April 23, 2018

SPD Pedal Blocks VP C01 Cr Mo

blocks spd to pedals vp cr mo SPD pedal blocks VP C01 Cr Mo
SPD SM-SH56 pedal blocks, made of durable CrMo steel, provide long-lasting and trouble-free operation.


– Blocks compatible with all SPD shoes and pedals.
– Made of light and durable material
– Not stuttering
– Side clearance: 4 °
– Mounted with 2 steel screws
– Material: CrMo

Brand: BBB

sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s 26-Inch Cruiser Bike

sixthreezero around the block women inch cruiser bike SPD pedal blocks VP C01 Cr Mo
  1. Longer rides are more comfortable thanks to the bike’s upright riding style, and you can easily adjust the height and tilt of the handlebar for a customized ride.
  2. Choose the single-speed model for cruising around the neighborhood and easy-going rides on flat terrain.
  3. If you you’ve got hills to climb or want to cover more miles, the 3-speed and 7-speed models will get you to your destination with style and grace.
  4. The 21-speed model will help you tackle demanding street, trail, long distance, and uphill riding.
  5. It can accommodate riders from 5 feet to 6 feet, 2 inches tall because of its frame geometry.
  6. The comfort and ease of the sixthreezero Around The Block make it great for casual jaunts of 20 miles or less – whether to the beach, down the bike path, or around the neighborhood.
  7. The Around The Block is available in four gearing options:

    21-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur and EZ Fire Plus shifter help you tackle demanding street, trail, long distance, and uphill riding.
  8. Front and rear handbrakes make stopping easy and precise.
  9. Shimano external hub allows for a wide range of riding – from leisure to long distance commutes.
  10. Shimano internal hub with easy-to-use Nexus shifter enables you to handle longer distances and moderate hills.
  11. Single-speed model offers ultimate simplicity, and is ideal for flat terrain.
  12. The coaster braking system is simple – just pedal backwards to glide to a stop.
  13. This bike comes with a chain guard to protect pant cuffs from getting caught, plus a rear rack for use with optional panniers, baskets, and other accessories.
  14. The Around The Block is sized for riders from 5 feet to 6 feet, 4 inches tall.
  15. Designed with comfort, ease, and eye-catching style, sixthreezero bikes offer affordable quality for a vast range of riders.
  16. Purchases were made based on availability since the bikes are rated similarly.
  17. We love both bikes: both bikes handled my 5’7” 280 lb frame and my wife’s 5”6” 140 lb physique easily.
  18. Both are very comfortable to ride and the construction seems to be about the same.
  19. Some parts are identical such as the pedals, seat post clamp, and reflectors.
  20. Both bikes were easy to assemble and both arrived in excellent condition.
  21. Here’s where we found differences in the two bikes:
    The sixthreezero comes with a carrier rack pre-installed.
  22. Although it seems like you can’t go wrong with either of these bikes, we found that the small differences in the sixthreezero made it our favorite.
  23. Not only was it really easy to put together (by myself, while drinking), it’s just such a wonderful bike!
  24. I love everything about it, especially the fact that the rack is part of the frame.
  25. Not only does it make it sturdy and secure, it meant I didn’t have to buy and assemble a separate rack.
  26. I just attached a milk crate to the rack with zip ties and it’s a perfect basket for groceries, my backpack, whatever I need to haul.
  27. All parts were there except for a nut that attaches to the screw on the front reflector.
  28. No big deal, my neighbor said he probably has one and if not, customer support promises to take care of any missing parts or problems.
  29. You can adjust the height and tilt of the handlebar and seat.
  30. I love the black handlebars and rack, sets it apart from other bikes.
  31. I never owned a bike as a child so I was scared to fall and break my head.
  32. I recently purchased the Huffy Cruiser from Walmart but it was too heavy and difficult for me since I am not experienced.
  33. I only had the huffy for 2 weeks when I decided to order this one.
  34. I highly recommend this bike for anyone who likes to cruise down the boardwalk or go on long flat rides at the park.
  35. I’m using it to commute to work but I work less than 3 miles away.
  36. I added a large basket in the back to carry my work bag, 12lbs Yorkie or groceries.
  37. At age 46, I wanted a comfortable bike to ride around with my family where I sat upright, had a few gears, and was light enough for me to lift onto the bike rake.
  38. The best features are: how comfy the seat feels, the chain rail cover and the paint job.
  39. I was also so pleased to find that the handlebars and the handbrakes were adjustable to my exact specifications.
  40. Luckily, I was able to quickly reassemble it myself after walking home and resume my ride.
  41. It looks great, it rides great, and it’s super comfortable, too.
  42. It came mostly assembled and was remarkably easy to put together; we did it in about 1/2 hour mostly just using the nifty little all-purpose tool that came with it.
  43. There was a very minor problem with the front tire inner tube & some initial difficulty communicating with Sixthreezero via e-mail about it.
  44. But once that was remedied, their
    response was amazing & I couldn’t be happier with the way things worked out (thank you, Joseph!).
  45. I haven’t been on a bike in at least 40 years and was a little nervous, as well as excited, at the prospect of riding one again, but this bike is so sturdy and well-made, so responsive and easy to handle that I really feel totally safe and secure riding it.
  46. Honestly can’t say enough good things about this bike and this company.
  47. The bike is an absolute dream-machine and the company really does care that you’re happy with your purchase all the way.
  48. My wife loves the coral color of this classic style of beach cruiser.
  49. I plan on adding fenders and a small wicker basket/basket liner for her to dress it up a bit.
  50. We plan on cruising Charleston, SC this summer with our bikes.
  51. These are built very sturdy and i do not expect any major issues.
  52. If something breaks, they will replace it, no questions asked”.
  53. It is exactly what I wanted, easy to maneuver and happy I bought it!
  54. Sadly, a second bike delivered at the same time was damaged and had to be returned for a replacement.
  55. It was very easy to put together according to my husband and he had it ready for me to ride in about 30 minutes.
  56. Super easy to put together, the front wheel was damaged during shipping but sixthreezero shipped us a new tire right away.
  57. Great bike for riding around town and doing all my errands.
Buy sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s 26-Inch Cruiser Bike here $199.99

