September 14, 2018

Triangle Smart Merchandise Bag T-Bag II BG-MD048

bag in rame triangular Merida smart bag ii bg md Triangle Smart Merchandise Bag T Bag II BG MD048
Triangle Merida bicycle bag with four straps to attach to the frame.
Two pockets are fastened by zippers finished with handles on strings-in the left there is a gap applied on the headphone cord. In addition, the Merida bicycle bag has been equipped with a handle designed for a mini pump and bilateral reflective stripes improving visibility and safety.


– Composition: 100% polyester
– Dimensions: 15 x 5.5 x 26
– (height x width x dl.)
– Clasp: 4 Velcro strips
– Capacity: 1 L
– Weight: 133 g
– Two pockets
– Mini pump holder
– Reflective elements
– Stiffened walls
– Possibility to connect the MP3 Connect earphone
– High mechanical resistance

Brand: Merida

merida Triangle Smart Merchandise Bag T Bag II BG MD048

CafePress – Pascals Triangle Stainless Water Bottle 0.6L – Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 0.6L Sports Bottle

cafepress pascals triangle stainless water bottle stainless steel water bottle s Triangle Smart Merchandise Bag T Bag II BG MD048
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    Fellowes Professional Series Back Support, Black (8037601)

    fellowes professional series back support black Triangle Smart Merchandise Bag T Bag II BG MD048
    1. Lower lumbar support with three memory foam sections that conform comfortably to natural body curvatures.
    2. Microban antimicrobial protection to keep product cleaner.
    3. Tri-Tachment system eliminates the need for readjustment.
    4. Innovative Tri-Tachment system eliminates the need for readjustment.
    5. Memory foam responds to back weight and warmth for custom support.
    6. To set-up, place the support on your chair, position yourself comfortably, and clip the straps in place.
    7. Monitor and laptop supports position your monitor or laptop at a comfortable viewing angle, while Document Holders place your documents more ergonomically.
    8. A 2-tiered support system features a mid spinal support for good posture, and a lower lumbar support that conforms to natural body curvature.
    9. Tri-Tachment system eliminates the need for readjustment.
    10. I have a much more pleasant work day sitting at my desk because of this support.
    11. Original post 7/2/12: I spend around 12 hours in the office on average with 80-85% of my time at my desk.
    12. I am amazed at how much better my back felt after adding this back support to my chair.
    13. I’ve had it for 1 week now and continue to be impressed with my pain relief.
    14. I’ve tried many others but this was the first item to immediately stop my lower back ache.
    15. It is perfectly positioned from the bottom of my lower back to the top of my shoulder blades as well as on each side of my hips.
    16. I have already recommended this to several co-workers and trust that this cushion will become a common purchase amongst those here in my office.
    17. Far better quality than any of the others I’ve purchased.
    18. I sit many long hours in an office chair working at my sewing machine–after a few hours, my back hurts a lot regardless of the height adjustments, etc.
    19. So I bought this back support in hopes it would give me some real relief.
    20. The relief has been there, but not total relief (perhaps that’s too much to hope for).
    21. I can sit for longer than I could before, so that is a good thing, but still not as long as I’d like.
    22. The bad thing is that this is not a particularly comfortable support to lean back against–it feels hard and very solid behind me, not cushy and comforting.
    23. I am short (5’2″) and this is a bit tall for my back, so it’s been difficult to get it adjusted just right for the small of my back.
    24. The straps and fastening setup on this back support do seem to be a lot better than what you usually get, and it does stay on the chair, in the position you want it to be in quite well.
    25. I think if you were taller than I am, this would be a very good support.
    26. The long top strap is more than long enough to go from behind the seat, under the headrest, and back down to the front cushion.
    27. There was about 20″ of unused top strap when I was finished mounting it.
    28. The two lower straps fit the lower edges of the seat snug, then go behind the seat to a triangle union, where all three straps come together.
    29. Straps and main body material is heavy duty, and easy to clean.
    30. The best thing about this lumbar support, is it doesn’t move all around in the seat.
    31. This is important because OTHER brands out there shift from side to side when you enter and exit the vehicle.
    32. Fellowes should market this for automotive use as well, I bought it hoping it would work in my truck, and I’m glad it did!
    33. I did give it a 4 star rating ONLY because the small triangle cushion above the lower lumbar cushion is awkward and unconfortable!
    34. The plus, there is a small zipper below the triangle cushion that allows you to remove the cushion.
    35. I removed my small triangle cushion and just trashed it!
    36. I do recommend this product for automotive use, I’m sure it is good in the office too!
    37. I’ve tried changing the height of my chair, the chair tilt; everything.
    38. I am tall, 5’8″ so I think my legs are just too long to sit at a desk.
    39. I ordered the fellow professional series back support only because no one else I knew at work had tried it yet and the price was right.
    40. It gives me support in areas of my back that have hurt in the past, the upper, middle and lower areas of my back now have the extra support.
    41. The bonus of having the little pillows on the lower sides just puts this back support at the top of my recommendation list.
    42. It doesn’t shift all around the seat after you secure it, it doesn’t get hot and the pillow has retained it’s shape very well.
    43. The only thing I could think of that would add to this procduct would be to somehow add a heat option but I think that may make it cumbersome on the back of the chair.
    44. I would give it the benefit of the doubt but 2 in a row have broken in the exact same spot and now I can’t return the 2nd one bc the window to return is up so in stuck with a defective product.
    45. I have 3 bad thoracic (mid back) discs and this provides much needed support.
    46. Anyone who drives a LLV knows how incredibly poor the ergonomic design is for our driver seats.
    47. I’ve looked into numerous back supports and they are either too deep and leave little room for your posterior to seat comfortably or they are too flimsy to hold up to numerous dismounts throughout the day.
    48. The 3 point harness keeps the support in place fairly well.
    49. The only problem is that our seats have the integrated headrest that essentially makes the seat super tall (like a high back Executive chair).
    50. A few times throughout the day I have to readjust and push the support back down.
    51. A minor inconvenience considering the relief I get from having it.
    52. I can sit up straight with support and my shoulders have room to roll back.
    53. By far, one of the best investments I have made recently.
    54. If you add up all the hours spent driving and put a price tag on being more comfortable during that time, how much would you pay?
    55. It’s easy to adjust but my work chair is shaped awkward.
    56. So happy I bought this , i now longer have back problems .
    57. Also, the top foam was a bit hard and uncomfortable so I took it out.
    Buy Fellowes Professional Series Back Support, Black (8037601) here $33.74

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