April 23, 2018

Shock Absorber Suntour XCT 24″ 1″ 210/50 Mm Pivots Black

shock Suntour XCT mm brake bosses black Shock absorber Suntour XCT 24 1 210/50 mm pivots black


– Cushioning-sprezyna / oil.

– Shunt blocking

– Lower shave made of aluminum.

– Aluminum crown.

– Steerer tube made of STKM steel

– Regulation of spring voltage pre-tension

– Size: 24 inches / 25.4 mm

– Type of V-brakes

– length of the steerer tube 210 mm

– thread 55 mm

– stroke 50 mm

– piwoty

For maintenance, we recommend the preparation for BRUNOX TS DEO shock absorbers


sr suntour Shock absorber Suntour XCT 24 1 210/50 mm pivots black

Addmotor HITHOT Electric Bicycles Mountain 27.5 Inch Tire Full Suspension Electric Bikes 48V 500W Motor 10.4 Ah Samsung Lithium Battery Pedal Assist H1 2018 Ebikes For Men

addmotor hithot electric bicycles mountain inch tire full suspension electric bi Shock absorber Suntour XCT 24 1 210/50 mm pivots black

  1. High capacity makes you no worry about the endurance of the bike.
  2. Make more comfortable for long distance mountain biking and trail riding.
  3. This bike is an absolute blast to ride and a total lifesaver for your mountain biking and daily commute through the city.
  4. I’m an active 70 year old who has ridden a bike regularly most of my life.
  5. Although I’ve consistently ridden three or four days a week, mostly it’s been around town, running errands, and some trail riding, but very few really long distance rides.
  6. For the last seven years, my bike has been a Giant commuter bike that I loved.
  7. But as I aged, I found myself avoiding hills and headwinds whenever possible, and trying to take my doctors advice: Stay active, but don’t be too competitive, with anyone else, or yourself.
  8. A friend brought his new electric bike over; I tried it and knew almost instantly that this would be the answer for me.The next day I started to do research on electrics.
  9. Most of them carried a very limited selection of electric bikes, usually only one brand, and of course, pushed that brand hard.
  10. I was amazed how little they knew about them.The cheapest bike they sold was a 24″ folding bike, 250 watts, 8 amphour battery folding model.
  11. I rode all of them, and liked some, but I just didn’t want to spend that much if I could avoid it.
  12. The specs looked great, the price was right, and the reviews were excellent.
  13. I wanted a mountain bike type frame so I could ride in a comfortable, upright position, big tires and a full suspension for comfort, pedal assist so I could get as much exercise as I wanted, enough power for steep hills, and enough range to go to our local beach and back, about a 25 mile round trip

    This bike has met and exceeded all my expectations.

  14. Assembly: really easy if you are the least bit mechanically inclined.After I assembled it, I took it to a local bike shop for a safety check.
  15. They were impressed with the quality (as was I) and remarked that the name-brand components were not counterfeit as is common on on some Chinese bikes.
  16. Frame design and construction: excellent welding, finish and geometry.
  17. Even with high-strength 6016 aluminum construction, the bike weighs in at a hefty 56 pounds.
  18. I figure almost 20 pounds of that are the electrical components, so a 36 pound mountain bike full suspension frame is about what you’d expect.
  19. Motor and battery: more than you would expect at this price point.
  20. The motor is a geared 500-watt 8fun made by Bafeng in the rear hub, the same motor that you’ll find on bikes costing a lot more.
  21. Range: I’ve ridden about 30 miles on assist level 3 (5 is maximum assist) on one charge.
  22. Range is so variable that manufacturers’ or friends’ claims are pretty meaningless.It depends on how hilly the terrain is, how much assist you use, the wind, and how much you weigh.
  23. I weigh 180 pounds.)

    Performance: I’ve been blown away by the torque and speed this bike offers.

  24. The assist kicks in smoothly, and I’ve found the hand throttle to sometimes be a useful device.
  25. If you like to still pedal and provide some of the power as I do, you’ll be able to conquer almost any hill on a city street, and most hills on mountain trails.
  26. Without pedaling at all you can exceed 20 miles per hour on level ground.
  27. A bike is so much more than just a collection of parts.
  28. You’ll feel like Superman (or Superwoman) when you ride it.
  29. Update on November 8: I’ve now owned this bike for almost a year.
  30. It rides and performs as good as ever and I’ve lost no discernable battery capacity.
  31. Build quality- A
    The bike is put together very well, nothing was rattling and nothing was missing.
  32. It arrived nicely packaged and easy to set up, just install the wheels with the quick release and screw in the handlebar, and you are good to go.
  33. Are all of OK qualities they are generic but get the job done.
  34. I wouldn’t go doing 100ft jumps but to cruise around or do some light trails they are great.
  35. IMO this is a great starting point if you want to have a great electric bike.
  36. With a little money invested into this bike you will absolutely love it.
  37. Maybe upgrade the rear shock and front forks , and pick a seat that is good for you and this bike is excellent

    Bike- A-
    The bike is so much fun.

