April 23, 2018

T25 Bolt Holding The Shields

bolt fastening the dials T25 bolt holding the shields
T25 bolt for mounting the Hayes brake disc.

Brand: Hayes

Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat – 19×16″, Universal Pistol, Glock, 1911, and M&P (select your style) Gun Cleaning Mat, Red Parts Tray

real avid handgun smart mat universal pistol glock and amp select your style gun T25 bolt holding the shields
  1. We’ll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information.
  2. How about on your new kitchen table or that one buddy’s rickety outdoor patio furniture?
  3. The Smart Mat takes away those distractions allowing you to relax and make sure you’re doing the best job you can.
  4. The Smart Mat provides you with a work surface that helps you treat your gun right.
  5. It promotes the habits of cleaning and maintenance that are essential to keep your gun in top-notch shape.
  6. Well, it was designed by M&P owners for you, the M&P owner, with insights and innovations made through real world needs and experiences.
  7. Plus, it includes a small magnetic section to hold small pins and screws.
  8. The graphics are easy to read so you always know how to take down your gun.
  9. I got both the AR mat and the handgun mat at the same time.
  10. I am a “hobo” armorer for my agency, traveling to several different ranges where we do our training.
  11. I had been using an old towel and magnetized parts tray on top of a plastic table, and moving it to wherever we were training.
  12. The table was okay, but the towel was a mess very quickly, and the parts tray magnetized parts set in it.
  13. The Smart Mat provides me with an excellent and durable work surface.
  14. I also provides magnetized pockets for parts, but not so magnetized that parts are effected.
  15. Seems very durable, so cost is pro-rated over several years and the whole setup is just a huge improvement over anything I have used up til now.
  16. Real Avid seems to have a great lineup of maintenance tools, and this just adds to their reputation.
  17. I have been using their AR scrapers as prizes in Firearms Instructor classes, and they have been hugely popular.
  18. I guess I will have to add some mats to the Armorers classes.
  19. The tray on the side is good for holding all the parts I have taken off.
  20. It has a small magnet that would be good for holding small parts.
  21. At this point i have only field stripped my handguns so I din’t need the magnet yet.
  22. I especially like that the mat is oil resistant so I don’t need to worry about anything soaking through and onto my table.
  23. The guys at the gun club all agreed this was the process.
  24. This mat also has a tray that is very helpful when tracking the small parts.
  25. And it is thick enough that I feel I can use it on my indoor table or counter–much warmer than the garage workbench.
  26. Saves me from getting yelled at by my wife for using her bath or dish towels when cleaning the guns.
  27. Doesn’t slide on the table and the material doesn’t absorb any of the cleaners or gun oil that I use.Plus the tray is pretty handy as well.
  28. Would much prefer to have spheres instead of squared trays but guess what, they didn’t claim they were spheres did they, SO FIVE STARS TO YOU because something I wish it might have has ZERO bearing on the comparison between what they said it was and what it actually was.
  29. Works well, would purchase again, would recommend to others.
  30. Never mind the magnetic tray which is awesome on it’s own.
  31. This has the breakdown of well, breaking down your 1911 and putting it back together.
  32. This was so much easier than reading the owners manual.
  33. I don’t think they write owner’s manuals for guns so the average Joe or Jane can read and understand them.
  34. This is not my first handgun and while most are very similar when taking apart, each has it’s own special lock, mechanism, etc to take it apart.
  35. Pictures aside, the mat is nice material, easy to clean/wipe off and keeps the gun and your furniture from getting scratched.
  36. I wish they had these kinds of pics of all different handguns on their mats.
  37. I chose this one over the others with pics due to the magnetic tray.
  38. The small parts tray appears screwed to the right side of the mat.
  39. I am always losing the small pieces, and needed something to keep them all at hand.
  40. This already has been very helpful to my wife, who does not know how to disassemble a 1911 by heart — at least not yet.
  41. I highly recommend this mat for both novices or experienced gun enthusiasts!
  42. It has lasted and performed well after being used during many gun cleanings.
  43. The things I find most useful are the fact that this wipes clean easily and has not stained yet.
  44. The red built in tray on one end is immensely useful for not losing parts especially small parts like screws.
  45. And lastly you can roll this up around the red tray and store it, take it back out and it no worse for wear.
  46. Some of the competing mats are not durable and can not be stored as easy as this.
  47. Great diagram, good instructions, and a magnetic tray all built in.
  48. The parts tray is a huge plus and it protects my tables!
Buy Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat – 19×16″, Universal Pistol, Glock, 1911, and M&P (select your style) Gun Cleaning Mat, Red Parts Tray here $25.69

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