April 23, 2018

Shimano SPD PD-M540 Pedals

pedals Shimano spd pd Shimano SPD PD M540 pedals


– D-M540

– Open bonding mechanism and low mass for real

– off-road riders

– Reliability and performance of classic SPD Adjustable support and adjustable release tension

– Excellent protection against mud and fine stones, better than other pedals in this class

– The chromium-plated stem and compact shaft with sealed bearings do not require frequent maintenance.

Price per pair

Brand: Shimano

shimano Shimano SPD PD M540 pedals

Shimano PD-M540 SPD Pedals

shimano spd pedals 2 Shimano SPD PD M540 pedals

  1. The Shimano PD-M540 SPD Pedals include many of the same features of the XTR pedals at a fraction of the cost.
  2. The open binding of the PD-M540 Pedals means you’ll never fumble to clip in no matter how tumultuous the terrain.
  3. Additionally, it allows the pedals to remain mud-free for consistent performance.
  4. The spindles are durable chromoly and the bearings are sealed to further dependability.
  5. The cleat design of the PD-M540 recesses the cleat into your shoe so that if your shoes have a tread, the cleat sits flush and makes walking easy.
  6. What makes the M540 different from the M520 is the spindle.
  7. The 520 has a larger traditional spindle that takes a 15mm wrench to remove or tighten.
  8. The 540 has a more elegant spindle that is slightly lighter and needs a 8mm hex wrench to tighten or remove from behind the crank arm.
  9. Not everyone goes,”ooo that 540 is one great looking pedal, or, gee that 540 is so much lighter”.
  10. But for me, I do prefer the way the 540 looks, and I prefer the hex key mounting.
  11. The fact that I started off with 520’s, the 540 pedal itself is right at home for me since they are basically the same pedal.
  12. But if I was on a budget and didn’t want to spend a few dollars more, or I want to try an SPD pedal so see if it is right for me, the 520 is an excellent choice also.
  13. They need to be torqued to 35 N-m minimum, and this is hard w/a standard Allen wrench.
  14. I used my torque wrench and 3/8″ socket-drive allen wrench.
  15. I use the “M” cleat (multi-release), for peace of mind & ease of release.
  16. The float lets my feet sit in the perfect position so I don’t really need to adjust the cleats.
  17. The float was originally for mountain bikers to adjust on trails I think, but the roadie benefit is that it allows the feet to more naturally sit at their proper position by a few degrees in either direction.
  18. They are incredibly easy to clip in and out of as well.
  19. Those didn’t offer ANY float, and if my cleat wasn’t adjusted perfect, I had knee pain.
  20. However, one side didn’t work as smooth as the other side of the same pedal.
  21. I had to screw and unscrew the clip screw at least twice to relief a little the pressure from the spring.
  22. After all adjustments, it’s working OK and it’s a war tank, it would last for many seasons.
  23. My local bike shop sold me a pair old used SPD pedals to try out.
  24. I struggled with the old used set all week long and had a frustrating experience.
  25. I finally broke down and bought a new pair of these 540 pedals and love them.
  26. They clip in and out easily and I love being attached to the bike even in an urban setting.
  27. I must say that they have performed beautifully; easy entry, easy exit, firm retention for a good positive round peddling action.
  28. Unless you are a weight weenie I highly recommend these pedals as a very good value.
  29. You can spend more, but I doubt you will get any better value for your money.
  30. But my bike that I built from the ground up was still being maintained and was in good order.
  31. So that you are aware, I used to be a bicycle mechanic back in my high school and university days and my bicycle is equipped with the best parts that I could assemble whilst under a student’s budget.
  32. Araya box ends 700c, shimano dura ace sealed bearing for crankset, sugino super might drilled competition crankset, suntour superbe f&b derailleurs).
  33. I have top of the line sealed bearing cage pedals, and wanted to upgrade to step in clipless pedals.
  34. I had purchased a pair of dual purpose pedals- one side shimano clipless step in, the other side a regular frame for normal shoes to get used to the stepping into business.
  35. I started with these combo pedals riding about 2-3 miles at a time, just quick outings to get used to stepping into and out of.
  36. Now then to this product (sorry i ramble)- I have upped my riding to 5 days a week 17 miles a day (1 trip, no commute, lunch hour ride) and DEFINITELY needed to upgrade as the combo’s started to release me when I didn’t want them to (like up hill climbs-arggh you can imagine).
  37. So after eating the dust from my wife as she stepped seemingly effortlessly into her pedals (she has M520’s) and gaining about 30 yards on me after a light stop, I had to go out and get some new ones.
  38. The day I put these on my bike I shaved off 7 minutes from my 17 mile ride.
  39. It has maintained itself and I am regularly outperforming my old times by this margin.
  40. What are you waiting for- go out and get these now!!!!!
  41. Plus you will HAVE to pay a lot more for marginal performance gains.
  42. These are my first clipless pedals and I was debating between the platform versions or these.

Buy Shimano PD-M540 SPD Pedals here $46.95

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