May 1, 2018

Shimano CS-HG41 8-row 11-30T Cassette

cassette Shimano cs hg row 6 Shimano CS HG41 8 row 11 30T cassette


– Model: CS-HG41-8

– Group: ACERA / ALTUS

– Number of rows 8

– Range 11-13-15-17-20-23-26-30T

– Works with chains HG

– Material: Steel, drilled lace

– Technology: HyperGlide

– Finishing: Nickel-plated

– HG laces provide quicker and quieter shifting to lower and smoother shifts.

– Weight (real): 300g (11-30)

Brand: Shimano

shimano Shimano CS HG41 8 row 11 30T cassette

Shimano HG41 8 Speed Cassette

shimano speed cassette Shimano CS HG41 8 row 11 30T cassette

  1. Nickel plated finish for easy cleaning and smooth shifts.
  2. The original was pretty worn out, as was the wheel to which it was mounted.
  3. When I broke spokes and replaced the wheels, I replaced the cassette at the same time.
  4. Most wheels are sized for 8/9 speed cassettes, so if you’re doing a 7-speed, you’ll need a spacer that will slide onto the splined wheel hub first (to the inside of the cassette).
  5. I ride city streets nearly every day, and I let my chain get too stretched.
  6. I replaced the chain and immediately regretted it, because the new chain jumped off the sprockets of my three favorite rear gears–always at the least opportune times.
  7. I bought this cassette and dropped it in where the old one was, and with a slight adjustment of the derailleur, I was back in action with a fully-funcional bike.
  8. Super easy DIY repair if you have a cassette-pulling tool and about 15 minutes to get it all set up after.
  9. Very happy to have that option for the small ring and a little more top speed when you need it.
  10. The second ring provides 13 T so the 11 is just there as an option.
  11. I never felt like I had an issue with to big a jump on the middle, I just always wanted more range on the edges.
  12. The old cassette had been mistreated and was in bad shape.
  13. Be careful make sure you need a Cassette and not a Freewheel.
  14. I made the mistake of ordering a Freewheel first when I needed a Cassette.
  15. If the splines turn with the sprocket when spun backwards it is a Cassette […].
  16. With this Cassette new shifters and a new chain the bike is like new and shifts perfectly.
  17. Paired it with an HG70 chain to replace the also-worn original IG30.
  18. Shifting is now much smoother, quicker, and more accurate.
  19. Also, there’s no longer a tendency for the chain to want to hop sprockets under load (never could get that adjusted out with the old cassette/chain after a while).
  20. About the only negative is that Shimano doesn’t make it very easy to determine the proper replacements for discontinued parts.
  21. I installed this for the steep hills I, literally, could not climb before.
  22. Cassettes nowadays are generally all the same solid material, no need to spend more than this on a good quality cassette unless you are a contender to win the Tour De France.
  23. This is a great solid product and goes on easily if you have the right tool.
  24. You’ll only see 7 cogs since the 8th one – the smallest – is the also the lock ring.
  25. Mainly want to show the jump to the largest cog / lowest gear – the 34T.
  26. Just looking at the cassette, it’s a big jump between 1st and 2nd gear, and I wonder if I should have stuck with the 32T.
  27. Not sure on durability, as its just been installed and used a couple times.
  28. I’ll hopefully update later once it has more usage, but being Shimano HG, it’ll probably be good.
  29. Note: the weight isn’t listed anywhere that I could see, but putting it on a scale shows about 240g.
  30. For reference, the 1994 HG unit that this replaced was about 90g heavier for the same 11 – 28T range.
  31. I am ever so glad I did this; the 29er would help take me beyond the MTB (26er), which I had before, but the extra 2 teeth got me up some Colorado rocky mountain paths without having to stop to rest as before.
  32. The rear derailleur work flawlessly with this bigger cog, no adjustment necessary.
  33. I can’t believe one less tooth can make such a difference.
  34. Getting hard to find 7-speed cassettes in the ratios I want.

Buy Shimano HG41 8 Speed Cassette here $14.56 – $39.76

Review Shimano CS-HG41 8-row 11-30T Cassette

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