sixthreezero Around the Block Men’s 26-Inch Cruiser Bike

sixthreezero around the block men inch cruiser bike SPD pedal blocks VP C01 Cr Mo
  1. Also, the rear carry attachment had a chip of paint missing on one corner, exposing the bare aluminum beneath it.
  2. Black bike in a dimly-lit living room, so didn’t notice defects until mostly assembled.
  3. VERY disappointing – right out of the box: box was undamaged so this huge, deep dent had to happen at the factory.
  4. After spending a few weeks researching cruiser bikes online, I finally decided on the sixthreezero Around The Block.
  5. Florida is FLAT, so a single-speed cruiser bike with coaster brakes is simple and functional.
  6. Shipping was quick and trackable, and assembly couldn’t have been easier.
  7. The bike shipped with all the tools I needed (less a Phillips screwdriver, the one tool I DO own), and only took about 30 minutes to finish putting together, since it’s about 80% complete already.
  8. I also ordered the optional fenders separately, and those took about 30 minutes to install.
  9. Ultimately picked this cruiser because of the flat black scheme, white walls, stance, and back rack.
  10. I setup the bike in less then 25 minutes with only the tools supplied in the box!
  11. I asked my wife what she thought about it, she said she’s going to steal it from me, she loves it too!
  12. I also added a black basket, sold separately which goes perfect for beer!
  13. It rides very smooth and i personally think it looks very stylish going down the road, i love the white walls.
  14. Assembly wasnt too terribly hard, if you take your time everything should workout quite well.
  15. I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to ride around in neighborhoods or park trails.
  16. Really fun, good exercise, and gets you excited to go outside.
  17. It rides very nice, feels super comfortable and went together smoothly.
  18. I’m a big guy at 280lbs and this bike holds me up just fine and the seat is better than expected.
  19. They have a great team and you should feel very comfortable buying a bike from this California company.
  20. Got three flat tires after only 8 hours of riding on paved city bicycle trails, something that never happened with my mountain bicycles, so I replaced the inner tubes with foam tubes that will never go flat.
  21. Noticed rust on several parts after only one light rain.
  22. Overall not impressed, but now that these problems are fixed I do enjoy riding it to the beach and back.
  23. The gears are Shimano Tourney which was better than expected.
  24. Overall it’s a good deal and quality is on par with price.
  25. Seems smooth and comfortable so far, but have yet to put a ton of miles on it.
  26. The only thing that takes bit of getting used is the seat, which flexes side to side on its springs as you ride, but makes for a comfy ride.
  27. Only complaint is that it arrived with a large dent on the frame.
  28. Claire was super-friendly and helpful in getting my setup with the right bike for my wife and I.
  29. My wife and I are nearing retirement and are looking forward to lots of fun riding our bikes!
Buy sixthreezero Around the Block Men’s 26-Inch Cruiser Bike here $199.99

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