April 23, 2018

Thermo Bottle 4 Hours THERMAL ALUMN 500 Ml Clear-silver

bottle thermal thermal alumna ml clear silver Thermo bottle 4 hours THERMAL ALUMN 500 ml clear silver
The 4-hour Thermal Alumna liquid bottle is designed for all weather conditions, for winter and summer. Keeps the heat or refreshing the chill to 4 hours.

The movable cover protects the mouthpiece from contamination.


Capacity-0.5 l

Insulation-4 hours-warm or cold

Construction-2 layers PE foam

Mouthpiece-movable, protected cover

Size-standard for a water bottle

Material-LDPE-Polycarbonate, food

Weight-153 g

Safety-mouthpiece cover, food certificate

Standard-EN71-1,2,3; Regulation 10/2011

Color-clear / blue


Brand: Polisport

polisport Thermo bottle 4 hours THERMAL ALUMN 500 ml clear silver

Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Food Jar with Folding Spoon, Midnight Blue

thermos stainless king ounce food jar with folding spoon midnight blue Thermo bottle 4 hours THERMAL ALUMN 500 ml clear silver

  1. As the leading manufacturer of convenient insulated products for over 110 years, THERMOS is trusted by consumers to provide innovative portable containers that promote a safe and healthy lifestyle.
  2. THERMOS vacuum insulation creates an airless space between two walls, virtually eliminating the convection process and temperature change.
  3. Your drink will stay icy cold or steamy hot no matter what the forecast.
  4. Contents should not be left in the container for longer than 24 hours.
  5. As soon as possible after each and every use, wash all parts with warm, soapy water.
  6. Allow all parts to dry completely prior to next use or storage.
  7. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers since they may dull the finish.
  8. Do not use bleach or cleaners containing chlorine on any parts of the product.
  9. This product is top-rack dishwasher safe; however, hand washing is recommended as the dishwasher uses harsher detergents and hot water that may affect the appearance of your product.
  10. Residual liquids, foods, or other contents may become trapped between product components, such as lid parts, container parts, gaskets (flexible band around lid and/or stopper), or straws (if present in the product).
  11. Although this product is top-rack dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended to ensure that all parts of the product are thoroughly cleaned.
  12. For maximum thermal efficiency, preheat or pre-chill the product just prior to use.
  13. Fill with hot/cold tap water, attach lid, let stand 5 to 10 minutes and empty water.
  14. After filling container with contents, re-cover with lid to increase thermal efficiency.
  15. Never use a microwave, conventional oven, or other heat source for this purpose.
  16. Genuine THERMOS Brand product to be free from defects in material or workmanship for five year from date of purchase.
  17. This warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear or color fading, or any condition affected by abuse, neglect, alteration, accident or improper use or maintenance.
  18. Open container (E) by twisting stopper (C) counterclockwise.
  19. Ensure gasket (D) is properly seated to minimize leaking.
  20. Do not overfill: Leave space for stopper (C), to avoid overflow.
  21. Replace both stopper (C) and lid (A) by twisting clockwise.
  22. Note: Spoon (B) (if present) snaps into top of stopper (C) when fully folded and aligned.
  23. Not recommended for use by children: Keep out of the reach of children, especially when product contains hot contents, which may burn or scald user.
  24. Do not overfill the container: Leave space at top of container for lid and stopper (if present), to avoid overflow.
  25. Hot contents may burn or scald user if overflow occurs.
  26. Check periodically to make sure any gasket (flexible band around lid and/or stopper) is present and properly positioned to prevent contents from passing through lid when lid is closed.
  27. Missing, worn or misaligned gasket may cause product to leak.
  28. In general, contents should not be left in the container for longer than 24 hours.
  29. However, the rate at which contents spoil depends on several factors.
  30. Certain contents that include, for example, dairy and/or tomato may start to spoil sooner.
  31. Proceed with caution when using the product with quick spoiling contents.
  32. If contents are left in the container longer than 24 hours, or you suspect spoilage, use caution when opening the container.
  33. Contents spoilage can cause pressure inside the container to build, possibly leading to the forceful ejection of the stopper or contents.
  34. In such circumstances, before attempting to open the container, ensure the opening is pointed away from the user or other persons to avoid injury.
  35. Do not use tools or devices to force container to open.
  36. If you are unable to open container by hand, do not open it and dispose of it at your local waste facility.
  37. Do not use to store or carry carbonated drinks or dry ice.
  38. This may cause lid/stopper and contents to eject forcefully or leak.
  39. The stainless king series creates a new chapter in thermos’ storied history with a modern line that blends our newest technology with a dash of the past.
  40. The stainless king food jar has thermax double wall vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention, hot or cold.
  41. The unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior keeps the food jar cool to the touch with hot liquids and sweat proof with cold liquids.
  42. Wide mouth is easy to fill, serve from and clean: lid doubles as a compact and insulated serving bowl.
  43. I purchased two of this product, as well as two each of the 24 oz container and the 10 oz container.
  44. It has kept foods warm for 9 hours so far, with the best results being soups and other mainly liquid based items.
  45. My husband and I have both been using these containers most weekdays for the last 3 months and have had no issues.
  46. We both live and work in a city and rely on public transportation to get around, so our bags get tossed around and smushed, but absolutely no leaks thus far with this or the 24 oz version.
  47. This is the perfect amount of food for me, but it’s a little too small for my husband, who prefers the 24 oz container.
  48. PROS:
    Does as advertised and keeps food hot for hours
    Durable construction
    Easy to clean (see cleaning tips for more info)
    Completely leak proof!!
  49. CONS:
    “footprint” is slightly large considering the size
    Spoon is useful but harder to clean because it folds (I put it through the dishwasher)
    Must be careful to not over tighten the lid while food is hot or it’s hard to open later

