April 23, 2018

Shimano Freewheel Key

key to Shimano freewheel Shimano freewheel key
The key for the installation and dismounting of the free-speed (steered modes).
Chisel for all Shimano freewheels produced since 1985, S.I.S., Sun Race and Sachs Aris. It does not fit cassettes.


– Shimano sledge breaker key

– 12 splines

– Diameter 23 mm

– Weight 35 g

– Length 26 mm

– For use with a 24 mm flat wrench

Brand: Shimano

shimano Shimano freewheel key

Shimano XTR FD-M980 10 Speed Triple Front Wheel Derailleur (Top Swing)

shimano xtr speed triple front wheel derailleur top swing Shimano freewheel key

    Buy Shimano XTR FD-M980 10 Speed Triple Front Wheel Derailleur (Top Swing) here $154.99

    Shimano XTR FD-M985 Dyna-Sys Front Derailleur – Double

    shimano xtr dyna sys front derailleur double Shimano freewheel key

    1. The reason for the exclusivity is that the cage is shaped accordingly.
    2. It’s shorter than the cage on the triple compatible version.
    3. So while either derailleur can accommodate a 42t large chainring, this FD-M985 XTR derailleur won’t work well with the 24t small ring as the chain would drag across the cage bridge in many gear options on the cassette.
    4. It’s quite similar to the last generation 970 XTR derailleur, though the cage is a bit different.
    5. They don’t cut the XTR logo into the outermost plate any longer.
    6. Instead their time is spent notching the inner plate to remove extra material and save a few grams.
    7. And for what it’s worth, Shimano’s top swing derailleurs always tickle the scale a few grams lighter than their traditional counterparts, and this one’s no exception.
    8. The limit screws are angled to the outside to make adjustment easier on many of today’s complex rear suspension designs.
    9. The Multi-Clamp uses plastic shims to accommodate the two smaller seat tube diameters.
    10. The E-Type can be mounted from the bottom bracket shell using the included plate, or it may be mounted directly onto some frames or swingarms in what is commonly referred to as a low-direct mount.
    11. I needed an E type mount to replace the OEM one on my carbon frame.
    12. This derailleur works great with my 24-38t XTR crankset.
    13. It is making my ride so much fun and consistent that I am enjoying more riding MTB than ever.
    14. So precise in changing gears that I simply cannot believe how effective it is!

    Buy Shimano XTR FD-M985 Dyna-Sys Front Derailleur – Double here $37.95 – $119.95

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