September 14, 2018

Saddle Bracket SP-100 22.2 X250 Steel

support saddle sp steel Saddle bracket SP 100 22.2 x250 steel
support saddle sp steel 1 Saddle bracket SP 100 22.2 x250 steel
Seatpost without yoke ZOOM model SP-100 designed for BMX.

Seat diameter-22.2mm
Seat length-250mm
Purpose-suitable for BMX type bikes
Weight-approx. 294g

Brand: Mode

Topeak Pocket Rocket Master Blaster Bike Pump

topeak pocket rocket master blaster bike pump Saddle bracket SP 100 22.2 x250 steel
  1. Soft dual density polymer head and plastic handle for increased grip and comfort while pumping.
  2. Road-ready, the Pocket Rocket has an integrated dust cap that keeps the head clean and ready.
  3. The Pocket Rocket mounts easily to your bike frame with a mounting bracket and is both Schrader and Presta compatible.
  4. However, it takes a long time to pump the tire and requires some effort.
  5. The pump does not have a flexible tube, you attach one end to your valve and pump from the other end.
  6. When you pump with your one hand (I use my stronger right hand), you need to use the other hand to secure the end that is attached to the valve.
  7. You can imagine the amount of force that you need to pump a road bike tire (just think about a floor pump), and you repeat the pumping motion many times.
  8. I find it very difficult, if not impossible, to securely anchor the pump to the valve without exerting excessive force onto the valve itself.
  9. After I worked my ass off to pump the tire as hard as I can to prevent another pinch flat on the rest of my ride, I found my Presta valve bent like and “ì” instead of an “i”.
  10. I gave this pump a two star despite the bad design that is shared by many frame mounted mini pumps, which can easily bend a Presta valve.
  11. The bottom line is that such a bend does not seem to cause any air leak.
  12. And it might be possible for some one who is skilled to avoid such bending problem.
  13. If so, it would be nice to have some instructions on the package of the product that illustrates the correct way of using it.
  14. This is understandable: as the pump works pretty good for the high pressure, Presta valve type road bikes; and pretty inadequate for low pressure fat tire schrader – tubed mountain bikes.
  15. I used the pump on both types of bikes: Here’s the results:

    General observations: this pump is very well constructed with mostly metal components, even the flip lever is made of metal.
  16. Right out of the box,it comes ready for duty on the narrow Presta tires.
  17. Fat tires) you need to follow the simple diagram on the package to reverse the valve head components.
  18. To use the pump, you give the handle a slight turn clockwise to unlock it.
  19. After done pumping, flip lever DOWN and pull the head off the tire valve ( it does require a GOOD tug to release.)

    Road Bike: On my 700 x 25C tire bike, it worked pretty well.
  20. With the tire deflated to 0 psi, it took me about 4 minutes to pump to about 80 psi.
  21. With the tire deflated to 0 psi, it took me about 10 minutes to pump to just barely 40 psi.
  22. These tires require more volume of air, and this pump is just barely adequate for the job here.
  23. Since the spare pumps on both my bikes gave out recently, I ordered 2 of these: Kept one for the Road bike, send the other one back.
  24. I’ve only use this for presta tire valve since that’s what my road bike takes so I can’t review this for Schrader but if your having your doubts let me put them to ease.
  25. Once you set it up for presta or Schrader you can just leave it there and it’s ready to go.
  26. You have to remember this is a mini pump and really it’s for emergencies.
  27. It’s not going to give you what a normal pump will do so you should always use a regular pump when your at home.
  28. One reminder is that Topeak has a great video on their website on how to use this pump if your having issues.
  29. I’ve only used this pump in a testing situation just to see how well it works but I feel completely confident that it will work great in an emergency.
  30. It is small and light enough to fit in a jersey pocket an can be used for both presta and schrader valves.
  31. Also has a nice max pressure of over 100 psi which is good enough for any racing tire.
  32. That said, like any mini pump, it’ll take a little while to get up to pressure.
  33. I also carry spare tubes and tire lever in the bag under my seat.
  34. However, it gets really difficult to pump when the pressure starts to build up – I tested it at home just to see how it works.
  35. I think the way the handle is shaped doesn’t help either.
  36. It’s not a bad pump, but given its small size, there isn’t much to be expected out of it.
  37. The clip that it comes with works great – haven’t lost the pump yet after carrying it more than a yr.
  38. I really never had to use it in a real emergency – knock on wood – since I haven’t had a flat.
  39. But I think if I had to fix a flat, these are good enough to get me home.
  40. BTW, the cover (little rubber tab) is badly designed because it would not stay in place.
  41. This means the hole for the air is wide open most of the time.
  42. I suspect that there are newer, higher-volume (involving less effort) mini-pumps out there, but why bother?
  43. First time I broke down and needed to use it, it literally fell apart in my hand.
  44. The one problem I’ve had is that the converter from schrader to presta sometimes tightens up too much when I pump up one tire.
Buy Topeak Pocket Rocket Master Blaster Bike Pump here $15.88

unYOUsual U transformer 20″ Folding City Bike Bicycle 6 Speed Shimano Gear Steel Frame Mudguard Rear Carrier Silver

unyousual transformer folding city bike bicycle speed shimano gear steel frame m Saddle bracket SP 100 22.2 x250 steel
  1. Came fully assembled out of the box just had to pump up the tires.
  2. I love this bike and can highly recommend it to anyone.
  3. My wife who is 5’2″ rides it as well as myself at 5’7″ with no issues.
  4. I’ve taken it on the road and it works well for medium distance but I mainly use it for running my pooch and zipping around camp sights as we RV full time.
  5. Looks stylish as well and the seat is very comfortable.
  6. She’s able to fold and put together with ease after initial learning curve.
  7. I’m a bike fanatic and mechanic and I bought this on a whim not really expecting that much.
  8. But, build quality seems excellent and it makes a perfect travel bike or basic transportation for just hopping around town.
  9. My only minor complaint is that seat clamp required a pair of pliers to get thumb screw tight enough to hold seat stem firmly.
  10. Had a minor glitz that was immediately taken care by the seller!
  11. Only had to install the pedals which took a couple of min.
  12. Was good enough that someone else thought the just needed to have it too after I’d had it a month, and promptly stole it right off the bike rack I had it locked up on outside the building I was in.
  13. Other than that it was a very solid bike, didn’t feel flimsy at all.
  14. I keep it in my small airplane, and use it to ride a few miles from the airport where i land.
  15. Assembly was quick and easy as I only needed to put one pedal on.
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