April 23, 2018


pump SKS spaero sport aluminum SKS SPAERO SPORT aluminum pump
pump SKS spaero sport aluminum 1 SKS SPAERO SPORT aluminum pump
SKS SPAERO SPORT aluminum pump with a tire for presta and dunlop valves. It has a holder for a bottle cage

Tip-flexible tongue for Presta and Dunlop valves
Length-208 mm
Maximum pressure-8 bar / 115 psi
Weight-110 g

Brand: SKS

sks SKS SPAERO SPORT aluminum pump

SKS Spaero Sport Aluminum Mini Bicycle Pump

sks spaero sport aluminum mini bicycle pump SKS SPAERO SPORT aluminum pump
  1. Under the dust cap there is an extendable hose with a screw-on head that guarantees a tight fit to SV and DV valves.
  2. I have had it for a few weeks and on my ride today I got a flat.
  3. I was very pleased with how well it attached to the valve and how (relatively) easy it was to get up to pressure.
  4. I use it once or twice a week to top off my tires and carry it with me at all times when riding.
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SKS Spaero Mini Bicycle Pump

sks spaero mini bicycle pump SKS SPAERO SPORT aluminum pump
  1. The Spaero sets itself apart with its high volume power that can get you home.
  2. Screw on Duo head, this guarantees a tight fit on all valve types.
  3. A portion of the outer section doubles as a dust cap to conceal the head/hose and to keep inner parts clean.
  4. If the pump is stood up on the black dust cap after connecting the valve, the pump also doubles as a floor pump.
  5. Yes, we have all done this) The Spaero is yet another quality built item coming out of Germany.
  6. I have only a few nitpicky qualms – the soft-touch coating can wear off if you aren’t careful, but the plastic underneath is black as well, so it isn’t a serious cosmetic issue.
  7. Also, the head of the pump has unscrewed slightly a couple times due to overly vigorous pumping, but that’s easy to fix.
  8. Otherwise, the function of the pump has been excellent and has gotten me out of several jams without complaint.
  9. Well made, lightweight and exactly what I was looking for.
  10. I wanted a pump that is as tiny as possible but can put out high pressure to fill a road tire to at least 70-80psi (I prefer to ride at 100psi which I can get from my floor pump at home).
  11. Secondly, I was looking for a pump with a flexible hose for ease of inflation without the worry of damaging the tube’s presta stem.
  12. This one’ screw-on head assures no-leak connectivity, but takes a little longer to attach.
  13. Flip over the dual head and you can do the same thing on fat tire bike with a schrader valve.
  14. I’d seen others that have a kick plate for stabilization, but none that had every other feature I wanted.
  15. Beware though, that little dust flap will tear right off if you’re not super careful.
  16. I’m certain it will happen the first time I get impatient filling a tire.
  17. All pumps require some knowledge of expectation by the user.
  18. You have to know 3 important things: what kind of valve does your tire have/ how high pressure or volume/ what kind of conditions do you plan to use it.
  19. Try something that specifies “high volume”, your arms will be less tired with fewer bursts of air.
  20. This one is rated by SKS at 5 bar/73psi, just barely enough.
  21. This pump meets the needs for the cyclist for a compact, high pressure inflation device for urgent situations.
  22. It will fill a tire quickly and get you back on the road.
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