April 23, 2018

Stroke Change Lever For Suntour XC-PRO

lever change jump to spring Suntour xc pro Stroke change lever for Suntour XC PRO
Stroke adjustment lever with SR SUNTOUR XC-PRO shock absorber


sr suntour Stroke change lever for Suntour XC PRO

Shimano 105 ST-5800 11-Speed STI Shifters

shimano speed sti shifters Stroke change lever for Suntour XC PRO
  1. The first thing you’ll notice about the 5800 group is that, yes, it does have 11-speeds.
  2. Drawing from the popularity of the Dura-Ace and Ultegra groups, the 5800 is now compatible with the new and improved CS-5800 for a full range of 22 gears.
  3. Unlike the last iteration of 105, the new STI shifters feature a more compact and streamlined lever that fits into your hand.
  4. It is also adjustable for reach so that your hand-to-brake interface is secure.
  5. The shifting mechanism itself draws inspiration from Shimano’s top-tier groups, with shorter strokes and polymer cables for faster, more accurate shifting.
  6. The biggest noticeable difference between the 105 shifters and their big brothers is that the levers are alloy rather than carbon construction.
  7. This, as well as alloy verses lighter weight titanium bolts, increases the weight of the shifters a bit from the top-tier models.
  8. The Shimano 105 ST-5800 11-Speed STI Shifters come in one color and are available as Left, Right, or as a Set.
  9. This works perfectly and shifts like it is supposed to, and that, after all, is what it was bought to do.
  10. Works as well as the ultegra shifter on my other bike, so I am very pleased at the quality right out of the box.
  11. I had down tube shifters in the 80-90’s but these things are great.
  12. Everything is right there, brakes and shifting and no hands leaving the bars.
  13. The bike is fast, I am very happy with Shimano products.
  14. They resolved my problem proactively and well above expectations.
  15. Since I was changing from 10spd to 11 spd cassette, you may also want to consider if your rear derailleur is compatible for this change.
  16. However these were 11spd and I needed 10spd so I was able to return them for a refund.
Buy Shimano 105 ST-5800 11-Speed STI Shifters here $94.99 – $411.87

Power Smart DB7651 24 inch 208cc LCT Two-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start

power smart inch lct two stage snow thrower with electric start Stroke change lever for Suntour XC PRO
  1. Its push button, electric start 208cc LCT engine and drive speed variations let you handle your work with ease.
  2. The ergonomically designed machine comes with foldable handles, aiding easy storage when not in use.
  3. The Power Smart DB7651 208cc two stage snow thrower features an electric start, professional and powerful snow engine, drive speed and direction control panel, remote chute direction control, 24 inches of clearing width, and 20 inches of clearing depth.
  4. The 12-inch serrated, all-steel augers pull snow into the blower unit to power through tough conditions.
  5. Note for California residents:This model is not CARB-compliant.
  6. Powerful Engine with Electric Start This two-stage snow thrower is powered with the LCT 208cc professional snow engine, which is designed for use in cold climates.
  7. Its push button electric start ensures engine starting without difficulty so you do not need to fight with the recoil starter, which is often frustrating when it is not able to start in the cold weather.
  8. Two Stage Snow Removal Clears Deep Snow The DB7651 employs two-stage technology to improve snow removal efficiency, throwing snow faster and further.
  9. The adjustable skid shoes allow alterations to the height of the scraper so that the snow thrower can be used on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, dirt, and ice.
  10. Drive Speed and Direction Control The drive speed and direction control lever is conveniently located on a panel between two handles, so speed and direction change is right within your reach.
  11. The four forward speeds and two backward speeds can be adjusted simply by shifting the lever.
  12. It’s now January 2018, so I’ve used it for three full seasons.
  13. The two main issues I’ve had with it in that time have been:

