April 23, 2018

Suspension Bracket For SATORI Harmony LT2-31.6×350 Mm

support saddle suspension satori harmony LT mm Suspension bracket for SATORI Harmony LT2 31.6x350 mm
support saddle suspension satori harmony LT mm 1 Suspension bracket for SATORI Harmony LT2 31.6x350 mm


– Saddle bracket SATORI Harmony LT2
– Cushioned
– Forged aluminum alloy 6061
– Sprezyna
– Stroke 40mm
– Weight 533g
– Size 31.6x350mm
– Black color

Brand: Satori

satori Suspension bracket for SATORI Harmony LT2 31.6x350 mm

SATORI HARMONY Bike Bicycle Suspension Seatpost 27.2mm, 30.9mm or 31.6mm

satori harmony bike bicycle suspension seatpost mm mm Suspension bracket for SATORI Harmony LT2 31.6x350 mm
  1. I have been riding a 2013 Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 29’er Hardtail for a couple years and my only issue was some lower back pain when hitting rough terrain or long drops.
  2. You won’t even notice it until you need it then it just floats you along.
  3. This came with no set up instructions, but I played around with it for a while and got it dialed in.
  4. Bottoming out on this type of suspension will probably hurt more than just the bump in the road alone.
  5. I’ll probably ride with this for a while and update he review, but initially, seems money sell spent.
  6. Compared it to riding my friends Mongoose full suspension mountain bike & it felt almost like riding a cheap intermediate full suspension bike.
  7. Really helps since they basically refuse to repave most bike paths & roads in my town the roads can feel pretty rough of you lack suspension on a bicycle.
  8. Would have much rather preferred the traditional single bolt seat mount as opposed to this annoying dual bolt seat mount they use with this seat post.
  9. Over all it is worth the money if your tired of rough roads on a hard tail bike & don’t want to spend more money on a full suspension bike, it’s the next best thing.
  10. However, this issue does not occur if you hit a pothole, since you will just fall in the hole and the suspension compresses.
  11. I weigh 160 lbs and have the pre-load on zero but still feel that the compression is a bit harsh.
  12. Perhaps it would be better if I put in a spring with a smaller k constant (lb/in or N/m).
  13. There is about 1 cm or a third inch of sag at this setting.
  14. Obviously, this will post will not be as plush as a full suspension bike but it is definitely better than a rigid seat post and it does not induce any pedal bob.
  15. It works best over uneven terrain with like old roads with cracks, bumps, and holes of around 2 inches in height.
  16. I weight 145 lbs and it works just ok with the spring dialed back.
  17. When I lean on it, it moves up and down but still think its too stiff when dialed all the way back.
  18. I messed with the pre load a bit and did not really seem to notice a difference in travel.
  19. I have had this seat post for three months now and never had any issues.
  20. If you’re looking for a suspension seat post because you just can’t justify the expense of a dropper post, this product is great.
  21. Providing a four star review simply because I would have preferred a bit more travel in the saddle elevation adjustment.
  22. I just got it today and jumped same size curb and braced myself for the bounce.
  23. WIth this seat post no hard hit when I landed the back tire while seated.
  24. Not overly bouncy but not too stiff like my current post.
  25. My guess is about 1/2 of what an all suspension bike does but way better than a stiff post.
  26. Hopefully it lasts and does just as well on the trails.
  27. Only reason for not giving it a 5 star is because there are ZERO instructions with it.
  28. Looks like an allen wrench tightens or loosens the internal spring.
  29. I weigh 300l/b and am 6’3, this thing is my favorite part added to my 29′ bike.
Buy SATORI HARMONY Bike Bicycle Suspension Seatpost 27.2mm, 30.9mm or 31.6mm here $29.00

