April 23, 2018

Saddles For MTB Brakes ZEiT Z-769 Three-color 72 Mm

cladding to brake mtb Zeit tricolor mm Saddles for MTB brakes ZEiT Z 769 three color 72 mm
Brake linings from Asisa, model Z-420.

Material-rubber mixture
Compatible-with all V brakes
Others-high braking properties, excellent modulation
Package-company blister Asisa
Set-2 pieces per one wheel-2 pins
Color-three color: burgundy-black-green
Weight set-27 g (with blister )

Brand: ZEiT

West Biking 110 Lb Capacity Almost Universal Adjustable Bike Cargo Rack Cycling Equipment Stand Footstock Bicycle Luggage Carrier Racks with Reflective Logo

west biking capacity almost universal adjustable bike cargo rack cycling equipme Saddles for MTB brakes ZEiT Z 769 three color 72 mm
  1. Aluminum alloy material , Suitable for most bicycles, Such as road bike, mountain bike, fat bike, etc.
  2. Easy to Mount.It is perfect for use with panniers, backpacks, baskets, and more!
  3. Customers can return and get refunded in case the purchasing is not satisfied for any reason.
  4. The integrated top plate accepts all WEST BIKING Quick Track-compatible bags.
  5. Hollow aluminum construction is tough yet lightweight, and red/taillight mounts offer safety-minded touches.
  6. The West Biking bike seat rack, however, is designed for just that purpose.
  7. I put this on my Mongoose Dolomite fat tire bicycle and it’s perfect!
  8. The hardware was of good quality and came with some extras.
  9. They throw in some thin bungee cord and a cute keychain as well.
  10. I read these other reviews, and yes, it does not come with instructions, but it’s so easy to figure out that I think a 5 year old could put it together.
  11. The “W” shaped side bars did need some bending for the holes to line up right, but it was easy to do and I like how it’s a good tight fit.
  12. It fit my seat post perfectly, but I guess some bikes come with really skinny seatposts.
  13. This thing appears to be adequately designed to hold a lot of weight.
  14. They claim 110lbs — not sure about that, but unless you’re transporting crates of hammers you won’t need anything close to that.
  15. The tube that clamps to the seat post is a heavy duty aluminum extrusion – stiff and strong.
  16. Came with good instructions and even a link to a youtube video (that I didnt watch) to show how to install
  17. I was able to hang my ortlieb panniers on the rack and they fit perfectly

  18. My legs hit it when I’m pedaling and it cannot be moved to a better position.
  19. On a 60 mile ride, I progressed from barely noticing it at the beginning to being really sore and uncomfortable by the end.
  20. I’ve decided to haul my stuff in a backpack on a 500 mile ride starting in two days rather than try to ride with this.
  21. The problem is that the seat stays narrow as they go up and the extensions do not pivot inward to become narrower.
  22. Either a ball and socket or double u joint are needed here.
  23. Just a single pivot is used that only allows back and forth movement – not in and out.
  24. Be very careful clamping the extensions to the seat stays.
  25. If you have a high end aluminum bike with thin walled aluminum seatstays I wouldn’t use this rack.
  26. I clamped this to a carbon frame – I heard a slight carbon pop as I tightened down the first clamp – I was probably a half turn away from ruining my frame.
  27. I imagine the clamps wouldn’t be an issue at all on steel frames, especially steel with non-butted tubes.
  28. After using this rack for 6 mile rides almost daily since January, all the bolts are rusted and one of the bolts holding the support arm rusted through and broke off.
  29. Thankfully the hardware on the clamp that goes around the seatpost appears to be all aluminum is intact.
  30. The clamp itself is very strong and can handle the weight of my groceries, but i will need to hunt for replacement hardware for all of them.
  31. I perused the reviews and questions asked by customers and got the idea it would fit my bike just fine.
  32. The rear rack itself attaches to the seat post with an adjustable clamp and I’ve got it on pretty tight, it isn’t moving with ample pressure applied but have yet to ride with it and see how it endures the wear and tear of general riding.
  33. The downside is the length of the support bars – they fit around the aluminum frame of my bike just fine and bolts weren’t hitting or rubbing my tire or chain (although they were close).
  34. The support bars have an adjustable feature to fit varying lengths but were not long enough to reach the carrying rack when attached in the preferred location on the bike.
  35. I tried alternate location along the frame hoping to reach the designated hole on the carrying rack and was still unsuccessful.
  36. I could have reach the first hole with the bolts but it would have then taken away the ability to install the guard rails.
  37. Kind of bummed but the gear I’ll be carrying doesn’t weigh more than 5 lbs.
  38. I’m not worried about the support bars being critical in supporting the weight, just more so worried about holding the rack itself in place during the ride.
  39. Had 25lbs loaded in a compression bag, strapped cleanly on the rear rack.
  40. Original review:
    The actual rack and it’s attachment point sits about an inch off center from the seat post, although is acceptable enough for my needs.
  41. Welds look chunky (in a good way), seems durable enough for my intended use (singletrack, colorado bikepacking), and most importantly doesn’t twist on my seat post nor bounce around when you get the clamp properly adjusted even when bouncing around on the trail.
  42. Better than the “name brand” racks at REI or big box retailers IMHO for a 1/3 price.
  43. The only thing I didn’t like is that they didn’t include more pads so your bike doesn’t get scratched.
  44. Trying to contact seller via comment to see if they need me to mail back broken pieces for refund.
  45. And I say previous review stated the plastic wrapped around all the parts had small holes.
  46. Good thing it was simple and quick
    Thanks for the toolkit and keychain.
  47. I use it on a Trek 29er ebike with a Bushwacker Trunk Bag mounted on the rack to carry camera equipment.
Buy West Biking 110 Lb Capacity Almost Universal Adjustable Bike Cargo Rack Cycling Equipment Stand Footstock Bicycle Luggage Carrier Racks with Reflective Logo here $26.86

