April 23, 2018


tube teething source storm tube covered Winter Tube with SOURCE STORM TUBE COVERED teether in winter

tube teething source storm tube covered Winter 1 Tube with SOURCE STORM TUBE COVERED teether in winter
Storm-Valve mouthpiece with increased frost resistance included with the tube.

The tube in a woven cover that protects the liquid in the summer against heat and UV rays, and winter also insulates against cold.

Glass-Like inner lining that inhibits the growth of algae.

The set can be successfully used throughout the year.

The fluid flows after pulling the mobile end of the mouthpiece.

The possibility of opening the mouthpiece during transport. Bend at 90 degrees sets the mouthpiece in the optimal position for drinking. It also fits to beech makers of other producers.

Brand: Source

source Tube with SOURCE STORM TUBE COVERED teether in winter

Source Tactical WXP 3-Liter Hydration Reservoir Leakproof Antimicrobial System with Storm Valve

source tactical wxp liter hydration reservoir leakproof antimicrobial system wit Tube with SOURCE STORM TUBE COVERED teether in winter

  1. Exclusive 3 layer coextruded Polyethylene construction with Taste-Free, low maintenance, Glass-Like liner.
  2. Further Information on SOURCE Hydration Technology
    Taste-Free System Glass-Like Liner technology in reservoir and tube delivers pure liquid taste with no plastic flavor.
  3. Bacteria-Free System Grunge-Guard Antimicrobial technology blocks bacterial growth for the life of the system.
  4. SOURCE’s Glass-Like Film is 2000% smoother than standard TPU films, with virtually no difference from glass itself.
  5. For days, weeks and even months of use simply refill and drink again and again with no special care required.
  6. Widepac Wide Opening Access Patented slide closure for easy filling, draining and cleaning.
  7. The hose broke off from the connection to the reservoir as I was putting it in my backpack after filling getting all of my gear wet and leaving me without a water supply at the bottom of the canyon in 120 degree heat.
  8. Fortunately, my wife had a reservoir that we could share on our hike back up.
  9. I contacted Source Tactical to exercise the warranty but they have been unresponsive despite many inquiries.
  10. If you buy this it could fail on you in the middle of your activity and the company doesn’t seem to stand by their warranty.
  11. The system can be broken down in to three portions, so I’ll cover those individually.
  12. The bag: has a completely smooth surface, heavy duty, a good opening with an easy to grab handle.
  13. The smooth surface means water just beads up and rolls off, so you don’t end up with a wet bag when you’re in a rush.
  14. The hose detaches using a quick-release mechanism, but the QR system also has a built in valve so that you can disconnect the hose, fill the bag up, then clip the hose back on to the bag and be on your way.
  15. This is important when you have to pass the hose through a dedicated hydration hose hole in the top of the bag; normally you’d have to have the bag within 1 ft of the water source, but with this you can separate and reconnect the two easily when refilling the 3L bag.
  16. One end goes in to the hydration bag, the other the mouthpiece.
  17. The hose itself has light insulation which prevents it from becoming lukewarm on a hot day; it’s noticeable in terms of the water actually being warmer, but it’s also noticeably cooler than other systems I’ve used like Osprey, Platypus and Camelbak.
  18. The hose itself is a replaceable item that can be purchased separately, so if your hose builds up algae on the inside this is something you can explore – the most common reason for me replacing the hydration bag in my existing hydration systems.
  19. Again, the hose uses the quick release mechanisms that are self-sealing, so you can unclip things and water won’t spray everywhere.
  20. To drink, twist it to unlock the mouthpiece, then use it like you would a low end bicycle waterbottle.
  21. Most of the mouthpieces on the market require you to bite down or squeeze the mouthpiece to get water flowing, but this is a more simple mechanism, so if you let the hose drop without closing it it will start leaking water everywhere (a potential minus).
  22. Once again, this is a replaceable item so if you damage it you can replace just the mouthpiece rather than the whole hydration system.
  23. A second minor minus is the dust cap gets in the way a lot when trying to put the cover back on the hose; the thread holding it to the hose connects to the mouthpiece on the outside of the L bend at a fixed point and if it wraps around like mine does a lot you can’t put it back on to the mouthpiece without looking at it.
  24. This is a minor point and I could just remove the dust cap, but as I use this for cycling it happens to me a lot and looking at it while doing 25 mph isn’t exactly an option.
  25. Since it’s just a bit of cord, to get around this when I get the right sized replacement cord I’ll simply cut the existing one and replace it with one that’s slightly longer – the dust cap won’t sit as closely to the mouthpiece, but regardless of the orientation of the cord I will be able to replace the dust cap cover over the mouthpiece.
  26. The very same ruck sack that this water bladder would be in.
  27. After all was said and done, being tossed about with 40lbs of brick, laid on, dropped without care, and otherwise abused, this water bladder survived where others (looking at you, camel pack) did not.
  28. Playful ribbing aside, this is an absolute beast of a bladder, and easy to fill/clean to boot.
  29. I learned early on that the twist off cap really doesn’t serve a purpose in this context.
  30. Unfold the top, open the mouth wide and dump water in there.
  31. Fast, reliable, and maybe a little mess but it’s just water and sometimes speed is more important than a little spillage.
  32. No product is perfect, but when you compare it to the competition I think you will find lots of the features are standard, like quick release hose fittings and various styles of bite nozzles.
  33. The twist and cap nozzle on this bladder takes a bit of practice to get the hang of, but when you jump in a dirty pond, and your nozzle stays clean and clear because of this system, you will be thankful for the extra fraction of a second it takes you open.
  34. Replace dirty pond with mud, dust, sand, dirt, or the grabby hands of a dirty toddler and you get the idea.
  35. I ordered the cyote, but it came with what I can only imagine is the foliage (more tan vs grey/black).
  36. Had I ordered that color, I would have given it a 5-star.
  37. If they decide to send me a cyote (or black) I’ll update this rating.
  38. So you have to fill the pouch after it’s in the backpack.
  39. Excited to ise it and not have to fool aeound with small openings.
  40. Top of the bladder has some sort of lubricant all over.
  41. LOVE the large opening and the hose and mouthpiece are nicely engineered.

