September 14, 2018

STRAPO Warning Light 2-LEDs With Batteries

band warning strapo diode LED Battery STRAPO warning light 2 LEDs with batteries
band warning strapo diode LED Battery 1 STRAPO warning light 2 LEDs with batteries
Strapo is a wristband equipped with a LED diode and a reflector.
The headband has a hidden LED diode, which when turned on lights up red, thanks to which the light propagates not point-wise, but after the whole length of the band. It is fastened with velcro, so it’s easy to wear it to fit your needs and to put on your hands or leg.
The strap is long enough that you can put it on your shoulder even in a jacket. In addition, the velcro strap is also equipped with a reflector, which further enhances your safety.
Transparent silicone band is an excellent product for anyone who wants to feel safe after dark. In particular, we recommend this product to runners or cyclists.

Batteries included-yes
Modes of operation-100%
Dimensions-202 x 35 mm

Brand: Falcon

Bright Outdoors LED Safety Light / Flashlight. Red & White Lights for Running, Dog Walking, Cycling & Night Sport. Flashing, Steady Modes. USB Rechargeable with Bike Strap, Armband & Belt Clip

bright outdoors led safety light flashlight red amp white lights for running dog STRAPO warning light 2 LEDs with batteries
  1. USB Rechargeable, with Bike Strap, Runner’s Armband & Belt Clip.
  2. USB Rechargeable, with Bike Strap, Runner’s Armband & Belt Clip.
  3. This compact, super-bright light provides the perfect amount of visibility for any situation.
  4. Red and white flashing modes allow motorists, cyclists and emergency responders to see you, your stroller or beloved dog.
  5. One press of a button engages flashlight mode to help you see dangers and trip hazards and discourage criminals.
  6. Ultra-versatile
    The ingenious design, 4 lighting modes and 3 different attachment methods means it can be used almost anywhere and attach to almost anything – clip on to shirts, belts, backpacks, dog leashes and collars.
  7. Use the silicon strap to attach to bikes, helmets, strollers, trekking poles and walking canes.
  8. Use the velcro armband for a running or walking light and for night hikes and trail runs.
  9. Smart, Compact Design
    Clever design gives big light from an ultra-light tiny package less than 2” high and 1” wide.
  10. At 1/2 oz, you won’t even notice the light, but others will!.
  11. Standardised micro-USB charging technology means never messing around with batteries or non-standard chargers again.
  12. With up to 12 hours light per charge, it is ideal to keep by the front door for your next adventure, nightly walk or just putting the trash out.
  13. Durable, long-lasting components
    Featuring a durable water resistant enclosure with a rubber USB port cover, this is ready for any weather.
  14. The silicon and velcro straps are the highest quality on the market and are designed to last for years.
  15. Finally, the high quality electronic components mean that this surprisingly bright light will keep on shining to keep your family safe.
  16. Full Bright Outdoors Warranty
    If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know and you’ll be offered a full refund or replacement, no questions asked.
  17. If there are any issues, we will gladly exchange your unit.
  18. During the summer it wasn’t a problem since day break was so early.
  19. But as fall has started approaching I have found myself running in the dark.
  20. My neighborhood has only a few lights and is very dark.
  21. I wanted something that provided light without lighting up everything like a flashlight.
  22. The actual lights are smaller than I expected, something that I really liked.
  23. They are smaller than the pager that I used to carry in the mid 90’s and very light weight.
  24. I wear a reflector belt (or glow belt) when running in the early morning and I just clip one of these lights on the front of the belt near the center of my body.
  25. I prefer the light a little lower and directly in front of me lighting up the dark ground so I can see where my feet are going.
  26. Given where I clip it I would give it a radius of maybe 10 feet or so, but I personally like that.
