April 23, 2018

The ClipOn Thule Bicycle Carrier For The Rear Door S1 9103

bicycle rack of Thule ClipOn the back door The ClipOn thule bicycle carrier for the rear door S1 9103
bicycle rack of Thule ClipOn the back door 1 The ClipOn thule bicycle carrier for the rear door S1 9103
The THULE ClipOn S1 9103 bicycle carrier has been adapted to be mounted on the rear door of the car. It is easy to assemble, solid, with convenient functions of tilting the entire handle with the bicycles mounted on it. It has an ergonomic shape, and the complex (flat)
takes up little space.
РEasy installation on the back door of the car thanks to a unique, patented snap mechanism. At the first use, adjust the boot to the car, then put it on and take off in a few moments,
– all parts contacting the car covered with soft coating protection,
– frame holders with rubber pads steadily stabilize the bike, protecting it from scratches at the same time.
– Integrated tape makes it easier to attach bicycles,
– the ability to quickly make storage easier,
– prepared for mounting an additional Thule 976 light panel,
– three bikes.

Capacity of bikes-3
Payable (kg)
– 45 kg
Max. weight of the bike-15 kg
Weight ( kg)
– 7 kg
Fits frames with diameter (mm)
– Any
Fits dimensions-Any
Mounting bracket-Latch mechanism
Closing the bike in a handle-Adapter required: Cable with Thule lock 538
Additional information-Easy assembly due to adjustable handles.
The set includes a strong bike strap.

Brand: Thule

thule The ClipOn thule bicycle carrier for the rear door S1 9103

Thule 870XT Roof Rack Fairing

thule roof rack fairing The ClipOn thule bicycle carrier for the rear door S1 9103
  1. I ordered the 873XT fairing for my 2015 Ford Escape with factory rails because I had 58 inch cross bars and thought the wider rack is what I would need.
  2. I had to guess at this since I could not find fairings in Thule’s Buyers Guide to tell me which model to by for my vehicle.
  3. After installing as per instructions the trailing edge of the middle part of the fairing vibrated crazily and loudly anytime I got about 50 mph.
  4. I called Thule service center and they said take it to the nearest dealer which was 30 miles away for me to check for improper installation.
  5. I did that and the dealer inspected my installation and could find nothing wrong.
  6. The dealer (Penn Cycle, Woodbury MN) then generously called Thule service even though I had not purchased the fairing from them.
  7. Thule service told them I needed the 872XT rack for my vehicle not the 873XT (don’t know why they didn’t tell me that when I originally called, it would have saved me a long drive).
  8. If ordering a fairing save yourself some grief and call Thule service first and have them tell you which model to get before purchasing.
  9. I did some research before placing the order just to make sure.
  10. Noise is considerably reduced, but not to the impressive levels that other reviewers boast.
  11. What I am disappointed about is the cost of flimsy pieces of plastic.
  12. My opinion of the Thule rack system is that the main rack itself is a solid well built product at a decent price, but in my experience all the extras are overpriced junk.
  13. Was at a few points afraid I was going to break the hard plastic when snapping parts into place.
  14. Did reduce noise, and makes the car look nicer, but not sure I would bother buying again.
  15. And it really cut down on the wind noise made by the square cross rails I bought.
  16. Installation isn’t difficult, if you’re used to assembling things of this nature, or have some common sense.
  17. I used a tiny slathering of lithium grease on the rubber bushings to allow the arm clamps to slide over them – made it a breeze.
  18. One issue I did encounter though, is one of the winged nuts used to screw the fairing arms to the cross bars didn’t have a threaded metal insert, so I had to improvise and FORCE it to thread to the mounting bolt.
  19. I can’t say it made the ride on my ’90 Jetta coupe any quieter, but it sure does clean up the aesthetics, and provides lots of real estate for stickers!
  20. I bought it for my square thule bars which are pretty noisy, and this fairing makes a big difference.
  21. During assembly it seems like the components might not be durable, but I’ve had it for like 2 months and have had no issues with it.
  22. Again its not that this item is expensive, is that fairings in general should not be this expensive.
  23. When I first got it (for my Audi a4) I thought it looked a little small for the size of my car, but that only lasted about 2 hours, and now I’m loving it!!!
  24. Issues: Only issue was the assembly was kind of a hassle, not very hard just tedious (also it did’t help that I was installing it at 10pm at night).
  25. Overall: Great buy to make your car look awesome, would recommend!
  26. If you don’t care how your car looks and you’re are only buying a fairing to reduce noise, then you’d be better off with other cheaper solutions.
  27. I could have gone with a little wider just for looks not for function.
  28. It’s not Thule’s fault, but I drive an F350 with roof marker lights and a sun roof,…
Buy Thule 870XT Roof Rack Fairing here $79.95 – $99.95

