April 18, 2018

Wall Mounting Bracket For Peruzzo 342

hanger to wall fixing by wheel Peruzzo Wall mounting bracket for Peruzzo 342
hanger to wall fixing by wheel Peruzzo 1 Wall mounting bracket for Peruzzo 342
Wall mounting bracket for the front of the bike Peruzzo 342 Very easy to assemble. Universal, fits any type of bike.

Brand: Peruzzo

peruzzo Wall mounting bracket for Peruzzo 342

GLD Products Dartboard Mounting Hardware Kit

gld products dartboard mounting hardware kit Wall mounting bracket for Peruzzo 342
  1. The strong steel pieces and heavy duty screws hold dartboard securely to the wall or cabinet.
  2. The only reason I did not give this a 5 star is because of the mounting style.
  3. The center screw needs to be set at the right depth to not make the board too tight to the bracket, but not too loose either.
  4. I have seen other styles that seem more user friendly, but they weren’t as readily available.
  5. Now you can’t find one locally to buy and you go on line and find this one and you have to wait for it to arrive.
  6. So next time, don’t wait to hang the board and you won’t have to by this one.
  7. As others have mentioned, poor packaging led to a couple of the little screws that hold on the parts to go AWOL.
  8. But the most important part, the bracket that holds the board was in the box and it works fine.
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Lifetime Universal Mounting Kit

lifetime universal mounting kit Wall mounting bracket for Peruzzo 342
  1. Compatible with most Lifetime backboards, all sold separately.
  2. One of the largest manufacturers of blow-molded polyethylene folding tables and chairs and portable residential basketball equipment, Lifetime Products also manufactures outdoor storage sheds, utility trailers, and lawn and garden items.
  3. Founded in 1972 by Barry Mower, Lifetime Products operates out of Clearfield, Utah, and continues to apply innovation and cutting-edge technology in plastics and metals to create a family of affordable lifestyle products that feature superior strength and durability.
  4. First, I bought this two mount a backboard on a wall in a barn.
  5. But the backboard is pretty wobbly through the mounting system.
  6. I would have been better off if I could have just nailed the backboard to the wall.
  7. I didn’t do it because most modern backboards are acrylic.
  8. But this definitely has some wobble in the backboard when fully mounted and tightened.
  9. Last month I assembled an entire backboard system (including the pole that mounts in a rolling base and a height adjustable system) that had 3 times the number of bolts/nuts to tighten and 3 times as many steps and it actually took less time than this project did.
  10. More generally I have a fair amount of mechanical ability and this was probably the most frustrating assembly project I have ever done.
  11. Early on, after spending over an hour pouring over the instructions, I was convinced that I had bought the wrong kit and there was no way to attach the mounts to the backboard (despite coming from the same company) because the instructions were so bad.
  12. I gave up and then the answer popped in my head a couple of hours later.
  13. And on at least three occasions I had to go backwards and undo and redo substantial portions because I had guessed wrong.
  14. I think cheap engineering was part of the problem in a couple of cases too.
  15. But mostly there is really no excuse for such bad instructions.
  16. It took what should have been a fun couple of hours putting something together with my son for him to use into about 6 hours of the most frustrating assembly project I’ve ever done.
  17. To try and save people time, here are a couple of lessons I learned the hard way:
    1) If mounting on a clear acrylic backboard, the two pieces that attach to the backboard (together they look like a Y) don’t directly touch the backboard but rather float 1/2″ above the acrylic surface, lying on the rim and the two metal channels that run down the middle of the back board.
  18. The bolts that attach at the top of the Y-pieces are funky – the heads slide into the grooves and then lift up so the square at the top is flush in the channel and holds the bolt stationary while you tighten the nut.
  19. Be sure the u-bolt (which goes through the two y-pieces before attaching to the backboard) goes through the two holes closest to the backboard/acrylic surface.
  20. There are two holes directly above/behind them and from the instructions I thought they went through the back holes.
  21. Come to the very last step of attaching the hoop to the u-bolt and it was too short.
  22. I had to take everything apart and go back to the first step to put it through the holes closer to the backboard/acrylic surface.
  23. When meshing the mount that goes on the wall to y-pieces on the back board, makes sure the bolts that hold the projections that go out to the backboard are only finger-tight.
  24. You may have to wiggle them up or down substantially to make them line up with the holes on the backboard mount.
  25. Then tighten the two bolts connecting to the backboard.
  26. This product does NOT include the screws to mount it to the roof.
  27. The manual clearly states that the screws are not included.
  28. This actually makes sense since the manufacturer doesn’t know if you’re going to mount it into wood, metal, tile, so this didn’t phase me.
  29. The first section of the instructions is putting the brackets on the backboard, then you have to look for the section that applies to your mounting style.
  30. Construction – Well, it’s similar to other Lifetime products in this price range.
  31. I was actually pleased with the thickness of the metal compared to the existing bracket on the backboard.
  32. I found the instructions and pictures quite clear so the company has probably listened to reviewers and improved the instructions.
  33. I did a wall mount to my garage and mounted a Lifetime 73729 backboard/rim combo with steel frame which attaches very securely to the mounting kit with 1/2 inch diameter bolts.
  34. Suggestion 1, the 2 long bolts that pass through the mount kit and through holes in the backboard steel frame are very difficult to insert when you have 40 ponds of backboard and rim teetering in the air, not easy to line up the holes on both sides together.
  35. I found a much easier solution, I used four 1/2 inch diameter 1 inch long stainless steel bolts with lockwashers and nuts so that each mount hole could be inserted separately.
  36. Once you get one bolt in and secure it, it is much easier to lift the backboard on the other side and line up the other hole with a new bolt rather than trying to insert the long bolt all the way through.
  37. Start at the top holes if possible because the angled struts are already attached at the top and the backboard will easily hang from just these 2 top bolts.
  38. This worked OK and supported the backboard in the air while mounting, although I had to swing the rope away from the wall a bit to get it past the bottom of the mounting bracket since the brackets extended farther out in the air than my pulley.
  39. Suggestion 3: Per instructions, I put the rim on the backboard before lifting the backboard up.
  40. I think I might have been able to leave the rim mounting U bolts in the board and finish mounting the rim from a ladder after getting the board in place.
  41. I’m not completely sure you can do this, but if I was doing it over I would try hard to do it that way and be able to lift a much lighter backboard into place first.
  42. After opening box and going through things, I am missing parts.
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