  27. Cars leaving for work seem to notice the light just fine and I am not lighting up the houses I am running past, potentially waking up still sleeping people in them.
  28. This light is easy to charge – just plug it in a USB port with the provided cord.
  29. I used it for 7 runs before deciding that I should charge it just to be on the safe side.
  30. This did include two bands that I could use to put the lights on my arms with.
  31. I would like to note that I am a regular consumer of this product.
  32. They are USB rechargeable, LED, reasonably small and very light weight.
  33. They come with small rubber straps for attaching to handlebars or seat tubes and longer elastic fabric straps with velcro closures to attach to larger objects or wear around your arm.
  34. They have a clip on the back for clipping to your clothing, it is also used to clip onto either type of strap.
  35. The rubber straps were too small but the fabric straps work well, see attached photo.
  36. They are bright and flashy, which is exactly what I wanted for visibility.
  37. Both lights can run as solid white, flashing white, solid red, or flashing red.
  38. My only complaint is the button is a bit hard to press without much tactile feedback.
  39. You definitely have to look at it to turn it on or off; I do it before I put my helmet on and it seems to work fine.
  40. If your walk is pitch black, I’d encourage an extra light source just to see, but if there are some street lights, these are perfect.
  41. I attach one to my dog’s harness (so I can see what he’s sniffing/possibly eating on our walk) and the other to the leash.
  42. I use the rubber fasteners (it also comes with just a regular belt clip as well as longer canvas fasteners).
  43. Dog isn’t bothered by it at all, and if he shakes, it still stays on.
  44. And they’re such a good size, and not heavy, I just keep them on his walk harness and my leash at all times, and use when needed.
  45. I keep my dog’s light a solid white light, and I make the leash flash so we’re visible at night, which is especially helpful when we cross the street.
  46. These surprisingly come with two USB chargers, which is really convenient since I use both at the same time.
  47. I’m charging them for the first time after using them for almost two months every night.
  48. Light is bright which has been an issue with other lights I’ve purchased.
  49. They clip on well on the collar and I’ve also attached them to my clothes and they stay on.
  50. I didn’t want to carry a flashlight, change batteries al lthe time.
  51. Off leash, in the dark, being a black lab, he is hard to see, especially when he goes to explore in bushes beside the trail.
  52. He never wanders far, but these lights help by keeping him twinkling like Rudolph, allowing my ageing eyes to see where he is!
  53. I use only the steady red setting, and that is bright enough to let him be visible from a distance.
  54. I feel the flashing red might be disorienting for him, even though these are behind his ears, and the white settings are simply too bright for my use; they light up the trail for yards!
  55. In case you are wondering like me, to clarify, the red and grey lights in the set are only the colours of the plastic construction of the lights; the actual light covers are clear.
  56. I did not need to use any of the bands and attachments included; the clip behind the lamp is strong enough to keep them from slipping off his nylon collar.
  57. If try to put them on a thickish belt, they are liable to snap off (I tried putting it on a dog collar, and it broke.
  58. I put it on a thinner collar, but the slipped off as my dog when into the bushes.
  59. Want something better for dogs and a broader range of applications?
  60. My husband uses every night when he walks back from the train station.
  61. Great quality, bright light with options for flashing and color.
  62. Rechargeable, and both lights will provide red and white lights.
Buy Bright Outdoors LED Safety Light / Flashlight. Red & White Lights for Running, Dog Walking, Cycling & Night Sport. Flashing, Steady Modes. USB Rechargeable with Bike Strap, Armband & Belt Clip here

