April 23, 2018

Steering Wheel Wrap CS-T110 Sponge 185 X 3 Cm Black

wrapper wheel cs sponge cm black Steering wheel wrap CS T110 sponge 185 x 3 cm black
Glued with a thin layer of glue for long-lasting use. Its consistency ensures a secure grip on the steering wheel.

A well-wrapped wrapper gently absorbs shocks. With water, you can remove any dirt from it.

Goods for both professional and tourist travel.


Length-185 cm

Width-30 mm


Brand: Speeder

speeder Steering wheel wrap CS T110 sponge 185 x 3 cm black

Sports Colorful Car Steering Wheel Cover Automotive Interior Protection – PU Leather Anti Slip Wrap Universal Fit for 15 inch (Blue)

sports colorful car steering wheel cover automotive interior protection leather  Steering wheel wrap CS T110 sponge 185 x 3 cm black

  1. Protect original steering wheel – keep your car looks new / hide existing wear/ increase vehicle value.
  2. Easy to install, provide a snug fit that will not slip, environmental protection inner ring, tightly wrapped your steering wheel.
  3. Prevent seperation the steering wheel cover with your steering wheel.
  4. Durability: Heat resistant, cold resistant and wear-resistant.
  5. Protect original steering wheel – keep your car looks new / hide existing wear/ increase vehicle value.
  6. Prevent separation the steering wheel cover with your steering wheel.
  7. Durability: Heat resistant, cold resistant and wear-resistant.
  8. We specialize in manufacturing high quality steering wheel covers for cars.
  9. A1:★Steering wheel covers can not only increase the hand-feel and the friction and cushioning effect, but also when you are driving in bad roads, the steering wheel will shaking strongly, to stimulate the heart, steering wheel rubber inner ring can effectively buffer, reduce the vibration impact.
  10. A3:★Beautiful Appearance.Make your car more fashion and different from others, especially in appearance,make your vehicle to be the only one,the unique one.
  11. A4:★Take great care of your new cars steering wheel or upgrade an older one by covering wear and tear.
  12. Extend the lifespan of the steering wheel.Protect your hands from heat or cold.
  13. Feels is better than real leather, water-resistant, Wear-resisting, cold resistant, breathable, aging resistance, soft texture, environmental protection and beyond compare advantages make microfiber leather to be the perfect leather material, it is going to be the most ideal choice instead of natural leather.
  14. It is a Long lasting and great way to update your car’s interior,keep your car looking new / hide existing wear.
  15. More Protection

    Take great care of your new cars steering wheel or upgrade an older one by covering wear and tear.

  16. A better grip on the wheel gives you more control on the road.
  17. Some people may need help with installation, a partner or young adult.
  18. They could basically be put on or taken off at will, with no effort at all, and once installed, would easily move as you were steering.
  19. This cover from Autocastle does take a bit of effort to install, but did not require heating or sitting in the sun beforehand.
  20. Once installed, it’s perfectly tight and doesn’t move in any way.
  21. The materials and finish of this cover do seem a noticeably higher quality than what I found in the stores – as well it should be, given the approximately 50% higher price.
  22. Hopefully that says something about the durability, too.
  23. My experience with steering wheel covers from the local stores is that they start to fall apart after 3-4 years.
  24. The shiny parts of this cover match the gloss black wood grain of my dash nicely, even though the wheel cover is more of a faux carbon fiber look.
  25. The red stitching looks high quality and adds a nice style to the cover, while the matte black side and black portion has a very nice feel to it – high quality and easy to grip, but neither too slippery nor too sticky.
  26. Although it might take a little more time to put on to the steering wheel, because it is kind of tight, once it on the steering wheel, it fit perfectly and hold very firmly.
  27. Another thing I want to mention is the steering wheel cover doesn’t have that chemical smell.
  28. Also, the price is just right for this well-made high standard product.
  29. It seems to be constructed with quality materials that (for the price) should last a long time.
  30. If there was anything bad about it is the blue on the actual product is a brighter blue than the pictures.
  31. I personally like a thinner cover rather than a thick bulky one.
  32. This one is very sleek and has I guess you would call them bumps that are amazing for grip (expecially when turning).
  33. Very high quality and Not to mention the design is very stylish as well!
  34. I receive a lot of compliments and questions on where to purchase one.
  35. It’s a little difficult to get on, but this makes for a tight fit.
  36. Just make sure you center it properly as it’s not easy to shift it around once it’s completely on the wheel.
  37. I got the lime green one to match my lime green Kia Soul, and it’s the perfect color match!
  38. It’s tough to put on, but I imagine all steering wheel covers are.
  39. It took me two tries to get it centered, because you cannot slide it once it is on.
  40. Very pleased with the look and feel of it, at the price its a steal for sure.

