April 23, 2018

Shimano CS-HG31 8-row 11-34T Cassette

cassette Shimano cs hg row 4 Shimano CS HG31 8 row 11 34T cassette


– has 8 biases with the number of teeth: 11-13-15-17-20-23-26-34T

– is equipped with HG lace that ensures quicker and quieter conversion to lower and more liquid to higher

– cooperates with HG and IG chains

– color: black

Brand: Shimano

shimano Shimano CS HG31 8 row 11 34T cassette

Shimano CS-HG31 Hyperglide 8 Speed 11-34T Bicycle Cassette w/ KMC X8.93 Chain

shimano hg hyperglide speed bicycle cassette kmc chain Shimano CS HG31 8 row 11 34T cassette

    Buy Shimano CS-HG31 Hyperglide 8 Speed 11-34T Bicycle Cassette w/ KMC X8.93 Chain here $31.95

    Shimano CS-HG31 8-Speed Cassette

    shimano hg speed cassette Shimano CS HG31 8 row 11 34T cassette

    1. That basically translates into it being heavier and not as pretty to look at as their higher tier parts.
    2. I installed this on my ‘utility / commuter bike’, for which aesthetics and (low) weight are not high up on my list of priorities.
    3. What is important to me is performance and durability, which this part will certainly give you.
    4. There are various speciality tools that will work for installation.
    5. I used a chain whip and cassette lockring remover, which are also nice tools to have on hand if you ever need to replace a broken spoke.
    6. Shimano is known for delivering very good performance throughout their range of parts, even on the low end.
    7. So while this cassette may not win awards for it’s use of exotic materials, light weight, or ‘bling factor’, it will help you achieve positive and crisp shifting at a low price point and is likewise built for durability.
    8. Great for:
      commuter bikes (riding to work, ect)
      utility bikes (picking up groceries, running errands, getting around town)
      casual (pleasure) riding, or riding for fitness.
    9. I replaced the original cassette which was also shimano but was aluminum and my bbshd chewed through the cogs pretty quickly.
    10. If I had a bike that wasn’t electric i’d go for something that’s lighter.
    11. This one is made of steel and is a bit on the heavy side but it’s going to last longer.
    12. Shift to higher gears (higher toothed gears) very smoothly.
    13. Tends to slam (skips down instead of rolling onto the cog) into lower gears even with a new Acera derailleur
      -Can put a good amount of force onto the cassette threw the crankset.
    14. If you are heavier or plan on putting a lot of sudden force onto this cassette the even a new chain will skip on it.
    15. I would only recommend this cassette to casual rides or commuters as an economy option since they more than likely won’t have to put a lot of force into the cassette or change gears a lot.
    16. If you off road or use your bike for training this cassette is not for you.
    17. I would recommend the new cassette I have had for a few weeks that doesn’t have any of the above mentioned issues and is still fairly cheap.
    18. The photos are of the cassette after a little over a month of use

      Full Review:
      I purchased this cassette over a month ago when I stripped the teeth off of my 11 and 13 tooth cog on my old cassette.

    19. Installation was very easy you will need a Shimano freewheel tool I have (Park Tool FR-1 Freewheel Remover for Shimano Freewheels) and an old chain.
    20. You don’t need a chain whip it does make things easier but I’ve removed 3 different cassettes just using an old chain I had laying around to hold the old cassette and prevent it from moving and you don’t need it installing the new cassette.
    21. Righting with this new cassette my first impressions were great I didn’t feel any loss of power from my crank-set to the rear cassette and wheel.
    22. That only lasted when I was riding casually though as soon as I put a lot of power threw my cranks when climbing a hill of when going off road the chain started skipping on the cassette.
    23. Now I’m not mad at the cassette of Shimano for this and I figured this would happen as this is the cheapest cassette Shimano makes and isn’t really suited for training or going off road.
    24. But I figured I would give it a try since it was so cheap and I needed a new cassette not that I wouldn’t have to send back.
    25. So I used this cassette for over a month while I looked at new cassettes and tried to figure out want I wanted and needed and still get it at a low price.
    26. I eventually went with (Shimano HG51 8-Speed Cassette) that I’ve had for a week now and absolutely love had done training and gone off road with it every day and have had no issues.
    27. So I would recommend to almost everyone to spend the extra ten bucks and get that as its much higher quality.
    28. That is unless you will only be using this cassette on a casual bike or a commuting bike and just need the cheapest thing out there because this isn’t a bad cassette you just can’t put a lot of power into it.
    29. Bought this to replace my old Sunrace cassette of the same price point, and it’s lasting waaay longer.
    30. There’s a bit of wear from when I jumped gears a bunch in a lubrication mishap, but no wear in the teeth otherwise.
    31. The anodization is starting to rub off on some of the gears, but honestly it just makes it look more boss.
    32. I rebuilt her for my brother in law who wanted to try out trail riding.
    33. If you are not an aggressive rider or a beginner who doesn’t want to spend a load of cash on your rig yet.
    34. Other wise look into a more expensive stronger Cassette for the long term.
    35. I say this because I had to replace it when I bent 3 of the rings climbing a hill on the one that came with the bike.
    36. I never realized how easy it was to replace these, so buying it and doing the work myself (along with a new chain ring and chain), saved a bunch of money vs.
    37. The reason I needed this was because I was lazy and let the chain wear out too much which in turn started to increase the rate at which the cassette and chain ring wore down.
    38. This is a megarange cassette which means you go from 26teeth to 34teeth.
    39. Two of them served me very well while the third never really worked great from the start.
    40. The cassette is a great option if you’re looking to convert your bike to a one-bye.

    Buy Shimano CS-HG31 8-Speed Cassette here $14.17 – $32.97

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