The new WeeRide Co-Pilot is the answer to your needs. By attaching WeeRide Co-Pilot to your bike, you will make your child feel like a real cyclist. Your child will be able to go as fast as you on your "big" bike. You can cycle through bike routes at a similar pace. WeeRide Co-Pilot is designed for children aged 4-9. Children can pedal on their own, backwards or not pedal, if, for example you are traveling. If you need help, because you’re going up, you can ask your child to help you pedal, kids love it.

Equipped with a quick release system, thanks to which you can immediately take the WeeRide Co-Pilot off your bike if you need it.

This fantastic part of the equipment has even adjustable handlebars, comfortable saddle and for safety visible choragiewke.


– A joint ride with the child
– The child is safe because you control the direction and speed of the ride.
– Driving an equal pace
– No downtime when the child has no power to pedal
– The child can help to pedal or rest
– The possibility of fast driving
– The child learns to keep balance on a bike
– The child will learn to ride a normal bicycle, without the need to use the side collars
– Great fun together with a little tourist
– Possibility of tripseven on longer routes
– Children are delighted when they can accompany their parents in bicycle trips
Product features:

– The quick release system was developed and patented (Quick Release System)
quick disconnect system from the parent’s bike.
– Easy correction of saddle
– Adjustable steering wheel
– Easy to use elements give more time to ride, and less to prepare
– The parent controls steering wheel control, speed and braking.
– A fender, protecting against splashes of a child
– Chorragiewka for safety
– Possibility to submit Co-Pilot, thanks to which it takes up little space

– Weight 13kg
– Fits virtually all bikes
– Possibility of carrying children up to 45 kg
– stylishlythe designed frame fits all colors of the bike
– Recommended for children aged 4-9 years
– Co-pilot size 20 ‘
– The strong frame fits for bicycles up to 28 ‘

Brand: Relim

WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

weeride pilot bike trailer WeeRide Co Pilot bicycle / trailer

  1. Superior design Front Splash Guard to prevent dirt and water from touching your little passenger.
  2. True quick release system for fast detachment from adult bike.
  3. Your child can pedal to help you along or just coast and enjoy the scenery.
  4. The Co-Pilot is sturdily constructed – just like a regular 20” bicycle.
  5. It includes adjustable handlebars, seat, pedals, and chain guard.
  6. It attaches easily and quickly to almost any bicycle with a seat post, and it easily folds up for storage when not in use.
  7. Sturdy construction – just like a regular 20-inch bicycle with regular handlebars, seat, and pedals.
  8. Attaches easily and quickly to almost any bicycle with a seatpost,and folds up for storage when not in use.
  9. And it even comes with a safety flag to alert motorists.
  10. The Co-Pilot is great for the whole family, nothing says togetherness like a family bike ride.
  11. Part of the problem was having two toddlers in two trailers to pull along.
  12. She can NOT touch the pedals even with the seat at it’s lowest possible point.
  13. I bought a 2×3 and cut 4 blocks to fit just inside the lip of the pedal, then zip tied them on either side.
  14. She can now reach the pedals at the lowest point by either putting her foot on the flat block, or having the pedal on it’s side.
  15. She still has to do a bit of climbing to get on, but we rode about 2 miles and she had no problem staying on.
  16. A big pro is that when you have to pedal uphill there is no more pull back from the child shifting in the trailer, since they are holding onto the bars now.
  17. He is a non-verbal child with autism and additional physical disabilities.
  18. He can reach the pedals without the blocks but does not make any effort to pedal (can not ride a tricycle.) Since we can’t trust him to stay on the bike we also bought the seat back for the trail-a-ride bike and looped a crotch strap around the belt and seat.
  19. It’s quite a bit more challenging to stabilize a child who is not cooperative but it’s not impossible and after he gets going he doesn’t move around as much.
  20. This is soooo much better than a baby trailer and it’s nice to see him participating like a big boy!
  21. Special needs equipment is so unbelievably expensive so it’s always great when you can find stuff like this that can double for it.
  22. The main con for me is that I had to REALLY tighten my bike seat in order to stop it from turning when we’d turn.
  23. It was pretty annoying until I got it tight enough, now it’s minimal but enough to bug me.
  24. Also, my daughter won’t pedal on it, I guess since she’s already moving she doesn’t bother.
  25. She’s a pretty strong rider on her own little bike, so she can, she just won’t.
  26. It’s still not too hard to pull with either kid not helping.
  27. My guess by my own kid’s heights is that to really ride this, 40″ is the absolute minimum.
  28. Update: 7/28/2014