EverLightFX USB Rechargeable LED Safety Light (2 Pack) By Apace – Super Bright Bike Tail Light Works Brilliantly as Running Light for Joggers, Pets, Bicycle Strobe or Rear Clip On Lights

everlightfx usb rechargeable led safety light pack apace super bright bike tail  STRAPO warning light 2 LEDs with batteries
  1. Order now to try out our USB rechargeable LED safety lights at this all-time low, limited time deal!
  2. UPGRADED] ALL-TIME TOP SELLER, NOW EVEN BETTER: USB rechargeable safety lights are now brilliantly brighter – with weather defying IPX4 waterproof casing, 6 lighting modes, unbreakably robust clips and velcro straps, plus a ‘run all night’ 12 – 40 HOUR BATTERY LIFE.
  3. Perfect for people, pets, strollers & now mtb or urban bike tail post lights.
  4. They plug right into any USB cable and charge from your laptop, car, wall socket and more!
  5. DOUBLE YOUR VALUE – DARE TO COMPARE: The price is amazing, isn’t it?
  6. Especially since you get 2 USB Safety Lights, 2 Charging Cables, 2 Short Velcro Straps (bike frames, seat posts, belts, pet collars, leash), 2 Long Velcro Straps (for attachment on arms, ankles/calves & more) and 1 Carry Pouch.
  7. UNIVERSAL FIT – 5 SECOND “INSTALL”: Tank-durable clip and Velcro straps mean these clip or strap on easily and stay put securely in less time that it takes you to say ‘Piece of Cake!’ – no tools or special smarts required.
  8. Attach and detach so quickly and easily that you might find yourself using them every day!
  9. Love how quickly they charge, how long they stay lit and how endlessly useful they are or your money back.
  10. YEAR WARRANTY: Get a full year of use or we’ll replace them, no questions asked.
  11. X LED’s for Brilliant Brightness – Be seen, and see further than any other safety light set on the market.
  12. More Robust, Motion-Defying Clips & Straps – Won’t Break or Shift: Connect to anything in seconds, your bike, stroller, arm, calf and more.
  13. Automatic, fully-charged cut off system ensures your batteries last longer than ever before.
  14. Lighted Settings – 3 steady and 3 flashing for ideal lighting in every situation.
  15. Feather – Light & Compact: The only thing you’ll notice is how easily your seen.
  16. Step 6:  Hit the road and feel safe knowing the 3x LEDS are illuminating your presence as you run, walk, jog, bicycle or hike, day or night!
  17. Easily clips onto any part of clothing, outdoor gear, running gear, kids clothing, anything.
  18. Fit snugly and stay put on your bike frame, seat post, handlebar, helmet and more.
  19. These are kindergarten simple and velcro to anything, no tools required.
  20. Was a little unsure initially since there weren’t too many reviews for the product, so I did a little digging and saw that the company makes similar products, specifically for use on bikes, that had a large number of positive reviews so I thought I would give it a try.
  21. Have only used it a couple of times on early morning runs but so far it is exactly what I have been looking for.
  22. The clips are strong and keep the lights securely in place.
  23. They have three levels of intensity of solid lights and three rates of blinking (my preference).
  24. Based on the reflections I can see on the street signs in front of me, these easily can be seen from 200 yards away (probably more).
  25. The fact that I don’t need to replace watch type batteries every couple of weeks is the biggest benefit I see to these.
  26. I recharge them when I recharge my Garmin so its not a hassle at all.
  27. Even though they are rechargeable, the lights themselves are no bulkier or heavier than any similar product I have bought and used in the past (I’ve been through plenty).
  28. So far they perform as promised, seem to be well made, are bright and stay firmly in place.
  29. I have attached them to a reflective vest front and back.
  30. The clasp seems secure since it is hinged and it has little nubs that keep it from slipping.
  31. They (two lights) come with two velcro arm bands, two belt bands and a little carrying case along with two recharging cords.
  32. I have even had people stop and tell me how visible I am and then ask where I got the lights.
  33. I haven’t had to recharge them since I received them and have been using them about an hour a day for a week.
  34. If I could give an additional 5 stars for customer service I would.
  35. I love it when a company emails me with contact links right after I buy the product .
  36. This company did so and followed up when I told them one of the lights had a defective recharger.
  37. They immediately sent me a whole new set of lights with everything!
  38. There are 6 lighting modes: 3 levels of brightness while the light glows solid and 3 blinking modes where the flashing gets faster and faster.
  39. Originally I used them on solid at the lowest brightness because even that seemed quite bright.
  40. Then one day I was driving and saw someone with blinking lights on their arm which made them far more noticeable.
  41. I really like that these are rechargeable with a USB cord.
  42. I recently purchased a pair of Thule Shield panniers and I was looking for a light that I could put on the bag to help stand out against the 6:30 am cold bleak winters.
  43. I’ve had the lights for a couple of months and they do a great job with multiple options.
  44. I ran into an issue where the clip broke (I had the pannier in a crate and it was bouncing around) so I reached out to the company to see if they sold just the light so I could attach it to the clip.
  45. They responded by sending me a new light, which was above and beyond what I was looking for.
  46. So, if you are looking for a dependable, rechargeable, light, buy this par.
  47. And if you have any issues (like not knowing how to turn them on, protip, hold the button for 3 seconds) customer service is top notch.
  48. One thing I noticed when I was looking for the right lights was that a lot of reviews seem un-authentic.
  49. Let me just say, this is real and for 20 bucks, these are totally worth it for the bike commuter with panniers that have slits made for a clip on light!
  50. The USB charging system is a good idea, but I was surprised that rather than supply one two-headed cable for each pair of lights, they supply two cables.
  51. There are multiple light colors/blink patterns available by repeatedly pressing the white “power” button, but frankly, I think that’s overkill – the first setting blinks bright red and that’s more than sufficient.
  52. I am not a huge fan of the clip on the back, which is very stiff and which I expect will break if repeatedly and routinely manipulated, but we’ll see how that goes.
  53. The clips on 3 out of 4 have broken from easy service and are now useless.
  54. Out of 4 I ordered: 1 broke the first time I used it right out of the box.
  55. USB charging is great and a lot cheaper than all those coin cells the others use.
  56. The larger size makes them easier to handle while being small enough to fit about anywhere.
  57. My only criticism would be that one of the two included USB cables was defective and the Velcro straps are rough on the skin when used as a wrist strap.
  58. I have a red one clipped to the back of my running belt and a green one to the front.
  59. It is now practically useless as it can no longer be attached to anything.
Buy EverLightFX USB Rechargeable LED Safety Light (2 Pack) By Apace – Super Bright Bike Tail Light Works Brilliantly as Running Light for Joggers, Pets, Bicycle Strobe or Rear Clip On Lights here

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