    1) The crank that aims the chute (where the snow comes out) no longer touches the chute itself.
  14. I’m not sure what the deal is, if something got bent or shrunk, but the crank is attached yet doesn’t touch the “teeth” of the chute.
  15. To rotate the chute I have to reach over and turn the whole thing by hand, which is annoying.
  16. The vibration of the motor then causes it to slowly rotate back whichever way gravity pulls it.
  17. This isn’t the worst thing in the world, mostly an annoyance.
  18. It was in the middle of a massive snowstorm and I had no way to transport the snowblower to a repair shop, plus I figured that would cost a fortune and take a long time, and the blizzard was going on already.
  19. So I found the PDF instruction manual for the snowblower, figured out how to open it up (basically a few bolts) and confirmed the problem was what I had suspected – the drive belt had come loose.
  20. In the 20 degree blizzard I managed to get it all back and working, though it took a while.
  21. I was very proud of myself though (not really a “fixer” type of guy) and it’s been good since then.
  22. This snow blower was probably the best thing I ever bought.
  23. With his health now poor due to a recent stroke, I have taken over the snow clearing task.
  24. I purchased the Power Smart DB7651 208 cc LCT Gas Powered 2-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start in the hopes that I would be able to handle it.
  25. I was able to easily assemble this machine in under an hour-not bad for A GIRL!
  26. Our first snow was 5-6″ and I swept through it with ease.
  27. I was so proud to have accomplished this feat, having never used a snow thrower (or any type of outdoor machinery) ever in my 58 years.
  28. Shifting is a breeze and the chute turns smoothly to direct snow where you want it.
  29. It even effortlessly climbed my steep hill of a driveway.
  30. I have full confidence that this machine will get me through many snowstorms in the years ahead.
  31. Mine worked only a short time when I had severe issues.
  32. What I discovered was a manufacturing assembly issue that made the machine inoperable.
  33. The start process was easy & it started promptly every time

    Lets get into this machine & some basics.
  34. I believe this is an economical machine intended for light to medium snow heights but can handle a lot more.
  35. Engine is powerful & good enough for larger machines.
  36. The snow throwing components are light weight but OK for this machine.
  37. It has no throttle – so it is basically just 1 engine RPM speed.
  38. The 4 forward drive speeds & & the 2 reverse speeds were OK.
  39. While mine worked the snow throwing ability was excellent in fluffy or wet snow.
  40. A chunk that more powerful machines can handle could jam this machine.
  41. It can go into drifts & work OK but go easy as you push into a drift or much deeper snow.
  42. One thing that impressed me was the way they allowed for adjustment on the control wire to accommodate control wire stretching.
  43. The internal devices that help prevent the belt from coming off were also very good.
  44. Mine came without engine OIL – I believe they are shipped this way.
  45. When it arrives & after you assemble also spray oil between the slots on the shaft that holds the auger.
  46. The easier it turns that less stress on the system it will last longer, & it will throw more snow.
  47. Any machine will need some parts sooner or later, make sure you can get them.
  48. This machine can do heavy snow & tackle drifts but I believe it is really a light to medium duty machine.
  49. So just go a little easier on it & should handle what comes along.
  50. Before you start it check all control wires to be sure they work properly.
  51. Make sure they turn when the handles are squeezed to run the machine’s speeds & auger.
  52. Note: When done with this machine make sure it is free of snow in all areas that toss snow.
  53. Snow left in the Auger can freeze overnight & be ice the next day.
  54. This may break the shear pins or break or burn the auger belt inside the machine.
  55. Purchased in December 2015, I got through 1-2 snowstorms during that December.
  56. Fortunately, not much heavy snow in 2016, so did not use.
  57. Put new belt on towards end of 2017, made two passes on driveway, auger again stopped working.
  58. I called Amerisun about a dozen times and left voice mails.
  59. New belts are not available and manufacturer did not know when they would be available.
  60. Chute got stuck a bit but still not enough to annoy me too much.
  61. Snapped auger shaft three times, pins hold, but shaft doesn’t.
  62. Several finger flimmagooogs you gotta get set right before that works.
Buy Power Smart DB7651 24 inch 208cc LCT Two-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start here $710.94

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