    Either heat water in the microwave or if you have very hot tap water, fill the container with heated water
    Cap using the inner screwtop lid
    Wait 10-15 minutes, using this time to heat up whatever you’ll want to eat for lunch
    Pour out water and fill with food
    Close inner lid (be careful how tight you screw the lid on, as it cools slightly this makes it hard to open)
    Wait until lunch and eat hot to warm food depending on how long it’s been

    You’ll notice in the detailed picture that there is a clear silicon seal around the inner lid.

  50. Others have noted that they can’t get this clean and mold grows.
  51. I slip this ring off and clean all parts separately, by hand, then allow them to air dry.
  52. If anything, I’m thinking about purchasing a few more because I’m lazy and wouldn’t mind having one I could bring additional cold items in.
    The first photo is a comparison of each of the three models I’ve purchased.
  54. These are the parts from TWO containers so I could so all the different aspects and parts at the same time.
  55. I put hot soup into this thermos at 8:45 AM today, and I ate it at 4:50 PM and it was still so hot I had to blow on it to eat it.
  56. Not only does it work extremely well it is beautifully designed the height and width proportions are perfect and it has a brushed stainless steel exterior , it is perfectly balanced it just looks nice and feels nice ,absolutely a perfect product .
  57. There is just enough room to fold a small paper towel inside the cup between the thermos and the stopper so you can clean up after your meal.
  58. This is one of the most efficient , beautiful products I have ever reviewed .
  59. I hate using a microwave, so I was looking for a healthier option to have hot lunch at work.
  60. I was so happy because it is cold outside and this warmed me up so nicely!
  61. I will say the the mouth is wide enough to eat from (with the included spoon which is nice) but I had a hard time getting my hearty soup into the container (filled with chunky veggies and beans) without spilling.
  62. But the perfect solution for me was a Canning Funnel – it fit perfectly into the opening and I was able to fill the container without issue.
  63. I have already recommended this Thermos to my family and friends – great investment!
  64. The cold lunch thing became very boring day after day and in the winter months, he really wanted something hot.
  65. I searched long and hard to find the perfect thermos for him.
  66. He will heat up soup or stew in the mornings around 5am and pack it away in this little miracle.
  67. I have never owned or used a thermos and was not sure if this would really work or for how long.
  68. This is a little on the pricey side, but for the quality that you receive it is totally worth it!
  69. One interesting thing I found in the instructions is they say to fill the thermos all the way up with boiling water and let sit for about 5 minutes before adding your food.
  70. This is intended to help increase the time the thermos can keep your foods hot.
  71. I have not used this method yet, and have had no problems keeping his meals nice and hot.
  72. As an added bonus, there is also a nice quality metal folding spoon that comes with this.
  73. This has been great for packing and I don’t have to worry if I am getting my regular silverware back!
  74. I will be purchasing a few more of these when the colder months come again.
  75. Would also make an excellent gift for construction workers, truck drivers, school kids or anyone who just wants a hot lunch!
  76. I filled the thermos with boiling water, put the cap on and let sit for 8 minutes for the heat to thoroughly permeate the thermos.
  77. Then I added super hot chicken noodle soup 11:14 am [four hours later] I opened the thermos and my soup wasn’t even lukewarm.
  78. I know it says it’s hot for up to 5 hours but at four hours I expected it to be warmer than it was.
  79. I’m beginning to think there isn’t a thermos that can keep food warm for those that have to take their lunch to work and have no way of reheating it.
  80. I also purchased the Thermos Funtainer 10 oz and will see how that does tomorrow.
  81. I am not expecting boiling hot soup after 4 hours but tepid isn’t going to work for me either.
  82. I edited my post in case someone thinks I added cold soup to my thermos instead of hot.
  83. My daughter likes the size and the super convenient folding spoon.
  84. The more food you put in, the longer it will keep its temperature.
  85. Had another “expensive” thermal soup jar, that did not keep the soup warm until lunch.

