April 23, 2018

Saddle Serfas RG LS-100 Women

saddle Serfas rg ls Women Saddle Serfas RG LS 100 women
saddle Serfas rg ls Women 1 Saddle Serfas RG LS 100 women
Feel the difference!

Technology-Deep Grove for the protection of soft tissue
Weight-555 g

Dimensions-260 mm X 178 mm
Additional features-reflective caps in the rear for increased safety

Brand: Serfas

serfas Saddle Serfas RG LS 100 women

Serfas Women’s Elements Reactive Gel Comfort Bicycle Saddle

serfas women elements reactive gel comfort bicycle saddle Saddle Serfas RG LS 100 women
  1. The first time I took it on a longer ride I felt like I was sitting on a cloud (especially compared to my original seat).
  2. I am about 7 1/2 months pregnant right now and in the middle of a snowy winter, so I haven’t been biking quite as much right now.
  3. The seat is durable and exhibits almost no visible wear or tear after using it for over a year.
  4. I will say, when I first started using the seat, it was a little wider than my original road bike seat (Specialized Dolce women’s bike).
  5. At first, that took a bit of getting used to and it was almost too wide for comfort, however, now that I am pregnant, my hips have expanded a small amount and what at first felt a bit wide now feel perfect.
  6. If you haven’t ever had any kids and have a small frame, you may find it to be too wide.
  7. Again, I am still giving this 5 stars because it was not enough discomfort to not be able to use the seat, and now it fits perfectly, but take into consideration your own body type when purchasing.
  8. It is fabric and will get wet in the rain/snow, though any cover would protect it from moisture.
  9. I just moved, but have done most of my riding with this seat in the greater Seattle area where it rains a fair amount.
  10. I was able to lock my bike inside a parking garage during the day so if it did get wet it was sheltered and able to dry relatively quickly.
  11. I’m sure it would be a different case if it was exposed to the elements all day long.
  12. However, my point is that the seat seems to dry relatively quickly when no longer exposed to rain and it hasn’t had any issues with mold/mildew, odors, or other wear and tear from getting wet on occasion.
  13. I didn’t even make it 2 miles and my back and butt hurt.
  14. I didn’t go back out until I ordered the Serfas Gel Saddle and I was crossing my fingers.
  15. My back is hardly an issue and my big rear end is supported.
  16. I am 230lbs and 5’4″ my fiance and I are getting fit together and this is something he loves to do.
  17. I am so grateful this seat made it possible for us to ride together!
  18. It was not as wide as I was originally searching for, but the comfort is level is amazing.
  19. The ridge that goes down the center of the seat is so crucial in ridding you of that tush ache we all know so well from long hours of riding.
  20. I recently did a 25-mile ride without stopping and my butt felt great afterwards, thanks to this seat.
  21. Something to note: this is an actual seat, not a seat cover.
  22. You will need to remove your old seat and install this one.
  23. The seat looks professional (an instant bike upgrade) and it is so comfortable.
  24. We enjoyed riding together, but she was always somewhat uncomfortable, especially after 20 or 30 minutes.
  25. While I suspect that part of the problem is that she rides only occasionally and never really got over the saddle soreness phase, I’m sure that part of it is just the way that they fit her.
  26. But that one ended up being smaller and sportier than I expected, and my girlfriend never took to it.
  27. This Serfas has worked for her where other seats have failed.
  28. She is much more comfortable, and I’m happier too, because I have peace of mind.
  29. For the record, this seat’s size and design is a bit on the cruiser-y side.
  30. It’s definitely not something you’d expect to see on a road bike, but neither is it ridiculously huge and silly-looking, like some SUPER ULTRA MEGA GEL type.
  31. It’s a bit too sleek/stylish looking for my taste – I like my parts simple, even going so far as to cover any tire logos with flat black coloring – but I don’t really care about that as long as it’s providing comfort.
  32. It’s more comfortable but it doesn’t feel like a pillow, by any means.
  33. I am a beginning rider, mostly urban riding, and this is perfect for me.
  34. I don’t have high expectations or standards on this subject though.
  35. I just needed a seat that didn’t leave me sore and this works great.
  36. Slides around underneath you on the seat, and the gel will eventually be pounded down to where there is no cushioning.
  37. Go with a brand that is dedicated to people who love to bike but also it is stylish and does everything this one does, but better and longer.
  38. My husband was bummed because we bought new matching bikes, and then I didn’t want to ride too much.
  39. I need something a little more solid but still wide enough for my pelvic bones.
  40. Provides more cushion and doesn’t leave me so sore after riding.
  41. I would recommend this if you need that seat to be more user friendly on long hard rides.
  42. It is OK, but not as comfortable as other gel / cushion seats I have been on.
  43. I’m a guy, riding a mountain bike, mostly with my back about 45 degrees from parallel.
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