April 23, 2018

Shimano 1.6 Mm X 2050mm Brake Cable Stainless

link brake Shimano mm mm steel Shimano 1.6 mm x 2050mm brake cable stainless
Stainless steel brake cable known throughout the world for SHIMANO. Diameter of links: 1.6 mm. Length of cable: 205 cm

Brand: Shimano

shimano Shimano 1.6 mm x 2050mm brake cable stainless

Shimano Universal Standard Brake Cable Set, For MTB or Road Bikes

shimano universal standard brake cable set for mtb road bikes Shimano 1.6 mm x 2050mm brake cable stainless
  1. Cable housing is lined with slick polymer shield to assist with smooth cable movement.
  2. I particularly like that it covers all the bases – including two cables, one for a front brake and the other for a rear brake, and both included cables have both road and mountain bike tips.
  3. The only hard part of using this is making a clean cut of the unwanted tip on the brake cable, and to shorten the housing.
  4. Bike shops have special cutters for this, but I had no trouble using Craftsman cut-off pliers, just making sure to rotate them around the cable and housing a bit as I cut.
  5. Bike shops also have a special pin tool for opening up the housing after cutting, but I was easily able to do the same by opening up a large wire paper clip.
  6. One more special tool can be used for crimping on the cable tip cover, but again I was able to make do with a good pair of needle-nose pliers for that, just making sure to clamp down in two different parts of the tip to lock it in place.
  7. Overall, I can’t imagine how this could have been any better for my purposes, and I am a delighted customer.
  8. Before starting this, you should have some cable cutters and an awl handy.
  9. If you don’t belive me, cut off the ends of the old cable ( that you will be throwing away) then try to feed that end down your old housing.
  10. I think you will find your faithful linesman ply leave a less then disireable.
  11. Even with cable cutters, you will find the housing it crushed closed.
  12. Now on all my road bikes, you have cable housing that goes from the lever to the front of the frame.
  13. Then another cable housing from the back of the seat tube to the break.
  14. I checked with my local bike shop and they had a bunch loose in their service department so I got Two there.
  15. The housing ends that come with the cables are too fat to work with my 105 brakes!
  16. Good news is the two I got from the local bike shop did work just fine so now there was two reasons to buy a couple of ends from the local bike shop.
  17. The housing has a liner and seems very smooth compared to what came with the bike.
  18. This set came with everything you need to replace your front and rear brake cables.
  19. I would caution you to use a cable cutter made specifically made to cut brake or gear cable otherwise you run the risk of messing up the cable like I did.
  20. I thought I had a good pair of cable cutters, which I do, but when i went to cut the rear brake cable it didn’t leave a clean cut and it started to unravel.
  21. I think there should be six since back brakes usually go through a mid section without housing.
  22. They are extremely responsive, have no noticeable stretch and are easy to install given you have a pair for clamps, vice grips, table vice, or pliers using a death grip squeeze.
  23. One thing that could be changed is the labeling on the cable ends.
  24. Currently there are not stickers wrapped around them to discern which end is which.
  25. If you ride a bike, you’re probably familiar with the Shimano brand.
  26. It can be used on a road bike or mountain bike (each end of the cables has a different insert for each style of bike, just flip it the way you need it to go.).
  27. I was able to replace old brake cables on my mid-2000 Felt road bike in a few minutes, no problem.
  28. You get two different length cables, and enough ferrules and housing material to make installation really clean.
  29. The only problem I encountered was that I did NOT have a good cutting tool and I ended up unraveling one of the strands most of the way up the length.
  30. The cable seems a little thicker than what came on my bike, but it fit.
  31. I plan to use the leftover cable to rework my front brakes on my bicycle.
  32. About my only complaint is that instead of metal housing they put plastic, though I’m not complaining because Shimano is one of the best Companies that make both high-quality bicycle and fishing parts.
  33. I would choose Shimano over any other brand, any day of the week.
  34. You’ll need a Dike(tool) though or something to cut the wire with.
Buy Shimano Universal Standard Brake Cable Set, For MTB or Road Bikes here $12.39

Shimano Road Brake Cable Set

shimano road brake cable set Shimano 1.6 mm x 2050mm brake cable stainless
  1. When your old cables are spent, show how much you care and replace them with ones you know will outperform and outlast the others.
  2. I expected 2 large outer casings, 3 smaller casings and 2 cables with appropriate hardware.
  3. What I go was 1 long outer casing, 2 cables and not enough hardware to make 2 complete cables.
  4. I did keep the product and used existing cable hardware I had on my bike to make it work.
  5. This Item needs to be investigated so that either the correct product is shipped or the picture is updated as not to mislead the customer.
  6. Still, the price for these cables is a couple dollars cheaper than the same cables elsewhere.
Buy Shimano Road Brake Cable Set here $14.25

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