April 18, 2018

Vittoria Tire 700×23 28″ RALLY Black And Beige

Tubular tire vittoria rally black beige Vittoria tire 700x23 28 RALLY black and beige
The basic Vittoria tubular model made in 220TPI technology, on one layer.
Hand-made tubular tire for running from a common start, also great for training. It is characterized by high durability on wear and punctures. Made with Kevlar 3D Compound.


– dimension: 700×23 (23-28″)
– braid 220 TPI
– resident Kevlar
– maximum pressure up to 9 bar
– color: black beige

Brand: Vittoria

vittoria Vittoria tire 700x23 28 RALLY black and beige

Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX Tire

vittoria open corsa evo tire Vittoria tire 700x23 28 RALLY black and beige
  1. More TPI means a more supple ride, no matter what PSI you prefer.
  2. Vittoria’s Compressed Wrap makes use of the highest grade of Corespun casing cord and rubber compounds, resulting in a casing that allows the Polycotton and Kevlar threads to act independently, which reduces surface deflection and rolling resistance while maximizing puncture resistance.
  3. The classic herringbone tread pattern on the Vittoria Open Corsa CX gives it an ideal combination of traction and rolling resistance, which is likely the reason that this our our best selling Vittoria tire.
  4. It’s built with Twin Tread Technology where harder tread is placed in the center of the tire where the wear occurs, and a softer compound is used on the shoulder for better grip.
  5. A thin, lightweight PRB puncture resistant belt is placed immediately beneath the tread to provide maximum puncture protection while maintaining low rolling resistance.
  6. Although at correct tire pressure, these tires will last on long trips.
  7. These light weight tires made it easy to climb 6 to 13 percent grade roads for 25 miles and another trip of 70 miles through paved mountain roads on a 16 pound road bike.
  8. Would highly suggest these for racers and climbers, but for long distance and century riders, would prefer the more weighted gator skin tires, only for their increased flat protection and grip during rainy conditions.
  9. I got 4 puncture flats and 4 pinch flats in 1,800 miles.
  10. After 1,300 miles – no flats on the 4000 S tires – hardly a scratch on them.
  11. The Continental GP 4000 S tire is bullet proof – a great training tire.
  12. The Vitoria however provides a lot less rolling resistance.
  13. For me averaging 19 – 20 mph on the same 90 minute loop – it took 21 more watts to achieve the exact same average speed on the Continental tires.
  14. I rated this Vittoria Open Corsa EVO CX with 5 stars because it is so fast and smooth!
  15. If you don’t care about the speed and don’t want to risk the flats – I recommend the Continental GP 4000 S.
  16. Although they dampen perceived road roughness, they are fast and apparently tough.
  17. In a half dozen 30-50 mile rides, the tires have sustained utterly no cuts or other damage, a unique experience.
  18. I inspect my tires before each ride, and prior to these, hardly a week passed without having to remove bits of embedded glass or fill tread cuts.
  19. Not so with these tires, and they have rolled over a fair amount of road trash following recent storms.
  20. Out of the box, the tires were difficult to mount; however, when a broken stem necessitated a tube replacement, remounting the tire was easier.
  21. Previous tires used were comparably priced Bontrager, Vriedestein, and Specialized.
  22. These will be my default tires unless tread-life and overall longevity fail to impress as much as other qualities.
  23. I swapped out a pair of Rubino Pro’s for these and the difference is night and day.
  24. The Rubino’s feel like solid steel hoops compared to the butter soft ride of these Evo CX’s.
  25. Having read the other reviews here, I am going to cross my fingers and hope these hold up because there is no way I am going back to the teeth rattling Rubino’s!
  26. I will say the Rubino Pro’s have been bullet proof, not one flat in 15 months of riding.
  27. And that included the hottest Hotter ‘n Hell 100 in history!
  28. So if you are sick to death of flatting all the time, you might like the Rubino’s.
  29. Yeah, they are tough to mount if you just use your hands, in fact you CAN’T mount them with your hands.
  30. I used some giant steel Park levers and was super careful not to pinch the tubes, easy peasy.
  31. Update: 6-7-12
    I added latex tubes and the comfort is even better.
  32. Update: 9-13-12
    I have had two failures on these tires in the last few months.
  33. One was a sidewall casing split with resulting bulge and then blowout.
  34. The other was a tread split which I noted prior to a blowout.
  35. They are so comfortable and fast I hate to switch but if the next two fail I will go back to the Rubino Pro.
  36. They seem to grip really well and for the most part are puncture resistant.
  37. If you want bomb proof for pictures, then you need to get the gator skins.
  38. It is supple, absorbs road imperfections, great grip, fast rolling, and also gets cuts like butter.
  39. My tires performed well in races, but you are rolling the dice each and every mile with this tire.
  40. On anything less than perfect roads it will get cut up extremely fast, and by cut I mean down right through the tire to the tube.
  41. The tires that have not been sliced yet are showing extreme cut wear (tread is fine) and they are only about 300 miles in.
  42. Vittoria is very clear and says they are race only tires and they mean it.
  43. I just ordered 2 new ones for my race wheels, but will not use them anymore for daily riding, I learned my lesson.
  44. Putting some Continental 4000 S tires on for daily use.
  45. I have been riding for a few hundred miles now and they are holding up well.
  46. Noticeably better speed as the rolling resistance is less.
  47. I will add further updates but I would recommend that high end tires like these are a must.
  48. I combined them with a new set of Mavic Aksium wheels also and the performance is awesome.
  49. I don’t get as many miles out of them as the Continentals (4 season and Grand Prix 4000s) I used to ride with, but they are much more comfortable to ride.
  50. I was nervous at first because I do a lot of long rides (60-100 miles) and I hate getting flats.
  51. Never had a flat with these, though towards the end of it’s life I found a nasty sidewall cut that forced me to get rid of them.
  52. Only downside is they wear fast (as do all racing tires) and they can pick up glass easily.
  53. The high thread count makes for an excellent, smooth ride, especially with latex tubes.
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Vittoria Rubino Slick III Anthracite Wire Clinchers 60 TPI- All Sizes

vittoria rubino slick iii anthracite wire clinchers tpi all sizes Vittoria tire 700x23 28 RALLY black and beige
  1. Folding and rigid tyres, with slick or technical treads, in a huge range of finishes and sizes (including MTB), Rubino is easy to fit and use and appreciated by many thousands of savvy bike riders.
  2. Slick racing tread for even greater speed on smooth, clean surfaces, in other respects the 60 TPI Rubino Pro Slick is identical to Pro.
  3. They hold air well and while not the liteist weight tyres out there, they are light enough.
  4. Some of the tyres I have used require heavy duty tools to get on.
Buy Vittoria Rubino Slick III Anthracite Wire Clinchers 60 TPI- All Sizes here $30.99

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