April 15, 2018

VP-611 Aluminum Pedals With An Anti-slip Layer

aluminum pedals vp anti slide layer VP 611 aluminum pedals with an anti slip layer

aluminum pedals vp anti slide layer 1 VP 611 aluminum pedals with an anti slip layer


– thread size 9/16″means for the less initiates basic size in bicycles

– body and frame made of aluminum cast in one piece

– os has a flange that allows you to mount pedals to steel cranks aluminum

– in the set of reflectors

– os Boronowa

– top part pedal coated anti-slip layer

– use for bicycles: trekking / city

– weight 301 g

– available colors: silver / black

– dimensions 97 x 70 x 29

Price per pair

Brand: VP Components

VP Components VP-Vice Pedals (Pack of 2)

vp components vice pedals pack of VP 611 aluminum pedals with an anti slip layer

  1. The wide, yet low profile bodies give you a planted feel yet stay out of the way of rocks and roots.
  2. VP Vice is fully rebuildable wth the available Rebuild Kit and you can also drop 70 grams off of the set with our Forged Titanium Axle upgrade kit.
  3. Not too heavy, Sealed bearing, easily serviceable most of the pins are easily replaceable.
  4. The reason I say ‘most’ of the pins are easily replaceable is because 4 of the pins on each side thread in from the top rather than thread in from the opposite side.
  5. The majority of the pins which thread from the opposite side are standard M4 screws so you can replace them very easily.
  6. Pins which thread in from the top have a tendency to get stuck if they get bashed against rocks but given the location of those pins on this pedal I don’t think its a major issue even if those few do get stuck.
  7. The other flat pedals I have are race face atlas and saint pdx-m80.
  8. The race face atlas are better pedals, they grip better than any other flats I’ve tried with their angled pins but they are also very expensive.
  9. These vice pedals are nearly as good for 1/2 the price or less.
  10. Compared to the saint pedals, Vice is about the same price but lighter and grips better and sits closer to the crank arm for better q-factor.
  11. They arrived yesterday at my house, installed them and took them out on the trails today.
  12. I can’t tell you how much of a difference having them on my bike made.
  13. My ride experience today was unlike any other I’ve had so far and it’s the pedals that made the huge difference.
  14. My feet didn’t slip off the pedals one time as I rode today, and being able to climb hills was no longer any problem for me.
  15. I read all the reviews and was still a little skeptical until I got them installed and rode the trails today.
  16. With these pedals my feet do not slip and I can handle my bike even better than normal.
  17. I landed every jump perfectly and road the expert section of the trail today with ease on all the tight turns that and roots that are normally more difficult.
  18. You won’t regret getting these, especially if you ride often and like the stability of not having your feet budge.
  19. Bought one pair, tried them for a few months, then bought another pair for my other bike.
  20. Grip like glue with good tennis or skate shoes(or 510’s).
  21. They took quite a bit of abuse, and I happily bought another pair when I managed to total one of them(rock hit that also damaged the crank-arm quite severely) by smashing it on a rock at nearly 30mph, ripping out three pins and a good chunk of alumnium, as well as stopping the bike dead in its tracks and throwing me off it.
  22. The thing still turned after that and I managed to ride it several miles back to the car, where I discovered it also bent the pedal’s axle and cracked the crankarm(SRAM XO) it was in.
  23. The other pedal’s bearing still turned very smooth with no play.
  24. Both had been ridden under almost a foot of water several times.
  25. Absolutely the best pedals I’ve ever used and this is coming from someone who works at a bike shop and has used many, many pedals.
  26. I ride very unforgiving terrain(mostly rock, with some sand and mud) and these took it well.
  27. Visually, they appear to be very high quality machined aluminum with tapped and threaded screws for studs.
  28. Functionally, I find that they provide a nice broad platform for me foot and grab the soles of my shoes extremely well.
  29. I tend to ride urban trails and streets (as little as possible) so my rides are not overly aggressive but I still need to lift a foot relatively frequently while waiting for traffic lights and these accommodate that very well while allowing me to securely re-engage my foot very quickly when re-starting.
  30. I spent quite a bit of time considering going with clipless pedals.
  31. I’m an old school guy who spent decades happily riding with clips and straps.
  32. In the end though, I decided on these studded platform pedals and, after a few hundred miles, I’m quite happy with them and would not hesitate to recommend them.
  33. Made a slight adjustment with the middle inner four grip screws.
  34. I always preferred the concave style pedals, this ones felt rather flat.
  35. By installing small washers to the middle screw heads which shorten the screw lengths, I was able to make the pedals feel concave while not losing any pedal grip, problem solved.
  36. I destroyed a set of cheap Rockbros and decided I needed something that would take a beating.
  37. I probably lose about 10-15% of power when I climb (depending how long the climb last).
  38. Pedals do not come in the nice display box as in other reviews, but they are great pedals!!
  39. These are spectacular platform pedals at a price barely more than the meh composite stuff.
  40. Changed out my eggbeaters for these to give flats a try.

Buy VP Components VP-Vice Pedals (Pack of 2) here $38.96

Onedayshop Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16″ Screw Thread Spindle Super Light Aluminum Alloy Anti-Slip Bearing Platform Bicycle Pedals

onedayshop mountain bike pedals screw thread spindle super light aluminum alloy  VP 611 aluminum pedals with an anti slip layer

  1. The best part is they are big enough for my big (size 13) banana boats, and best of all they have small studs that keep your foot in position (and they give you a wrench and replacement studs, too).
  2. I originally bought a pair to replace worn out pedals on my mountain bike, but after riding a few months decided to buy another set to replace my traditional touring-style pedals on my Surly Long Haul Trucker.
  3. In other words, I decided to opt for these over pedals with cleats.
  4. Purists might turn up their noses, but a more solid, comfortable and secure pedal is not to be had for the price.
  5. I’m actually thinking of buying yet a third pair for one of my 1970s Raleigh Sports English 3-speeds (VERY inauthentic).
  6. And the larger size is nice for those with bigger feet.
  7. They are a bit larger than the ones that came on his bike but that is one of the reasons we got them.
  8. He is 11 and trail rides with us all the time and we were having some issues with the stock junk that was on there.
  9. The gripping nubs are replaceable when they wear out and they even come with the tool and a few extras for when they do.
  10. We just put them in our bike bag and we always have them.
  11. The pedal spins way more freely and smoothly compared to the stock ones as well.
  12. My sons loves them and for the price I think they will be hard to beat.
  13. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments.
  14. I received a sample product to test and evaluate and give my unbiased feedback to you.
  15. If anything changes during my usage, I will update my review.
  16. He rides every day and needs a pedal that is durable, easy to clean and all around a solid value.
  17. They are made from aluminum alloy so they can get wet and withstand mud, ect.
  18. We ordered blue and black to match his bike and the colors are vibrant.
  19. They are light weight, but large in size and the best part is that they are anti slip, which is perfect for riding in the rain!
  20. The pedals have left and right indications making them easy to install.
  21. They even come with a small bag of tools for installation.
  22. This price is hard to beat and out of all the pedals he has used, these are his new favorites.
  23. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review!

Buy Onedayshop Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16″ Screw Thread Spindle Super Light Aluminum Alloy Anti-Slip Bearing Platform Bicycle Pedals here $24.99

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