May 1, 2018

SCHWALBE LUGANO 700x25C Tire Black And Red Wire

tire schwalbe Lugano xc wire black red SCHWALBE LUGANO 700x25C tire black and red wire
Schwalbe LUGANO is a lightweight road tire distinguished by very low rolling resistance. New, dynamic pattern of the tread pattern for maximum speed when driving straight ahead and greater grip in curves also in wet conditions.

The Kevlar Guard system provides increased protection thanks to the anti-puncture insole made of natural rubber







Brand: Schwalbe

schwalbe SCHWALBE LUGANO 700x25C tire black and red wire

Schwalbe Lugano HS 384 Clincher Road Bicycle Tire – Wire Bead – 700×23

schwalbe lugano clincher road bicycle tire wire bead x SCHWALBE LUGANO 700x25C tire black and red wire

  1. The classic diamond profile provides reliable performance on dry and wet roads.
  2. Grip – the ‘herringbone’ type tread seems to grip well.
  3. The Bad –

    Quality Assurance – I’ve had three of these, and two have ended up with side ruptures.

  4. One side rupture was clearly a defect on the brand new tire.
  5. I wasn’t sure if it mattered at first, but after mounting and pressurizing, there was a large bulge.
  6. It ruptured within a day, and I was probably stupid for even riding on it at all.
  7. Seller Attitude – I don’t know if this is universal, but the seller wanted no responsibility for selling me a junk tire (nevermind that I was buying the tire again because of a premature side rupture).
  8. Wait, you sell me something broken, and don’t have to take responsibility?
  9. To be fair, I’m still quite happy with this tire on the front wheel, which is why I listed ‘Quality Assurance’ above.
  10. It seems that they have an unusually high number of dud/junk tires in their shipments, or else I’m just pretty unlucky.
  11. Either way, I can’t bear to try this on the rear wheel a 3rd time.
  12. But didn’t have the funds to purchase another set after have my road bike overhaul.
  13. It took a couple of days online to locate Schwalbe Lugano HS 483 Racing Bike Tires.
  14. The price was outstanding and all the reviews on this tire.
  15. I hope they live up to the review because I can see myself buying another set just to have on hand.
  16. Don’t buy if you ride where the road/trails aren’t perfectly clear of debris.
  17. Durability and puncture protection aren’t great, though.
  18. I had 6 flats in a 9 ride span, all only 10-30 mile rides on paved trails (and probably had flats on 15-20% of all rides over 20 miles on this tire over the last year).
  19. Little bits of gravel easily punctured through and got lodged in the tire.
  20. Also, one spot on the rear tire turned white after slamming on my brakes to avoid an accident.
  21. The black outer layer is so thin it almost looks painted on.
  22. The first set got almost 3,000 miles before getting thin enough to start flatting.
  23. Never have to worry about flats when you have to run over debris.
  24. It came in a box that was too small, so it had to be folded to fit.
  25. I was worried that folding the tire would damage the wire bead.
  26. After installation, the tires seemed to be ok, so I took a couple of rides on them.
  27. Blew out one of the two in my first ride while 10 miles out.
  28. Shipping as expensive as the tire was quite curions, however!

Buy Schwalbe Lugano HS 384 Clincher Road Bicycle Tire – Wire Bead – 700×23 here $15.31

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