  38. I loved it but was dead going up hills or when we needed to head back I had to use every last bit of endurance to make it back.
  39. I went out for 2 hours with my friend and my fitbit showed I had burned an average of 1500 calories, while having a blast in the woods.
  40. The bike is a little heavy but it’s an electric bike and being only 50lbs its really not that bad for an e-bike.
  41. Motor- A
    The motor is very powerful; at 48v and 500w this thing will pull you.
  42. I personally only keep it at around lvl 2-3 as that gives it just the right amount of help with out making it feel to easy or fully motorized.
  43. The throttle works very well , however because of safety it only works after you get the motor started with a few pedals.
  44. Battery- B
    The battery is ok, its not big or too heavy.
  45. I can say that I have gone out for about 3 hours in the woods trails and being at assist 2-3 I have yet to run out of battery.
  46. By the time I am done riding my 3 hours of non-stop fun I have about 1 bar left.
  47. I do wish the addmotor would make this bike with an 11ahbattery.
  48. I have communicated with them many times and they have answered each question I had.
  49. They are very active on Facebook and always coming up with new bikes and ideas.
  50. This bike was hard for me to buy as this bike did not have many reviews or information about it.
  51. But I took a chance since this was the only ebike with good specs that I found for a very reasonable price and I am very glad I did.
  52. If you are looking for a great bike that will have you rushing home just to take it out than this will be a great bike for you.
  53. The user-friendly electrical system smoothly assists me on those long uphill grades and steep hills.
  54. When I’m riding the bike, it’s like being fifteen again.
  55. The LCD readout provides the info that riders want to know: current, average, and maximum speeds; riding time; trip distance; odometer; current power consumption; remaining battery and voltage; and ambient and motor temperatures.
  56. I have gone over 500 miles on mine with my wife close behind.
  57. It is a dream out of the box with little effort to put together.
  58. Everyone who has seen the bike is interested in it and wants a try.
  59. The motor has excellent power and on hills it gives you the power to easily reach the top.
  60. With 5 levels of power, you can let the bike do the work, or just let it assist your ride and go the distance!
  61. The furthest I have ridden on a single charge is 60 miles using the level one assist sparingly.
  62. My wife was intimidated at first by the bikes size, but in minutes was wheeling like a pro.
  63. Compared to other “e”bikes, this one is a top contender in price and design.
  64. Have used only 65=75 miles so far, but a joy to use and also ordered and installed back rack that Addmotor makes.
  65. It’s been tested over and over and passed with flying colors.
  66. Put it on 0 or 1 assist to get a workout, 3 or higher to climb hills.

Buy Addmotor HITHOT Electric Bicycles Mountain 27.5 Inch Tire Full Suspension Electric Bikes 48V 500W Motor 10.4 Ah Samsung Lithium Battery Pedal Assist H1 2018 Ebikes For Men here $1,699.00

Addmotor HITHOT Electric Mountain Bicycle Sport Bike 500W 48V 11.6Ah Battery Electric Bike With Full Suspension 2018 H1 Platinum EBikes For Men

addmotor hithot electric mountain bicycle sport bike v battery electric bike wit Shock absorber Suntour XCT 24 1 210/50 mm pivots black

  1. Especially on climbs and hilly terrain the extra power is a welcome support.
  2. Compared with an ordinary 500 Watt motor this one will bring you up a hill in no time.
  3. You can actually feel the immense power which the motor gives you.
  4. It will make you feel like a super hero when you ride it.
  5. I bought this specifically for the full suspension and fat (2.3″) tires because I live in the country and bike to town (18.4 miles round trip) over poorly maintained roads.
  6. This suspension, along with softer (I use 30-35 psi) tires is much easier on me than my old ebike or my full suspension mountain bike.
  7. The display is bright, readable in any light, easily reprogrammed as is the speed limiter.
  8. I use the throttle and PAS 5 sparingly, either one quickly puts you up to the motor cut out.
  9. After break in I drove my normal route to exhaust the battery (in PAS 3 and 4) and the motor dropped offline at 36 miles with the display on.
  10. Without the motor engaged it pedals like a 60 LB Schwinn Cruiser.
  11. I normally bike 65-85 miles per week, in flat terrain and in town traffic.
  12. In summary nicely engineered, fast and comfortable ride, super range.
  13. This is not my first ebike but I am definitely pleased with it and would buy it again in a heartbeat.
  14. This is a great bike plenty of power rides and stops perfect.
  15. The manual does not explain the controls and speedo
    I have yet to know how to change from kwh to mph.
  16. Called addmotors number in Los Angeles and no one picked up and their voice mailbox was full.
  17. I’ve rode it for 2-3 hours and it didn’t even register a 1/4 discharge!

Buy Addmotor HITHOT Electric Mountain Bicycle Sport Bike 500W 48V 11.6Ah Battery Electric Bike With Full Suspension 2018 H1 Platinum EBikes For Men here $1,899.00

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