April 23, 2018

Water Bottle TACX SOURCE White 750 Ml

bottle Tacx source white ml Water bottle TACX SOURCE white 750 ml
TACX SOURCE water bottle with a lid with a ring preventing it from getting lost. It has a closed mouthpiece with a blockade that ensures excellent tightness and prevents leakage of the drink.




Brand: TACX

tacx Water bottle TACX SOURCE white 750 ml

Tacx Deva Cage

tacx deva cage Water bottle TACX SOURCE white 750 ml

  1. While we haven’t been fully diagnosed with the weight weenie syndrome, we absolutely refuse to sacrifice performance or durability in the quest of shedding additional grams.
  2. One product that we have had zero reservations about putting on our bike is the Deva Bottle Cage from Tacx.
  3. It’s constructed from 100% carbon fiber and weighs an astonishing 21 grams, while its cylindrical shape provides a firm grip on bottles.
  4. Blast over railroad tracks and rough country roads without fear of the dreaded bottle ejection.
  5. Unlike other cages that promise a vice-like hold, this one has been designed so that the bottle can be inserted and removed easily and smoothly.
  6. Trusted by many pro teams, the Diva cage is ready to find a home on your bike’s downtube and seat tube.
  7. When you slide your bottle in place, it almost “clicks” into place.
  8. I’ve been using these with Zefal 1 liter Magnum bottles and they fit perfectly.
  9. I could probably hit a car and fall off a cliff and the bottle would still be in the cage!
  10. I usually only bring one bottle but for longer rides, its nice to have that option of adding another.
  11. This version of the Deva is blended with 40% carbon and 30% glass fibre.
  12. They’re an excellent value, a contender with most lightweight carbon cages at a fraction of the price.
  13. It comes in a variety of colors, most importantly (rule #8) a solid black.
  14. Water bottle(s) slide in/out of the cage noticeably smooth, while providing a confident grip for any type of ride.
  15. Varieties of Tacx product have become increasingly difficult to acquire from United States vendors.
  16. I’m pleased to have bought the cage(s) without paying international shipping.
  17. I am so happy to report that color is almost an exact match and looks really sharp on my bike.
  18. I also had good luck inserting various sized water bottles in these cages.
  19. The last carbon water bottle cages I owned did not accommodate any normal-sized bottles so this is a bonus.
  20. To clarify, I purchased the carbon and fiber glass version of these cages.
  21. I bought them for their color and while it slightly more difficult to get my Polar Bottle 24 oz insulated out of the cage, it feels secure when it is in there.
  22. I was using Camelback podium bottles and they worked well but I switched to Tacx Shiva bottles, which are designed for these cages, and they fit perfectly.
  23. Has nice grip, but does not require two hands to get the bottle out.
  24. Had to remove plastic injection tags which would have scratched the bike.

Buy Tacx Deva Cage here $19.99

Tacx Cycling Saddle Rail Adaptor

tacx cycling saddle rail adaptor Water bottle TACX SOURCE white 750 ml

  1. A water bottle behind the saddle offers lower wind resistance.
  2. The height and angle of the clamp are adjustable allowing for better placement.
  3. So far it does what is supposed to do, which is to hold the bottle in place and behind the saddle!
  4. I removed one star because:
    1) – It comes WITH instructions (they are on the box), but some people might have a hard time finding/understanding them.
  5. Two screws were missing, I had to improvise, luckily I had screws that fitted.
  6. The plastic part is relatively light (49 g), but then they added a lot of metallic parts and they are heavy (111 g all together).
  7. Putting it together and in your bike is not a trivial task, but not impossible either.
  8. On the good side, you can change the angle your bottle will be and you can add two bottle cages (but not enough screws).
  9. I don’t know what caused the bottles to be launched, it could be a bad cage, bad bottle, the angle that the cage was mounted or a combination of all of the above, but I needed to be able to carry two bottles and not losing them.
  10. What I did not find acceptable, and the reason for one star, is that the pivot joint does not hold.
  11. During my testing ride, I used one bottle cage and a smaller cycling water bottle (12oz?), but the joint did not hold.
  12. I did not ride over any pot holes, metal construction slabs, sunken manhole covers (thanks philly!), or anything crazy like that.
  13. I tried tightening the nut and bolt, but no matter how tight I got the nut and bold the pivot would still give under very little pressure– like 5lbs of preassure.
  14. I decided to go for broke and tighten the nut and bolt as hard as I could using a ratchet wrench on the bolt.
  15. It barley fit though so some saddles/bag combinations may not fit.
  16. The swivel hasn’t moved on me yet, but I’m only using one cage.
  17. I was thinking of drilling in another screw to make it more sturdy but so far I haven’t needed to yet.
  18. Make sure you install the small black cylinder into the swivel or else it will not hold!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. I didnt even see them at first but they are located on the inner lid of the box.
  20. Horrible as they dont even show the black cylinder you must add inside the swivel.
  21. If you dont add this piece the swivel will fail and you will be sorry!
  22. They give you the screws and mounting plate you need to mount this to the saddle, but they dont give you the screws needed to mount the cage to this product, and no cage includes screws!
  23. Luckily, they do give you the nuts you need so I was able to go to home depot and find the right fitting screws, but those should have been included.
  24. I was able to get this product to work how I wanted it to, but it could be better.
  25. The Plastic not exactly as Black as I would like it so there is a contrast against the black leather of my saddle but thats not a huge deal.
  26. Id say if there was anything negative I would say it would be that I could only affix it to one point on the saddle by the way it is designed and in that position it sits rather high.
  27. For instance, The Bottle Cage that I mounted on it actually sticks up higher than the saddle does and is a potential Impaling device.
  28. So I am going to have to use a Metal Bracket to drop it down.
  29. Also, the way that the nuts are housed in the backside of the mount is kind of dumb.
  30. They are Loose in a Package and are not tightly held in it the recess in the plastic.
  31. So, I could see them easily falling out on and getting lost and since they are a small sized, square nut.
  32. I am probably going to use a drop of super glue on the edge of each one to hold it in but Im not sure if it will bond to the plastic the mount is made from.
  33. It is a little pricey for what it is in my Opinion but it is Perfect for what I was trying to Accomplish.
  34. That is to say, the cage need to pitch 90 degrees when needed.
  35. Replacing the main pivot screw with a seat post quick release skewer provided the necessary adjustability.
  36. After over a year of use and hundreds of movements, the mount has held up flawlessly.
  37. The precision molding and machining of the Tacx mount is impressive.
  38. There is a clearly a quality difference between this Tacx mount and cheaper bicycle accessories.
  39. In fact, the machining is so tight on the main pivot that after much abuse, there is no play or visible wear.
  40. This product is a good example of where paying for quality on a seemingly insignificant product makes a great deal of sense.
  41. The bolt also sticks out the side and is not cut to the correct length.
  42. Bought one and the bolts and screw hole threading stripped out immediately, so had to exchange.
  43. The seller was outstanding and superior customer service, but product is absolute junk.
  44. Went from a profile design aqua rack, to this monstrosity.
  45. Guess if you pay 10 bucks for something like this, you get what you pay for?
  46. The cage shifts every time I pull and hen replace the water bottle during a ride.
  47. I made it work luckily being able to use other pieces that I already had for other mounts.
  48. For now it works just fine but didn’t fit my selle italia seat as good as it should.

Buy Tacx Cycling Saddle Rail Adaptor here $15.99

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