Buy Sports Colorful Car Steering Wheel Cover Automotive Interior Protection – PU Leather Anti Slip Wrap Universal Fit for 15 inch (Blue) here

SRAM Supercork Bicycle Bar Tape

sram supercork bicycle bar tape Steering wheel wrap CS T110 sponge 185 x 3 cm black

  1. In the past, I have really liked using Lizard Skin for the cushion and grip but honestly it has just gotten to expensive in my opinion.
  2. When I searched and read other reviews SRAM seemed to have the best product for the price and seeing as though they are a leader in cycle equipment I was pretty sure the product would be quality.
  3. I love the tight stretch that I am able to get when I wrapped the handle bars with this SRAM tape.
  4. The tape has an adhesive that keeps the wrap tight while you wind and gives adhesion to the next layer.
  5. Once finished, this tape looks amazingly professional and the comfort is outstanding.
  6. This tape gives a very cushiony grip and is very anti-slip.
  7. This wrap also came with an extra palm cushion to wrap into the grip, but I would recommend using the gel pads that can be purchased for additional padding.
  8. My only complaint with this tape is the same as others.
  9. Please include 12″ more of wrap so that we do not have to rewrap when we come up 2″ shorter than we wanted to.
  10. Also, the same goes for the finish tape one wrap around the bars is just not enough.
  11. These gripes are the same with all other wraps that I have used so it doesn’t lessen my 5 star opinion of the tape.
  12. This tape is the best bar tape for the price in my opinion.
  13. Lizard Skin is also very nice but has gotten to expensive since the first time I used it.
  14. I did not receive any discounts or free products in exchange for me review.
  15. I just want to help others make good decisions with this purchase.
  16. The SRAM logo disappears once you stretch the tape out and it’s a great guide for wrapping width.
  17. It’s super cushiony, feels really good on the hands and kills some of the road vibration if you ride on any roads that aren’t glass smooth.
  18. It also makes the bars look slightly chubby which is no big deal but if you are concerned about having a super sleek look this tape looks a bit chunky.
  19. The adhesive on the back is awesome, not so much sticky as grippy so its very forgiving if you need to back the tape off and start re-wrapping.
  20. Other than that the finishing tape they sent with it was pretty useless I used gaff tape that I already had which blended in perfectly with my black bars.
  21. I tried to maintain an overlap of about half of the width of the tape.
  22. As others have commented this tape is very forgiving so rewraps are easy if you’re not happy with your first attempt.
  23. I wrapped my bars with a fair amount of tension and the tape was strong enough not to break as others have done.
  24. Tensioning the tape is important because the adhesive on the back of the tape is not intended for holding its place on the bar permanently.
  25. I finish off the wrap with several revolutions of electrical tape.
  26. I throw the finishing tape away because it’s not flexible and the tape is not flat.
  27. This is true because the tape has a porous surface but the problem is manageable.
  28. After every ride, I rinse the gloves off and if they look really grungy, I put the gloves on and wash my hands with hand soap (the foaming kind usually).
  29. The first time I did this with some gloves I been using for a couple of years, the water was a dark brown and it took several washings before the water looked reasonably clean.
  30. A spray bottle with water or a wet rag finishes the job.
  31. Another benefit of keeping your handlebars and gloves clean is that if you’re eating during a ride, you’re less likely to ingest some really nasty germs.
  32. It’s reasonably priced and very comfortable for long rides.
  33. Because it’s so forgiving even those new to wrapping handlebars can do a proper job as many reviews of this product attest.
  34. I can see no reason why I shouldn’t standardize on this tape for all my rides.
  35. It’s actually the gauge for how much edge overlap you need.
  36. The adhesive on the back is just sticky enough to keep it from slipping or drifting while positioning or repositioning.
  37. It’s VERY stretchy, and you actually need to stretch it pretty tightly to get proper coverage.
  38. Make sure you leave enough excess on the end to stuff into the bar end, and this cap will lock it into place.
  39. Finishing tape is just electrical tape, so use some fresh electrical tape instead.
  40. The included hood-gap covers are just 4 inch strips of the same bar tape.
  41. You could wrap it tightly, or cut it in half and double it up if you need.
  42. This is exactly the same as the Planet Bike kit, except it costs less (higher volume by SRAM probably).
  43. The best part is if you mis-wrap, this is very forgiving in letting you unwrap and re-wrap until you get it right.
  44. My bars take a beating, and I’m not a fan of overly padded bar tape.
  45. It has a good amount of cushion for comfort and the bar plugs are reflective!
  46. The overlaps are good, and there is enough on each roll to cover 44mm bars.

Buy SRAM Supercork Bicycle Bar Tape here $13.78

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