Tauki Kid Bike BMX Bike for Boys and Girls, 12 Inch, 16 Inch, 95% assembled, Gift for kids

tauki kid bike bmx bike for boys and girls inch inch assembled gift for kids Saddles for MTB brakes ZEiT Z 769 three color 72 mm
  1. STARTER BIKE: kid bike with knobby 2-1/8″ wide pneumatic tires allow your kid to experience the MTB life with extra grip on the dirt tracks.
  2. The coaster brake helps the kid stop the bike easy and safe.
  3. You only need to install just a few accessories such as handlebar, pedal and seat.
  4. We want every kid to have a great first-bike experience.
  5. So we build durable, safe and inexpensive bikes for kids to carry them to more adventures and happiness.
  6. Wrong assembly may cause flaw or damage to small parts.
  7. Follow the instruction, the assembly will be quite easy.
  8. Helmet: Your kid’s little head should always be safely protected with a kid’s bike helmet when he or she is riding a bike.
  9. Quality: Lightweight bike body, easy and safe for kids.
  10. Heavy duty welded steel fork contributes to stable and long use.
  11. Wheel Print: Tread tire, anti-skid design
    Training wheel: rear small training wheel, more safe Free portable inflator included.
  12. Everything is high quality and I can’t believe the affordable price!
  13. Fast shipping and good packaging would do business with again.
  14. My 5 year old son loves the color and this is a great size for him.
  15. Coming with the training wheels was essential and this bike came with them.
  16. She learned on the first day.It was the perfect height and is a wonderful transition from learning to ride with training wheels to riding free without them.
  17. It went together quite easily, comprised of quality, well fitted materials.It was easy to assemble, you don’t need to purchase some tools like a wrench for example ´╝îThere are included all tools .
  18. The pieces are quite easy to assemble, but I strongly recommend to read instruction first, becuz I spent half day to figure out the left pedal screw should turn counter clockwise to tighten , before I realized it’s noted there on the first page and marked ‘important’…
  19. The bike comes with manual air inflator which is iceing on a cake.
  20. My brother was able to put it together without any issues in less 30 mins.
  21. It is a very sturdy bike there is no flimsy or cheap parts to it.
  22. Its not too heavy which makes it easier for my little nephew to maneuver.
  23. I saw my nephew having this so I decided to buy one for my son.
  24. I bought the lime one so that both boys and girls can use it.
  25. In addition, the product has the tools for the assembling with it, which is awesome!
  26. So I don’t have to find tools to put the parts together.
  27. Can’t wait to let my son use it when the weather is nice.
  28. I will definitely come back if they have other kids product I like!
  29. The pieces are quite easy to assemble, but I strongly recommend to read instruction first,…
  30. She just started to learn riding on bicycle and the size is perfect.
Buy Tauki Kid Bike BMX Bike for Boys and Girls, 12 Inch, 16 Inch, 95% assembled, Gift for kids here

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