Buy Thermos Stainless King 16 Ounce Food Jar with Folding Spoon, Midnight Blue here $24.99

Thermos Funtainer 12 Ounce Bottle, Frozen Aqua

thermos funtainer ounce bottle frozen aqua Thermo bottle 4 hours THERMAL ALUMN 500 ml clear silver

  1. THERMOS vacuum insulation creates an airless space between two walls virtually eliminating the convection process and temperature change.
  2. For maximum thermal insulation efficiency, preheat (Food Jar only) or pre-chill (Food Jar and Bottles) the product just prior to use.
  3. Fill with hot/cold tap water, attach lid, let stand 5 to 10 minutes and empty.
  4. Press the push-button (A1) on the lid (A) to open lid cover (A2).
  5. Using your thumbs, push sipper straw (B) downward through lid (A).
  6. Pull the straw stem (C) out of bottom of sipper straw (B).
  7. Do not overfill: Leave space for the lid (A) and straw stem (C), to avoid overflow.
  8. To drink, press the push-button (A1) located on the lid (A) to release the lid cover (A2) and reveal the drink opening.
  9. When finished drinking, close the lid cover (A2) until it snaps securely into place.
  10. Note: A worn sipper straw (B) may cause the product to leak.
  11. Check sipper straw (B) regularly and replace immediately if damaged or worn.
  12. To avoid possible injury, do not let child walk or run with product.
  13. To avoid possible injury, do not let child chew on the soft material of the straw (if present) as it may present a choking hazard.
  14. Check straw (if present) regularly for tears and replace immediately if damaged or worn.
  15. Continuous and prolonged sucking of fluids such as fruit juices or flavored sugary drinks may cause tooth decay.
  16. Always test temperature of food or liquid before consuming and before feeding to your child.
  17. Do not overfill the container: Leave space at top of container for lid, straw (if present) and stopper (if present), to avoid overflow.
  18. Check periodically to make sure any gasket (flexible band around lid and/or stopper) is present and properly positioned to prevent contents from passing through stopper when stopper is closed (if applicable to product).
  19. Missing, worn or misaligned gaskets may cause product to leak.
  20. As the leading manufacturer of convenient insulated products for over 100 years, THERMOS is trusted by consumers to provide innovative portable containers that promote a safe and healthy lifestyle.
  21. THERMOS brand products offer superior cold retention that keeps beverages cool and delicious for hours, and the 12 ounce FUNtainer Straw Bottle is no exception.
  22. THERMOS vacuum insulation technology virtually eliminates temperature change within the beverage container by creating an airless space between two stainless steel walls.
  23. The result is an insulation layer that performs better than any other.
  24. A superior insulated container you can depend on to keep your child’s beverages colder, fresher, longer.
  25. This hydration bottle keeps beverages cold up to 12 hours – more than 10 times longer than an ordinary plastic water bottle.
  26. Constructed with double wall stainless steel, this 12 ounce straw bottle is virtually unbreakable and built to withstand the demands of everyday use.
  27. Featuring a hygienic, push-button lid, this straw bottle is easy to open and drink from.
  28. Also included on the lid is an integrated, flip-up carrying loop.
  29. The THERMOS FUNtainer Straw Bottle comes equipped with a breakaway lid designed to simply snap off if accidentally dropped while the lid is open.
  30. The lid can then be easily snapped back into place, making this a great, worry-free choice for parents and kids alike.
  31. In order to maximize the incredible insulation technology, it is recommended to pre-chill the bottle just prior to use.
  32. This can be accomplished by filling the bottle with cold tap water, attaching the lid and letting it rest for a few minutes.
  33. Before you are ready to use, simply empty the water and fill with your favorite beverage.
  34. Attaching the lid will further increase the thermal efficiency.
