April 23, 2018

SRAM PC 99 Power Link

chain shitting pc power button SRAM PC 99 Power Link

Technology-Power Chain
Construction-made of hardened steel and chrome, nickel-plated joints, links with through holes
Finishing-nickel / nickel
Compatible-MTB 9 gears SRAM , Shimano and Campagnolo
Number of cells-116
Weight-about 300 g

Brand: SRAM

sram SRAM PC 99 Power Link

SRAM PC 850 P-Link Bicycle Chain (8-Speed, Grey)

sram link bicycle chain speed grey SRAM PC 99 Power Link
  1. About SRAM
    Bicycle component maker SRAM makes high-quality, technically advanced parts and accessories, based on a philosophy of perpetual, incremental enhancements that collectively add up to superior performance.
  2. Casual riders will note SRAM components’ reliability, dependability, and standard qualities one would expect.
  3. SRAM Corporation began with the goal of creating the best possible shifting system, and ultimately innovated cycling with the advent of the Grip Shift.
  4. To sustain the resulting growth, SRAM invested in Sachs Bicycle Company and built a state of the art manufacturing facility in Schweinfurt Germany.
  5. This chain is well made and looks equivalent or better than the factory Shimano chain that was on my Trek.
  6. I shortened it a few links to match my original length, so be aware that you may need to do that.
  7. The unidirectional master link is holding so far, but is a new design from the traditional style.
  8. I thought that the 850 model would have beveled edges and be a slicker-looking chain, but I tell you what, I couldn’t tell the difference just looking at them.
  9. I had to keep looking at the part number on the box to be able to tell them apart as I was installing them on my two mountain bikes.
  10. I haven’t put many miles on these chains but they are both very nice, smooth chains.
  11. The included master link makes them very easy to install, and with a standard chain breaker (I borrowed a friend’s) the process doesn’t take long at all.
  12. One thing to note, I expected that since this was an 8-speed chain and I was putting it on my 8-speed bike (Gary Fisher Wahoo), I wouldn’t have to shorten the chain on my bike.
  13. If you are planning to install this without shortening it, you may be surprised.
  14. If I were to do it again, I would just buy two of the 830 model chains and call it a day.
  15. I’ve got other master link chains and I’ve never had as much trouble as this one.
  16. I ended up using a regular chain breaker to get it on my bike.
  17. After a few days of commuting I hoped the link would loosen up, but no.
  18. I took it to my LBS and even they couldn’t get the thing off.
  19. The mechanic said, “Man it looks just like a master link but I don’t think it’s a master link.”

    I’ll be buying my chains and master links separate from now on.
  20. I also had some skipping issues with the old chain because it was worn out.
  21. This SRAM chain came with clear instructions on how to install and the Power Link is a genius part.
  22. The installation was seamless and after about 500 miles on the road and about 100 on a trainer the chain still operated smoothly and quietly.
  23. It has seen dry summer days, wet and rainy fall days, and a few rides in the slushy winter streets.
  24. It has needed minimal maintenance and all the links operate smoothly.
  25. The Power Link really aided in installation AND configuring the right length for my gear setup.
  26. I will buy this style again for my daily commuter/tourer and will rely on SRAM chains for any other bike I purchase.
  27. Unfortunately other than stock chains I don’t have a direct comparison to determine any further thoughts from.
  28. I check the wear every now and then, and finally decided it was time to replace.
  29. If I can lift the chain up more than 1/8″ then I measure the distance between 12 links.
  30. While I still have to use a chain breaker to remove the excess links, once the chain is sized, if I ever need to remove it to clean or do other maintenance, it comes off easily.
  31. It works great with the SRAM cassette and crank set too.
  32. I did notice the thick, goop it was placed in to protect the chain in the package.
  33. I used WD40 to de-grease and some Teflon lube to make it happy once installed.
  34. The bike is a Trek 7100 with a full SRAM X3 setup, this chain matched the configuration really well.
  35. Couldn’t believe it (I’ve never had a chain randomly break off mid ride like that).
  36. Fixed it again several miles out in the trails and it only lasted another quarter mile.
  37. I never really leave reviews, let alone negative ones, but I really can’t recommend this chain after my personal experience.
  38. The outer plates keep popping out from the rivet rendering the chain useless.
  39. You need a chain breaker to set the length, then use the quick-links to connect.
  40. Everyone should be aware that changing the bike chain will sometimes result in skipping.
  41. You may also need to change your cassette/chain-rings if they are worn (because the mismatch with the new chain can cause skipping).
  42. Just the power link is SO hard for me to click on together bare hands.
  43. The quality is really good, and I will be ordering more of these from this seller.
Buy SRAM PC 850 P-Link Bicycle Chain (8-Speed, Grey) here $12.40

SRAM Pc-1110 11 Speed 114 Link Chain With Power Lock

sram speed link chain with power lock SRAM PC 99 Power Link
  1. I go through chains regularly and this one is no better or worse than any other.
  2. Just a basic finish on the 1110 but with normal cleaning and lubing it lasts as long as the others before needing replacing due to stretch.
  3. The low price with no performance loss is what makes it a 5 star bargain.
  4. Simply removed a few links to match my old (now stretched out old chain) and installed.
  5. Have had 5 rides so far and working just like the original.
  6. That chain is bright silver, this basically looks like raw steel.
  7. I don’t know if the chain has already stretched, or if it was just breaking in, but I’m happy with it right now.
  8. Works great with my BOX One cassette and deraileur and race-face narrow-wide chainring.
  9. That said, i did not have to remove ANY links for the 32 tooth chainring and 46-11 cassette.
  10. Some may say this chain is low spec, but it gets the job done for me.
  11. Make sure you have a chain tool to remove the right number of links to match your old chain.
Buy SRAM Pc-1110 11 Speed 114 Link Chain With Power Lock here $13.67

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