May 21, 2018

Steel Derailleur Hook

hook derailleur steel Steel derailleur hook
Steel saddle hook


– Standard thread M10
– Lock washer blocking the hook in the frame
– Designed for frames unadapplied for the mounting of a saddle to the bush
– Color: silver
– Real picture of the subject

Brand: Italbike

italbike Steel derailleur hook

Pedro’s Chainpig II Bicycle Hands-Free Chain Cleaner Tool

pedro chainpig bicycle hands free chain cleaner tool Steel derailleur hook
  1. Surgically enhanced with stainless steel hardware and body sculpting ready for epic drivetrain battles.
  2. Very happy with my “Pig” as it simplifies the chain cleaning process and reduces the time spent in cleaning.
  3. It does not clean every speck of dirt but, it does remove approximately 90 to 95% of the trail grime, which is a much better option than not cleaning.
  4. Just to note, this is not a heavy duty tool that stands up to hard use.
  5. Exercise care when using and it will last long enough to make it well worth the money spent.
Buy Pedro’s Chainpig II Bicycle Hands-Free Chain Cleaner Tool here $22.99

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