  35. The FUNtainer Straw Bottle is made of BPA-free materials and is backed by a five-year limited warranty.
  36. The blue Thermos Funtainer cup (see image) was purchased 2 years ago for our then – kindergartner and has now been used daily through two years of school.
  37. Although a little scratched on the outside, it still works perfectly.
  38. A year and a half ago we added the pink one for our daughter to travel with, and she now uses it at home daily.
  39. The purple and teal cups were added half a year ago for our other two daughters, who also use them daily.
  40. The lime green one was just purchased and will be used for our newest addition when he is old enough.
  41. We use them at home in order to cut down on the number of plastic cups sitting on the counter.
  42. With there being so many design options, it is easy for each child to know which cup is theirs.
  43. A little tip: I have read one review that talked about mildew under the lid.
  44. I have never had a problem with that even after one was lost for about a month, with water still in it.
  45. Removing the rubber straw insert when washing and letting it dry completely has no doubt helped these cups to stay mildew free.
  46. The rubber straw insert can be a little bit stubborn to remove.
  47. I’ve learned that if you leave the plastic straw in the rubber part and, with a wet washcloth in hand, grip where the two straws meet and pull, it makes the rubber insert much easier to remove.
  48. I guess I had been living under a rock because I had never seen these Funtainer Thermos’ before and am so happy I came across them!
  49. I always handwash it, so it’s still in great shape so far.
  50. I can tell you that when school first started it was 100 degrees outside and it kept ice cold water for around 2 hours (I had left it outside but didn’t think to try it any longer).
  51. We haven’t had any problems with leaking but like I mentioned we have only used it for water so I can’t speak for other liquids.
  52. I also ordered the hot pink and, like R2D2, I hand wash it and it’s in great shape.
  53. The lid buttons are still working great and it’s the perfect size for my little kindergartener!
  54. Also, the price is really not much more than a lot of the plastic bottles, which is nice.
  55. He already has an R2D2 Thermos Funtanier bottle and he likes it very much.
  56. So I wanted to get a backup in case he forgot his at school.
  57. However, the manufacturer made design changes in the product that make parts incompatible with the same bottle purchased a couple of weeks ago.
  58. Plus:
    1- design makes it easy to spot among of other bottles.
  59. My problem with this item (and the replacement straws):

    1- Straw replacements have different models not clarified in the product description – I found there are at least 3 different designs for the cap seal/straw assembly.

  60. They vary in the seal size, the spout seal height and straw length.
  61. If you purchase replacement straws they may not fit your existing bottles.
  62. The cap of the bottle has a (slightly) different diameters.
  63. So can not use them on the same R2D2 bottles we purchased before.
  64. The straw seals have different heights (see photos), and they can not be swapped between bottles.
  65. But, then it will not reach the bottom of the other bottle.
  66. If you are interested in buying more than one of this item with the intent of swapping parts between them.
  67. Otherwise, there is no assurance you will get the same bottle design.
  68. Once it arrived she couldn’t wait to see how it worked!
  69. Went through so many water bottles and all spill and leak.
  70. I ordered the Paw Patrol one for my son and it’s supposed to be blue but I received a teal one with different a Paw Patrol decal.
  71. We live in Florida and these are excellent for long days playing outside, long car trips, visits to grandmas house, the beach etc.

Buy Thermos Funtainer 12 Ounce Bottle, Frozen Aqua here $17.99

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