November 3, 2018

VP-608 Aluminum Pedals

pedals VP aluminum VP 608 aluminum pedals
Lightweight aluminum pedals from VP dedicated to city and trekking bikes

The pedals have reflections


Thread-9/16 inch



Dimensions-9 , 5 x 6.9 cm

Weight-408 g

Brand: VP Components

RockBros MTB Mountain Bike Pedals Flat Aluminum Alloy Platform Sealed Bearing Axle 9/16″

rockbros mtb mountain bike pedals flat aluminum alloy platform sealed bearing ax VP 608 aluminum pedals

  1. A friend of mine purchased the rockbros pedals one price point below these and was jealous of how awesome these felt.
  2. I’ve given them a go for a few miles on and off road in both wet and dry conditions and they have kept my shoes (regular new balance crosstrainers) glued.
  3. There’s a nice wide platform, a huge upgrade from my previous pedals.
  4. The bearings are tight, but I suspect they’ll loosen up over time just like every other pedal I’ve used.
  5. I bought the gold and black and the finish looks great.
  6. I chalk this up to several things and don’t hold it against the product too much.
  7. Because it is light weight it is a little bit more flimsy than others might be.
  8. After it bent however there was some creaking that I was able to remove by taking apart, re-lubing, and reassembling.
  9. It is also very painful when you whack your shin against these studs which I did one time.
  10. I like the burlier Saint better but it was more expensive and heavier.
  11. I would say that the more agressive you are the less likely these will be your favorites but for a recreational rider they are a perfect balance of performance and price.
  12. I have two trail bikes which I like to outfit identically and I was looking for a good sturdy aftermarket alloy pedal set to replace the plastic ones that came with the bikes.
  13. After trying another brand which quit after barely a year when the bearings blew out I tried these after reading the reviews.
  14. They offer a nice wide and stable platform for those of us that do not use clips.
  15. Also the raised studs provide an added measure of grip while riding.
  16. The price on these made it an easy decision but almost too good to be true.
  17. Surprised at how much power transfer (especially on the pull stroke) I had despite not being attached to the pedals.
  18. I’ve only had the bike out a few times so far (brake issues), but the guys at the shop seem to love the pedals – had a few compliments in the short time I was there dropping it off.
  19. Here’s what I liked and they liked:
    The Shop: “Great bearings, these things are really smooth.
  20. Love the look, too!”
    Me: Size – These are smaller than some of the options out there, which is great because I don’t wanna get hung up on boulders and side walls.
  21. Again, the grip action on these was great, and not being clipped in is a good choice for a road guy turned MTB fan.
  22. The pins are don’t have sharp edges like some other ones but the do a good job.
  23. As others have mentioned they are nice and thin as well.
  24. Overall very good pedals for the price, just wanted them to be a bit wider.
  25. They are great if you are doing bmx not suitable for downhill or XC trail riding.
  26. I really loved the way the looked on my bike and light weight.
  27. Installed these on my specialized and have used them now about 3 or 4 times.
  28. They grip my shoes pretty well and as of now I have not had any problems with them.
  29. I slapped these on my fixie with some straps and they’ve been rock solid for a few weeks.
  30. I just barely clipped a rock on North Mountain in AZ, bent it like it was a soda can.

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MTB BMX Bike Pedals, Mountain Bicycles Pedals Flat Aluminum Alloy Platform Sealed Bearing Axle for Kid Man and Woman

mtb bmx bike pedals mountain bicycles pedals flat aluminum alloy platform sealed VP 608 aluminum pedals

  1. Antiskid Surface: Feature excellent skid resistance and great grip, anchor your foot better and make your ride easy and stress-free.
  2. Can especially take effect in the rugged mountain road climbing.
  3. Large Supporting Surfaces: Makes resting your foot more comfortable and helps to make your ride safer.
  4. Easy Installation: Quick replacement, save your time and energy.
  5. Sealed Commuter Bearings: Save physical exertion when you are cycling.
  6. And the bearings are sealed to keep dust out; ensure the best tread and simplify maintenance.
  7. The surface of a special CNC technology used to maintain the color of the lasting bright, to prevent the surface oxidation of aluminum alloy.
  8. The surface of the stud-type anti-skid design, improve the more grip, Bike racing without pressure.
  9. High configuration pedal, with large surface, which is a great bike pedal.
  10. Adapts to most bicycles and has the advantage over regular pedals to meet your requirements and make your riding safer.
  11. These pedals were good for the price and I like the fact that they are metal (my old pedals were rubber or plastic).
  12. I had been looking for a decent pedal for my mountain bike to eliminate foot slip.
  13. I had initially gone to a clipless pedal system and did not like that.
  14. The bearings feel a little tight but no noise or wiggle and I’m sure will break in over time.
  15. This is the perfect combination of pedal and shoe, they stick like glue and eliminate all foot slip.
  16. Pros: Very nice finish, super light weight, my feet stick to em like magnets (even better than my previous caged pedals), price was right.
  17. Cons: the only con was the bearings didn’t spin very smoothly, not like they were binding, but you would expect to be able to just spin them in your hand, not the case.
  18. Have only used them twice riding ~ 5 miles, but I like the pedal grip and feel.
  19. After a closer inspection, the failure was caused by all the bearings on the left peddle were missing.
  20. My conclusion was that either it came off during one of my rides allowing the bearing to fall out or was never there from the manufacturer.
  21. I wrote and requested a new left peddle SUMGOTT LTD, since this kind of failure shouldn’t have happened.
  22. SUMGOTT LTD was very responsive and asked about my problem and for a picture of the peddle.
  23. Once I sent this to them so they could see the missing end cap and bearings, they sent me a replacement set.
  24. I’m very satisfied especially considering that after using the peddle, I love the grip and smoothness.
  25. It is nice to use a quality product, with a manufacturer that will stand behind their product in the event that something goes wrong.
  26. When I received them I noticed they didn’t spin the best, but I’m not training for the Olympics so I figured they would be fine for my occasional rides on the local single tracks.
  27. This afternoon when I was riding a relatively flat section the right pedal bent and while limping back to the truck it broke.
  28. Not worth the money and defiantly not safe if they broke this fast.
  29. Suddenly, I noticed a very annoying clicking sound with each turn of the crank.
  30. It was driving me nuts trying to figure out where this was coming from.
  31. I took them apart, cleaned the spindles, and give them a shot of grease.
  32. That seems to have fixed the problem and I don’t notice the clicking sound any longer.
  33. As for the sealed bearings – I didn’t see any – at least not the type I’m use to seeing.
  34. We’ll see how much longer these last now that I’ve greased them up a little.
  35. All said, not bad for the price and offer excellent grip for your shoe.
  36. It is an excellent replacement to the original pedals the bike came with, and better quality.

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