April 13, 2018


lamp front sigma micro SIGMA MICRO front lamp
A small light for every occasion. Colorful MICRO lights are practical and useful in all circumstances.

The possibilities of using this attractive LED diode are practically unlimited both during sports and in everyday life.

Elastic Velcro and additional elastic allow mounting on the shoulder while running or roller-skating, on a stroller or on a key leash.

The new lens increases the visibility to the sides and thus increases the safety of the user.

A small light with a large security effect is available in six colors from white LED.


– Universal lamp with white LED

– Ultra bright, also visible from the side

– 2 modes: fixed, flashing

– Extremely simple battery change (2 x CR 2032)

– Batteries included

– Convenient switch

– Very light: 20 g

– 2 elastic tapes with velcro in different lengths

– Waterproof

Brand: Sigma

sigma SIGMA MICRO front lamp


sigma micro front light SIGMA MICRO front lamp

  1. The single ultra bright LED lights can be fastened to the body or sports equipment with flexible Velcro straps to provide safety while running, bicycling or rollerblading, or just walking the dog.
  2. They are available with a white or red LED and achieve enormous lighting power through special optics.
  3. These varied LED lights can be fastened to your body or sports equipment with flexible Velcro straps to provide safety while running, bicycling or rollerblading and are available with a white or red LEDs that achieve enormous lighting power through special optics.
  4. About Sigma Sport

    Sigma Sport represents German technology at its highest level, combining innovative design with precision engineering.

  5. Sigma tests all their products in their in-house laboratories to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring quality continually throughout production.
  6. All Sigma Sport standard lights conform to the stringent German traffic standard, and all Sigma Sport products are CE-approved.
  7. You can set it either as a solid beam, or it can flash.
  8. But it is not a good headlight in that it does not light up the road, etc to help you see.
  9. If the light was a stronger light, I would have given it more stars.
  10. I had to replace the batteries that came with it because they were dead.
  11. This product will not illuminate a path or unlit road, I purchased it strictly to be noticed.
  12. I’m not sure if I had an older model, but the velcro strap was easy to adjust, though it did eventually break on me.
  13. Sigma was very helpful and provided me with four replacement straps at no additional charge – All it took was an email.
  14. It is small and easy to fasten/remove, great for commuters.
  15. The strobe setting gave me ample battery life and was bright enough to be seen from a distance.
  16. I live in Seattle and had no issues with rain/condensation affecting the unit.
  17. I would recommend this light to anyone looking for an in-city bike light strictly to be noticed.
  18. It weights basically nothing and easily velcros together and apart.
  19. I also liked the velcro attachment because you can easily attach this light anywhere, besides on your handbars, like on your bike helmet or clothing.
  20. I ride with a group, and you can tell who is using one.
  21. I never really own a bike light, so I didn’t know what to look for.
  22. I would say this is small, lightweight and a good secondary lighting.
  23. I feel it’s not bright enough to light up the road upfront, but other people can see you because it has blinking function.
  24. I lost it after about 2 months of owning it because i forgot to adjust velcro straps after it became lose.
  25. It’s so light, it didn’t make any sound after it drops on the floor.
  26. It is much cheaper than its predecessor (which was basically a 2 AA device) and almost weightless in comparison, yet it is equally bright.
  27. This light is perfect for my use because it provides ample light to satisfy legal requirements in my hometown, is conveniently small and surprisingly lightweight (lighter than a few coins).
  28. Once this one dies (because I am very clumsy) I’m sure I’ll buy one again.
  29. I put these all over my bike and helmet and I was visible, until I dunked my helmet to clean it and the light got soaked.
  30. Also the batteries are the small, flat circles, about the size of a quarter, so they last most of a summer, unless you forget to turn them off one night.
  31. They are great for being seen and inexpensive enough to be worth owning.
  32. I’d love for it to be brighter, but for the price and size I can’t expect anything more.
  33. While visually appealing and simple to use, this light really isn’t adequate for biking at night.

Buy SIGMA MICRO W Front Light here $24.00

Sigma Micro Front and Rear Light Set

sigma micro front and rear light set SIGMA MICRO front lamp

  1. I don’t ride my bike much at night, but occassionally I might be out past dark, and need to make sure cars can see me.
  2. I’m on lit roads or sidewalks, so don’t need a glaring headlight.
  3. I put the white light on front, and the red light on back.
  4. If you need a headlight to really see where you’re going, I would recommend something brighter.
  5. They are small lights, so you could wear them on your arm and you wouldn’t even feel them.
  6. These lights are very simple & quick to take on & off.
  7. I did look at the bigger, mounted type at my local bike store.
  8. They mount with screws, but the bigger light slides on & off the mount.
  9. I have the white light on my handle bars and the red straped to the back of my helmet.
  10. I wouldn’t recommend using these on their own when cycling at night, but as extra lights or with reflective gear they’d definitely help you be noticed.
  11. It took me a little while to figure out how to attach them to my bike, until I realised that only the shorter straps are needed for that!
  12. The velcro strap attaches in a way (at a 90 degree angle) that makes it very challenging to attach to a road bicycle and have the light facing forwards.
  13. The lights are about the size of a half dollar, and maybe 1/2″-3/4″ thick.
  14. They do put out a pretty bright light, making the rider more visible, but for helping the rider see his surroundings, they’re no help.
  15. Depending on your need, these could be just the product you’re looking for, or something to totally avoid.
  16. Save your money and get the ones you connect to the tires or get a bigger light.

Buy Sigma Micro Front and Rear Light Set here $14.99

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