May 1, 2018


pedals time presso TIME X PRESSO 4 pedals
TIME X-PRESSO 4 is a durable and lightweight pedal made of composite and special steel alloy.
Have an I-CLIC system, the traditional spring is replaced with a carbon plate and Adjustable Q-factor

Material-steel, composite
Working clearance /- 5 degrees
Bite angle-15 degrees

Brand: TIME

Time Xpresso 4 Pedals

time xpresso pedals TIME X PRESSO 4 pedals
  1. Also, the use of a carbon flexion blade instead of the traditional metal spring allows for these new pedals to be extremely light.
  2. The oversized platform of 700 mm2 gives the pedals a record surface area/weight factor.
  3. They were very easy to clip in and out of, and when the light turned green, you clicked in and went.
  4. Unfortunately, you could clip in incorrectly, and if you didn’t notice it you could pop out of the pedal.
  5. The entire pedal has been redesigned with a larger platform, and I think these are much better.
  6. I’ve put about 300 miles on these and have yet to clip in wrong.
  7. On top of that, the larger platform feels more stable, and the small amount of float has really helped knee soreness.
  8. The one odd thing about these pedals is the outboard edges are really sharp.
  9. I got several cuts on the backs of my legs when the pedals brushed against them.
  10. Eventually I took some sandpaper and filed the edges down and now they’re fine.
  11. These cleats to do not last anywhere as long as the RXS cleats.
  12. Don’t know why these cleats aren’t of the same quality as the RXS cleats which lasted a very long time.
Buy Time Xpresso 4 Pedals here $78.99

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