September 14, 2018

Selle Royal SR Saddle Bag

bag saddle selle royal sr saddle bag Selle Royal SR Saddle Bag
Selle Royal seat bag.


– Capacity 0.5 L

– Black color

– Waterproof

– Approximate dimensions: Width 10.6 cm, Length 13.1 cm

Brand: Syncros

Selle Royal Forum Bike Saddle, Black

selle royal forum bike saddle black Selle Royal SR Saddle Bag

  1. Royal Gel equipped, so you get tall the benefits of the tridimensional gel structure, but now with a unique ventilation channel.
  2. Perennial pressure becomes a thing of the past, allowing you to be on the bike for as long as your heart desires.
  3. Foam Matrix technology offers an open cell structure that increases elasticity and breathability, while the ICS system makes it incredibly easy to attach a light or saddle bag.
  4. Long riders, everyday commuters and weekend warriors rejoice.

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Selle Royal ICS 3 LED Bicycle Saddle Bag

selle royal ics led bicycle saddle bag Selle Royal SR Saddle Bag

  1. Would hold my wallet if I needed it to, but not much else.
  2. I have a small handlebar bag as well that, while small, is about double the volume of this one and it holds the bigger things when necessary.
  3. And, of course, because I have the Sea to Summit day pack, I just throw that on to carry stuff if I purchase something on ride, or need to carry larger items.
  4. This bag is stylish as well, and with good reflective material integrated into the back zipper cover in striped design (more reflectors on more surfaces = good!)..
  5. Mounts using the proprietary Selle Royal click mounting system, but I have a nice Selle seat with the mount, so perfect.
  6. Mount is secure so far with my paved trail and mild off road riding on my ’97 Bianchi Boardwalk hybrid.
  7. I did loop zip ties through the small fabric loops that are present on each end of the zipper and passed this through my Abus seat post chain lock , just to deter theft a bit, but this also adds a layer of security to the click mount.
  8. Doubt I’ll loose the bag other than someone cutting the zip ties and stealing it.
  9. Also got a couple compliments on the style, not the most important thing to me, but nice none the less.
  10. One point, there ARE NO LEDs on this bag, despite the name, but I don’t care about that, have a very good rear LED light already.
  11. Easy to attach and remove (no straps to thread under your seat rails and seatpost).
  12. Too small for a phone; but like most people, you have your phone mounted on your handlebars so you can hear and see it.
  13. There was a small problem with a partially stripped adjustment screw I overcame on my own.
  14. I just put some Permatex thread sealant on the threads.
  15. Otherwise nice looking and the ICS clip system works very well.
  16. Love the fact that I can unclip it from the seat to dig out tools and tube.

Buy Selle Royal ICS 3 LED Bicycle Saddle Bag here $16.19

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