    We’ve had this for a few months now so I wanted to update.

  29. I’ve gotten used to the turning and my seat doesn’t move too much now that my husband tightened it even more.
  30. I promise it can be fixed if you have an iron man grip!
  31. My daughter pedals like crazy now and really helps out.
  32. She’s 39″ now and needs the pedal blocks, maybe 2-3″ more and I’ll take them off.
  33. I think that next year he will try it without the seat back.
  34. He lacks the coordination to pedal fast enough to contribute but he is trying.
  35. Really if I could only buy this for one of them, I’d buy it for him!
  36. It’s wonderful to hear him squealing and laughing as we buzz down the road.
  37. A note about further modifications for him, we took off the handlebars and reversed them.
  38. He’s plenty tall enough at 44″ to pedal with ease, even with the reflector on the seat post and the seat back.
  39. Update: 01/31/2016
    So we’ve had these for a few years now.
  40. They look great even though they live in a storage shed.
  41. Little girl is 5 now and can ride a bike all by herself.
  42. I had to replace the tire tube in hers, but we live in NJ and these are in a shed during freezing temps.
  43. He loves his weeride, we still use the seat back but that’s all the adjustment he needs now and it’s mostly since we don’t trust him.
  44. No peddling yet, but he’s a million times more verbal when we ride!
  45. He loves squealing at cars going by and making all sorts of crazy noises.
  46. Can’t blame the weeride though, kids liked stealing them for games.
  47. Assembling it was not the easiest thing in the world- took me about an hour with a 4 yr old trying to help the whole time.
  48. It was a little tricky to put on my seat post though since I have tall tires on my bike and my seat was as low as I prefer, but it all worked out as seen in the picture attachment.
  49. Once we hit the road- It took me a bit to get used to navigating the bike with my boy in tow- he was also a little nervous about it.
  50. But he loved it so much and I just loved the feeling of having my kid with me on my longer rides.
  51. I will have to buy something for the pedals though since he was not able to reach them comfortably.
  52. But the price was under 100 bucks so I thought I’d roll the dice.
  53. I was slightly nervous because there were some low reviews that pointed out what the reviewers said were design flaws.
  54. What I believe happened to folks who were getting twisting is that they were attaching the trailer mount to their seat post but their seat post was not tightened down.
  55. It’s also possible that they didn’t have the bracket tightened correctly.
  56. Despite the apparent inability of some purchasers to correctly install the trailer, it’s really quite simple.
  57. Then just slide the trailer into the mount and install one quick release (cam action like bike wheel skewers) bolt.
  58. The 4 bolt mounting bracket stays with the bike and the single quick release bolt can be removed to unhook the trailer.
  59. The parts are well made and while they may seem heavy compared to a lightweight bike, they are very solid.
  60. She’s not proficient yet with a 2 wheeler without training wheels.
  61. I can feel it when she wobbles, but I’ll tell her to focus on balancing and looking forward and immediately feel the wobble stop.
  62. I suspect she’s going to end up learning bike balance from riding on the back of this trailer.
  63. We had done a few 15 minute rides and then last weekend went out for 10 miles.
  64. I’m so glad I bought it and would highly recommend it to anyone considering a ride along trailer.
  65. I bought this attachment for my 5 year old son so that we could all ride longer distances.
  66. The handle bars where bent and it had huge gashes taken out of the frame.

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