Buy Source Tactical WXP 3-Liter Hydration Reservoir Leakproof Antimicrobial System with Storm Valve here $33.99 – $77.99

Eberlestock Water Bladder Polymer Green

eberlestock water bladder polymer green Tube with SOURCE STORM TUBE COVERED teether in winter

  1. You’ll find that they have dedicated bladder pockets, louvered tube portals, and tube-friendly harnesses.
  2. We think this is the ultimate hydration bladder system.
  3. We’ve added our own specifications to make this into the hydration system that best fits our products and the things that our customers will be doing with them.
  4. Special standard features include a weave covered insulated drink tube, a lockable bike-bottle style push-pull drink valve with a dirt shield.
  5. I’ve used it on a few hunts since purchase and have been happy with it.
  6. I must admit, at first, I was used to using camelbaks previously and was hesitant to try other bladders.
  7. But since Eberlestock has great products, it was worth a shot.
  8. A few notes of my experience:

    First, I noticed that the bladder material is more “stiff” or thicker than what you would find on most (if not all) Camelbak bladders.

  9. The initial thought was that it felt cheap compared to what I was used to.
  10. However, after using this bladder, the stiffer material was beneficial in the field since it was more resistant to punctures by sticks or rocks.
  11. Another nice feature is that the top assembly lets you open the bladder completely.
  12. This came in handy when I wanted to fully drain it and let dry, it also makes it easier if you’re adding any powders or mixes to your bladder.
  13. I’ve never had to scrub it out, but this feature would also give your hands more access to clean it if you wanted to.
  14. The hose also comes with a protective sheath around it.
  15. This was another thing I found beneficial when hiking through thick woods/brush.
  16. Overall, if you have an Eberlestock pack and are considering this bladder, I would recommend it.
  17. My experience has shown that this is a quality product and is tough enough for the majority of field uses.
  18. The tubing on the older version is fixed in place, which doesn’t dry easily as it should when hanging to dry completely.
  19. This is a critical to inhibit mold and bacteria in the long run.
  20. Even though they do have antimicrobial lining, it doesn’t guarantee germ-free growth especially since it is easy to leave water behind in the tubing for a long period of time).
  21. This product also really isn’t Eberlestock’s own, but made from Source Tactical Gear.
  22. But it’s partly my problem for purchasing it without researching more and comparing versions and options.
  23. For this review, I won’t argue the fixed verses quick connect tubing parts as I think they both can offer advantages and disadvantages (if only slight).
  24. For example, fixed usually means one less failure point such as coming off unexpectedly or some seal leaking, but the QMT disconnects are made well to prevent this.
  25. My main issue was when I went to dry the bag, I did it by the instructions, opening everything up, but with the fixed tube, water will hold in it if not blown through very well.
  26. The instructions recommend to fold the tube inside the bag while drying upside down with top clip open, (which opens the bag up more inside to allow better air movement) however this makes it so the tube will hold water inside it’s bend.
  27. Even without putting the tube inside the bag, you would not have good air movement in the tube as one end is in the bag.
  28. All in all, this is still a good made hydration bladder, but would like to have had the quick disconnects and less confusion on item versions and manufactures.
  29. My first system arrived and proceeded to leak on the bottom of my backpack, as well as my lower back/butt.
  30. The upside was that it was very warm that day, so it actually felt kind of nice.
  31. After returning the leaking system, I was looking forward to getting a non-leaking replacement and harbored no ill feelings.
  32. When the replacement arrived, I proceeded to fill it and leave it out overnight to be sure it was not a leaker.
  33. I was pleased to find that the bladder held and so I placed in my backpack, ready to go.
  34. On several outings over the next couple of months, everything worked just fine.
  35. I have had this since September ’14, used it 4 times, and the valve will no longer pull open.
  36. I cannot return it and am very disappointed that a product that seems so well made has not performed to expectations.
  37. I did so, figuring it could not hurt at this point, and found that the mouthpiece was now usable.
  38. I have amended my rating, bringing it up to 4 stars to reflect the fact that it is a well designed and sturdy product.
  39. Taken it on two 4 day backpacking trips (one in the snow) and no issues.
  40. Only reason I gave it 4 stars is the drinking valve is a little tricky (for my kids).
  41. I bought it to fit in a smaller pack, and to replace my Camelbak systems I had from the Army.
  42. My main gripe, if you would even call it that, is that these specific bladders are made for Eberlestock, and are lacking certain features that are standard on bladders you purchase from Source.
  43. Namely, these bladders lack the QMT system that is standard on the WXP models.
  44. So if and when you want to change tubes or valves, this is not possible.
  45. I wish I knew that going into the purchase, as I would have not made the purchase.
  46. Other than the whole setup having to be replaced with a QMT setup, the bladder itself is great.
  47. Beats the Camelbak by a long shot, with its ease of cleaning and materials.
  48. I never had an issue or concern while using it for this years numerous trips.
  49. Before I needed it on the trail, I filled the bladder the first time with water.
  50. I still use this in other packs that I can remove the entire thing faster.

Buy Eberlestock Water Bladder Polymer Green here $37.95 – $39.95

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