SATORI HARMONY Bike Bicycle Suspension Seatpost 31.6x350mm

satori harmony bike bicycle suspension seatpost mm Suspension bracket for SATORI Harmony LT2 31.6x350 mm
  1. The item was as described and fit perfectly in my frame.
  2. For the price, the product is suprisingly high quality and weighed less than I expected.
  3. The seat for/aft and angle adjustments can be made to suit your specific bike fit.
  4. The internal spring is way too stiff for your average person.
  5. I’d estimate that a 300 lb person would find it works, but I’m around 180lbs.
  6. The spring is 4″ in length and there are plenty of replacement springs sold for reasonably low prices.
  7. I replaced it with a Century Spring P/N C-822 which has almost the same dimensions but is a lighter duty spring.
  8. Even though the seatpost is still very stiff after the replacement spring, I find that it works much better for my specific needs.
  9. Most people will want an ever lighter duty spring than the one I replaced it with and I might get one after further experimenting.
  10. For the Thudbuster fans, I did use the Thudbuster but did not like it.
  11. The Thudbuster is an ok suspension seatpost but it throws the bike fit off since it forces the seat unacceptably too far rearward.
  12. There is no fix for this issue, it is the physics of the Thudbuster design.
  13. As delivered, adjusted fully soft, maximum compression (based on lube smears)
    was about 1 cm after several riding sessions
    and barely noticeable on my Mongoose Argus Sport aluminum frame fat tire bike.
  14. Replacing with that softer spring and adding about 1 cm preload increased travel
    and reduced shocks transmitted to saddle.
  15. Once adjusted to satisfaction, a boot is wanted (but not provided)
    to prevent abrasive debris sticking to smered grease, then being drawn thru seal
    then jamming or grinding parts.
  16. If you have a soft squishy seat post, all the power you are producing on every peddle stroke is lost to that absorption.
  17. If you bike to actually get somewhere, you can’t have that.
  18. The only thing you can realistically get out of a seatpost is cutting out some of the quick jar that is going to hurt you–the jars that would otherwise be forced up your tailbone and result in back pain.
  19. I have tried the thudbuster as one reviewer said to save your money for, but he has not tried.
  20. If you have it set properly for your weight, it is just as stiff, but you can set it 50 or 100 pounds less and it moves a lot and you feel like you’re getting more out of it.
  21. If you want to absorb every crack in the road at the expense of the energy you put in, then that is the setup for you.
  22. If you want to get the worst part of a hard jarring from a tree root or dropping off a curb, this is a great product.
  23. If you’re quite out of shape, it may not do the whole job for you, but it will help to get through those first couple weeks of getting back into shape; keeping you from being in the kind of pain that would make anyone give up.
  24. It’s a great product that does it’s job well, when you have a realistic expectations and understand what it was made to do.
  25. These paired together, I can’t hurt myself biking–and I bike in a pretty brutal style that makes it do I can’t keep a bike lock on my bike because the mounts for them tear themselves apart from the shock of jumping curbs and such.
  26. I don’t go over big jumps or anything like that but was just looking to a little relief on over the tree root and quick drops.
  27. I’m 160lbs and unscrewed the tightener nut on the bottom all the way out so it should be as soft as possible.
  28. It seems like the collar on top of the post might be too tight as I took the tension nut all the way off (and spring out) but was hardly able to push the seat down with a large amount of pressure.
  29. Once the post started to move it went down as far as it should, but getting it to move took a lot of pressure.
  30. The most it ever depressed was 2cm so it wasn’t a relief at all on the trail.
  31. The clamp for the saddle rails is more secure than the one on my old post, and the preload is just about right for a 175-pound rider.
  32. However, I wish they made this in a little longer size.
  33. I had to install at its minimum insertion to fit my height.
  34. It works just as well as my old XCR, but it’s a quarter the price.
  35. It soaks up the unexpected shocks, saving your butt, your back, and your rear tire, but be advised that posts like this are not a replacement for a full suspension bike.
  36. Your hardtail will still ride like a hardtail, but it won’t beat you up as much.
  37. A word of caution: the cap on the larger tube can be unscrewed so you can remove the smaller tube to adjust the preload.
  38. It is not screwed on tightly enough as shipped, and it came unscrewed during a ride.
  39. You have to screw it on tightly using a pair of channel lock pliers with tape on the jaws to prevent gouging the aluminum.
  40. I mainly go on long off-road excursions and was looking for a post that I could also use with a seatpack.
  41. After a one long test ride I found it to be quiet, and had the perfect amount of cushion for me (200lbs rider).
  42. I think the satori logos suck but whatever, post works and works with a seatpack so 4-stars.
  43. Will update in the summer if it starts to mess up, no lateral movement either feels very solid.
  44. Basically just becomes a heavy solid seat post and will slightly move if u hit a huge bump.
  45. I weight about 190 and it works well for me on regular city streets.
  46. When I received it I tried to cycle it and it was very stiff and would not move.
Buy SATORI HARMONY Bike Bicycle Suspension Seatpost 31.6x350mm here $29.00

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