May 1, 2018

Sealant For Bicycle Tires Slime 237ml

sealant to tire cycle slime ml Sealant for bicycle tires Slime 237ml
The bicycle tire sealant with Fibro-Seal technology is the safest, most effective product of this type available on the market.
After applying to the tire, SLIME finds and repairs deflections up to 3 mm.
The bicycle tire sealer can also be used preventively before piercing.
The product inserted into the tire remains liquid and evenly covers the interior. When a puncture occurs, the escaping air forces the SLIME sealant to "cork" the place and creates a long-term elastic stopper. Advanced sealant technology uses a unique blend of wafers that protect and repair most of the punches.
The agent is still active, it is not flammable or toxic, it can be easily removed with water.
One package contains 237 ml of the product and is enough for two standard tires.
Each bottle of sealer is equipped with a nut with a key to unscrew the valve core.
SLIME guarantees full effectiveness of the sealer for 2 years after application to the tire.

Expiry date-December 2018

Brand: Slime

Slime 10162 Tube Tire Sealant, 1 Gallon

slime tube tire sealant gallon Sealant for bicycle tires Slime 237ml
  1. Although I did lose a little air when I hit the thorns, the slime went to work immediately and sealed about 5 holes in a matter of seconds.
  2. Left me with enough air in the tire to ride to a station and get some air.
  3. I also ran into a sharp object and unfortunately it completely emptied my tire of air.
  4. However, once I got home, filled up the tire again and rode around, the slime fixed that hole too!
  5. I use this on my regular mountain bike and my fat tire ebike.
  6. I didn’t want to replace a brand new tube, not to mention the pain it is to work on those small tires, so I decided to try a sealant.
  7. I like the pump application through the valve stem and the Slime did work but it didn’t work right away.
  8. I owe the initial failure to the fact that I didn’t drive very much after application.
  9. I pumped the tire up a second time and it hasn’t gone flat since.
  10. This is interesting stuff as it doesn’t really seem to dry out so it should continue to work if another hole were to develop in my tube.
  11. That way it won’t clog the tubing and you don’t waste any slime.
  12. The riding lawn mower tires are very expensive and they don’t last long.
  13. With some of this goo in them they last forever unless you get them slashed.
  14. If that happens I would recommend to put this inside the new tires also.
  15. I wouldn’t use it on a car tire since they need to be balanced and the tire guys really hate you when they take the tire apart and this goo gets all over them.
  16. The first pump I counted as half pump after letting air out of pump hose first (5 pumps = 4 1/2 oz with empty pump, because I didn’t want to use less than 4oz.) Then I emptied slime from pump stem and hose back into gal (as well as possible) and removed and rinsed pump thoroughly, pumping water through it to remove slime for easy pumping next time.
  17. Easy to use with tires that leak because of small cracks.
  18. The product stores well, this is why I purchase the gallon size.
  19. I’ve used it for bikes, wheel barrels, dollies, lawn mowers.
  20. Can’t even patch the tubes, nor recycle them, due to the sealant in them.
  21. I still had some leaks so I found holes aired up tires and made sure to park with holes on the ground.
  22. I had a huge hole and it plugged it well enough to get me a few miles.
  23. If you use way more than it recommends and keep turning the tire slowly, you can stop really bad bead leaks.
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