April 23, 2018

Steering Bracket Ahead 28.6 Adjustable Aluminum Black

bracket wheel ahead adjustable aluminum black Steering bracket Ahead 28.6 adjustable aluminum black
Aluminum steering bracket, adjustable AHEAD 28.6 mm.

Steering wheel-28,4mm
Steering bracket-90mm
Overall length-160mm< / - 50 degrees

Brand: kaiwei

kaiwei Steering bracket Ahead 28.6 adjustable aluminum black

FSA Hammer Threadless Heavy Duty Bicycle Headset

fsa hammer threadless heavy duty bicycle headset Steering bracket Ahead 28.6 adjustable aluminum black
  1. This headset is not sealed very well and the split plastic centering cone sits just slightly proud of the rest of the upper assembly and is uncovered which makes a nice spot for the ingress of water into the unit.
  2. Recommend using plenty of waterproof/marine grade grease with this headset.
  3. The bearing race surfaces are not polished, they are black like the rest of the unit.
  4. The unit I received came with all the parts pictured and the only thing that separates it from other FSA Hammer Headsets is that the “Hammer” emblem is not present on either of the bearing cups.
  5. If using in wet weather/environment such as a daily commuter in the rain or wet and muddy trail riding, then perhaps it would be better to find a different headset that is sealed a bit better.
  6. The lower bearing is a press-on item and I was not able to remove it from the old fork.
  7. This headset fit perfectly on the new fork and it DOES come with a star nut (in case you didn’t read my review of the star nut I bought).
  8. The instructions that come with this item are a little confusing, as they are written for several different applications.
  9. My favorite aspect of this headset is that it does have captive ball bearings in cages so you don’t have to mess with trying to keep the balls in place when you assemble the fork into the frame.
  10. I didn’t like the way that the wedge was kind of exposed.
  11. I used the new bearings, cleaned up the old cup and cap and reused the top half of the headset.
  12. I still give this 4 stars because the parts do look to be decent quality, and I needed new bottom bearings, and crown race.
  13. So, in short, if you are looking for something cheap that will do the trick, this will work.
  14. It was a super cool headset, and it looks great on my yellow and blue Olympia bike.
  15. It was a little Hart to put on because the instructions that came with it were not clear, mostly because I didn’t have the parts that came in the instructions.
  16. It installed with no problems and the bearings seem nice and slick when you turn the handlebars.
  17. Time will tell on the durability of the product, but after having it on trails twice since installation, I have no complaints.
  18. Just to note because it wasn’t in the description when I bought mine, this does come with the star nut, which is nice.
  19. Oring is a heavy duty one and won’t have any slack and won’t let go like the cheap ones.
  20. Being a Novice to working on Bikes Instructions would have been good.
  21. Maybe a novice wouldn’t be replacing a headset but I was.
  22. I kept trying to incorporate the cups and couldnt figure out the fit.
  23. I realized my existing had them installed but every picture I looked at just showed the whole part screwed as one.
  24. Only issue I had was the instructions provided did not cover this type of headset.
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