April 23, 2018

The YC-791 Cleaning Tool Without Dismantling The Chain

instrument to clean chain no removing and YC The YC 791 cleaning tool without dismantling the chain

instrument to clean chain no removing and YC 1 The YC 791 cleaning tool without dismantling the chain
A cleaning device for cleaning the chain with a container for cleaning agent and a rotating brush.

A very functional device that allows you to clean and drain the chain thoroughly.

The brushes were placed so that they could easily reach each chain link. Cleaner has an indicator of the content of the cleaning liquid.

The functional handle allows convenient use of the device.

Brand: Bike Hand

Gun Cleaning Mat ( Long ) – Double Thickness Extra Protective Pad By Falko

gun cleaning mat long double thickness extra protective pad falko The YC 791 cleaning tool without dismantling the chain

  1. AND AVOID CONFLICTS WITH YOUR WIFE I love using the kitchen table to clean my gun, but if your wife catches you doing it without a mat, you’re in trouble, my man.
  2. To avoid this kind of trouble, use the Falko cleaning mat.
  3. This mat will also keep harmful chemicals, oil and dirt from penetrating down to your table.
  4. Strong and flexible show your pride for your weapon while using this high-quality cleaning mat.
    The material used to manufacture this mat is strong, comfortable and durable.
  6. Useful visual diagram the ar-15 diagram printed in the mat looks sharp and clear.
  7. This provides visual guidance and will save you from putting your oily hands on a paper diagram.
  8. The mat size is 36” x 12”, useful for most rifles and shotguns like ar-15s, m16s, m4s, ak-47s, and mp5s.
  9. GUARANTEE we have strict product control standards.
  10. You will not receive a slim, ugly mat that looks like a giant mouse pad.
  11. Falko mats are backed by a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer, so order with peace of mind.
  12. There’s a lot going for this mat that other “gaming” extended mouse pads doesn’t offer.
  13. It’s much more durable, thicker and resistant to liquids and oils which will help with the longevity of this mat looking clean.
  14. The texture provides a buttery smooth feeling but it provides enough friction that doesn’t make the mouse feel like it’s on an air hockey table.
  15. Lettering/schematics doesn’t protrude out, keeping it flush and smooth.
  16. Back of the mat provides a lot of friction, so no slippage or sliding.
  17. There is one issue that gun enthusiast might want to lookout for and that’s scratches.
  18. My Steelseries pad is much more scratch resistant than the Falko’s mat (as seen in the photo’s), so you might want to be slightly cautious when cleaning your fire arms because you might leave a deep scratch.
  19. However, there’s nothing to worry about if you’re using this as a mouse pad.
  20. Overall, I highly recommend considering looking into this mat for gaming use.
  21. There’s a lot this offers that other “gaming” pads doesn’t.
  22. I had another tech mat by a different company previously and it just didn’t hold up very well when I would clean my guns.
  23. The Falko tech mat on the other hand has held up great.
  24. I’ve cleaned my Colt M4 a few times on it and my various handguns and it hasn’t stained at all.
  25. Please watch the video below for a brief review of the tech mat.
  26. Top of pad is covered with a nylon mesh bonded to the pad.
  27. The printing is in the surface so it should not scrub off.
  28. I have not tried solvents to know how the printing handles those.
  29. It is a nice size and about twice as thick as most similar mats.
  30. So far it is impervious to water/cleaners/solvents/lubricants and is a good size for pistol or AR cleaning!
  31. Though not stated in the description, the other nice thing is that it comes in a nice fiberboard tube.
  32. Makes it easy to store compactly between uses if you don’t have a dedicated space to leave it unrolled.
  33. The printing on the front face is clean and legible and is great for identifying parts, especially for new shooters starting out and learning how to clean their rifles.
  34. Feel confident it will protect my rifle and any surface I use it on.
  35. I’ll update this after I’ve used it a while and determined how it responds to solvent, CLP, etc.
  36. Great packaging too; you can tell that this company is serious & did there homework.
  37. It does come rolled up in a tube, but the material it is made from allows it to lay flat without the ends continuing to roll back up.
  38. I have not had the chance yet to test how well it keeps liquids and solvents from soaking through, but I will update when I do.
  39. Nice and thick and the bottom grips great so it doesn’t slide.