Ibera PakRak Mini Commuter Bicycle Carrier Rack

ibera pakrak mini commuter bicycle carrier rack The ClipOn thule bicycle carrier for the rear door S1 9103
  1. Fits most bikes but especially suited to folding & small wheeled bikes.
  2. Carries up to 22 lbs (10kg), Rubber sizing shims included, Reflector attachable, TIG-welded, heat-treated, anodized aluminum.
  3. Compatible with Ibera’s Mini Commuter Bag (IB-BA6) and small strap-attached bags.
  4. Hers is the smaller model at 24″ and mine is the larger at 26″.
  5. Since the idea was to be able to use these for trips to work, the local markets, and general recreation in and around Minneapolis the idea was always to purchase a carrier to add to the bikes.
  6. I’ve also posted a review for my bike using the larger (but similar) IB-RA1.
  7. The challenge though is that like many mountain-bike designs, the Mongoose’s have an independent rear suspension.
  8. While great for potholes, cobblestones, curbs and posteriors; having one precludes any ability to mount a more classic style bike rack with supports attaching to the real wheel hub.
  9. These single-post units by Ibera solve the problem perfectly by mounting only to the seat post frame (or seat post downtube itself).
  10. Mounting the unit on my wife’s bicycle was straightforward but since she is height-challenged a major consideration was to find a way to install the unit while minimally raising her seat to do so.
  11. This was solved for me by removing the seat post clamp and using the clamp on the Ibera rack to do double-duty as both the support for itself as well as the clamp for the seat post.
  12. Once mounted and used as a combination seat clamp/rack clamp, the rack is exceptionally stiff and has virtually zero flex.
  13. While rated for a 22lb load, I have no doubt it could probably accommodate a bit more when secured in this manner.
  14. And since it only mounts to the seat post/downtube, there is no interference with the real-wheel independent suspension (provided one mounts the rack high enough not to interfere with the travel of the rear wheel, in this case it was about 4″ between the horizontal rack tube and the tire).
  15. As for the unit’s construction, the rack itself it almost completely constructed of high-strength aluminum and looks like it could very well outlast the bike.
  16. The only area of possible concern are the small orange trim clips on the rack itself.
  17. One thing that I did run into is that this rack really is best used for smaller bikes.
  18. In this case while the rack fit my Wife’s 24″ Mongoose like it was meant to be there, it was a bit small/short for my 26″ Mongoose unit.
  19. For larger bikes I would consider the IB-RA1 model instead which has more adjustments and looks more balanced on a larger bike frame.
  20. Overall this is a great solution for our needs and I’d recommend that anyone with a similar challenge give this rack a look.
  21. I was able to solve this problem by cutting an extra piece of rubber from a tube and adding it to the rubber it came with to make it tighter.
  22. I have the Cannondale C2 Carbon seatpost and I have had over 20LBS in the bag and I weigh 170LBS sitting on the seat bouncing without any issues.
  23. No need to worry if someone is going to steal my wallet or keys.
  24. Seat post tends to move when I peddle, which can throw the Rak out of alignment but easy to return to center.
  25. Can be installed in minutes without having to remove the seat post.
  26. Comes with rubber insert to help with securing it in place.
  27. So far, worth every cent, especially when I stop at the far end of ride for a cool drink and apple before my turn around for home.
  28. Had to use both rubber sleeves due to diameter of my seat post.
  29. Ordered this separate from the bag and saved a couple bucks.
  30. That way I could strap a larger pack under the back of my seat.
  31. I put it as low as I could with out hitting the top of the tire and I used a smaller pack.
  32. If the rack kept the same angle coming off the seat post went out about 2in’s angled up about 5deg’s extended out about 6in’s and leveled off with the rack it would have been perfect.
  33. So far I haven’t found any type of rack that would fit a 29in mountain bike that I could mount low enough.
  34. It’s a little hard to install, and it might rub on the inside of you right leg.
  35. And it helps to have as much seat tube exposed as possible.
  36. But it’s a good fix for when there are no other solutions.
  37. I’ve purchased a small riding seat, and riding shorts, but haven’t had a chance to change everything out.
  38. One complaint is that the length isn’t adjustable and it’s just a tad bit short, so it sits pretty close the the seat.Sturdy though.
Buy Ibera PakRak Mini Commuter Bicycle Carrier Rack here $24.99

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