April 23, 2018

The CATEYE VELO 5 CC-VL510 Cycling Counter

counter cycling cateye velo cc vl The CATEYE VELO 5 CC VL510 cycling counter
5 functions
– current speed-maximum speed
– daily distance
– general distance
– clock (12/24 hours)
Additional features
– universal mounting bracket
– speed sensor / automatic start / stop
– battery saving function
– large screen

Brand: Cateye

cateye The CATEYE VELO 5 CC VL510 cycling counter

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    Cateye Velo 5 Computer

    cateye velo computer The CATEYE VELO 5 CC VL510 cycling counter
    1. Dst (trip distance)
      Mx (maximum speed)
      Odo (odometer – total distance)

      The Cateye VELO 8 has all of the above plus adds these features:
      Tm (Elapsed Time)
      Av (Average Speed)
      Cal (Calorie Consumption)
      Pace Arrow (indicates if the current speed is higher or lower than the average speed)

      The instructions for the Calorie Consumption (Cal) VELO 8 feature clearly state that calories are calculated based on speed each second and “it differs from actual consumed calorie”.
    2. The VELO 8 seems to go for about 5 dollars more, as I write this.
    3. The VELO 5 does not have the Elapsed Time (Tm) function.
    4. CLOCK
      Instructions state: “If Km/h has been selected for speed scale, it becomes 24-hour clock.
    5. There is no dedicated clock adjustment setting that isn’t tied to the kilometres or miles setting.
    6. BATTERY
      A disposable CR2032 cell is supplied in the unit.
    7. Cateye state that life is 3 years but mention that the factory-supplied battery may be shorter than this (probably because the battery is installed and the unit’s display is on when receiving the unit).
      Basically you put the supplied bracket on your handlebar and run the cable down to mount the Sensor on your fork and place the magnet on your spoke.
    9. The magnet must be within 5mm of the sensor as it passes it as the wheel turns.
    10. In my case certain spokes were closer to the sensor than others, so I used one of those.
    11. Seven nylon ties are supplied for the bracket & sensor & cable: more than enough.
      Because the instructions are are shared with the VELO 8, it can be a bit confusing in parts.
    13. Those differences aside, one of the illustrations showing the correct way to attach the unit to your fork could have been clearer to me.
    14. TYRE SIZE
      Tyre size has to be specified in the unit so that the unit can properly calculate speed and distance.
    15. Instructions give a look-up table that could have been more comprehensive but it’s OK.
    16. EASE OF USE
      The VELO 5 is very easy to use once set up.
    17. Tap the unit on the front rubber button (or start cycling) and then it wakes up to report speed and calculates the rest.
    18. The single front button toggles between Maximum Speed (Mx), Total Distance (Odo), Clock and finally Trip Distance (Dst).
    19. They are shown on the lower part of the display while the upper part of the display shows your current speed.
    20. The unit can be removed and re-attached easily from the handlebar mount.
    21. OTHER
      The unit comes supplied with a very basic plastic sheet protecting the screen from scratches but it is designed to easily come off rather than have any real permanence.
    22. If I were being fussy I’d say the text lettering could be bigger.
    23. If you are going to be dismounting the unit from your bike when not being used or when leaving the bike locked up then I think it’s a good idea to put it in a safe soft pouch so it doesn’t get scratched or damaged.
    24. If gaps between the buttons and the unit get clogged with mud or sand, wash them away with water.
      The unit is a fun accessory for your bike.
    26. With so much gear going wireless (frying your brain) it’s nice to get back to basics.
    27. No reliance on GPS or spyware operating systems and spyware apps on phones & no need to worry about short battery life or fumbling for things in pockets or pulling up your sleeve while you try to look at your sports watch while you ride.
    28. If you want a km/h setting and a 12 hour clock, you are out of luck.
    29. Similarly, if you want a mph setting while setting a 24 hour clock it seems you are out of luck too.
    30. As someone else mentioned it certainly does pair even at a longer range than I had expected.
    31. I’ve only had this a short time so I cannot testify to long term durability, but will try to get back for an update in the future.
    32. For a good instructional video check out You tube bikemanforu Velo5

      About one year later, I ordered a second form my newest bike.
    33. Installation is easy, you tie everything with wire ties.Ties are on the small side if you have wide handlebars you may need to purchase bigger ties.
    34. After setup I compare it to the GPS on my phone and it’s pretty accurate.
    35. I had to use an Evo mount to mount the display on the handlebars.
    36. I barely had enough wire on the unit but I was told that a wired unit is more reliable, especially on a motorcycle.
    37. It does require thinking like the hardware and firmware dictate.
    38. It was delivered on time and is a perfect replacement for the one that died.
    39. I bought this one and did not have to install the cable, just clipped the new one on the old holder, and it works great.
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