Buy Gun Cleaning Mat ( Long ) – Double Thickness Extra Protective Pad By Falko here

Gun Cleaning Mat – Rifle Cleaning

gun cleaning mat rifle cleaning The YC 791 cleaning tool without dismantling the chain

  1. Great size for rifle, shotgun or ample space for handgun
    – PROTECTION FOR GUN AND CLEANING SURFACE –provides a soft surface pad to prevent damage and scratches to both weapon and surface.
  2. Gives you a place to lay out parts during maintenance and you don’t have to worry about accessories getting scratched or sliding around due to the texture of the mat.
  3. INFORMATIVE PRINTING -it is handy to have a full exploded parts diagram of every system on the AR type rifle – makes you more familiar with your gun.
  4. Also great for new gun owners with all of the parts listed.
  5. ABSORBENT MATERIAL -soaks up any oil and solvent that would otherwise get on your cleaning surface.
  6. Must-have to keep your personal work area at home clean and free of oils/solvents.
  7. GREAT LOOK -very attractive pad for the workbench or table top as well!
  8. Very good gift for a gun enthusiast(army, military, navy), you can use it even as mouse pad
    – 100 % MONEY BACK GUARANTEE –if you are not satisfied with our product you can return it for 30 days for no hassle money returnOrder Now and think about getting one for your very best friend.
  9. I then realized that it could also become too large and bothersome to be useful.
  10. I concluded that the size is adequate for it’s intended use, to have a mat that’s safe for the gun and the surface it’s protecting.
  11. As far as the very useful diagram, I generally wear ‘readers’ when I’m tinkering and see it clear as day.
  12. It’s cool that the history of the AR 15 is printed on the mat along with the break down of the gun.
  13. I needed a good mat for cleaning my gun and this works perfectly.
  14. Seems to be made of the same material of the mat I have for cleaning my pistol and it is 12 years old.
  15. It’s just the right size for the AR platform and it’s soft so it doesn’t scratch your firearm.
  16. It also has an exploded view of every part so you can take your weapon apart with full confidence that it will go back together correctly the first time.
  17. Plus you can use it to clean or work on any gun that you own.
  18. The length and width give you just enough room to fully disassemble/reassemble your gun.
  19. It can get a little crowded, but it is of appropriate size.
  20. Roll it up when you are done and you have a neat tube that stores almost anywhere.
  21. The graphics are not super sharp, but you get the idea of what you are looking at.
  22. Can be a nice backdrop for display of your gun, say in a glass top coffee table?
  23. Works perfectly to protect my coffe table while working on my new AR-15.
  24. Some rolled items tend to want to roll back up, but this one stays flat, and easily rolls back up.
  25. The exploded drawing is of course rather generic, as there are so many variants of the rifle.
  26. I purchased this mat because I was tired of cleaning my guns on top of a towel.
  27. The mat grips to its surface very well so that it does not slide around when cleaning your firearm.
  28. This mat is a great addition to my firearm cleaning accessories!
  29. It does a great job of absorbing cleaning products and oils that will ultimately leak on to your cleaning surface without the mat!
  30. I was happy to see it is large enough to use while breaking down rifles as well.
  31. This may makes cleaning easier and keeps the gun parts and my coffee table from getting scratched.
  32. It features a breakdown of parts for an AR, which my wife has already used to get to know what to reference different parts as (much better than her calling a detent the “small stick thingy”).
  33. I also just used the mat to ensure I spelled ” detent” correctly.
  34. Like that I can just roll it up and take with me wherever I go shooting.
  35. Very absorbant of those small little spills associated with gun cleaning.
  36. It’s a way to learn how to take your gun apart and clean on your own time.
  37. I pre-purchased this in the hopes my AR will arrive soon.

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