September 14, 2018

Saddle Bracket 27.2 X 300mm Steel

bracket saddle mm steel Saddle bracket 27.2 x 300mm steel
Saddle bracket made of steel with a diameter of 27.2 mm and a length of 300 mm. Preview image


Brand: Inny

Minoura Saddle Water Bottle Cage Mount

minoura saddle water bottle cage mount Saddle bracket 27.2 x 300mm steel
  1. You simply remove the metal plate, slide it on top of your saddle supports and then mount the bracket with two screws.
  2. You can lower or raise the bracket to some degree but the bottles will not interfere with your seating position.
  3. I never even know they are back there until I need to reach behind me for a bottle.
  4. I don’t recall the weight but it’s marginal unless you’re someone who feels that 10g can improve your triathlon performance considerably.
  5. I received it and it was neatly packed and had all of the mounting hardware.
  6. I wasn’t too bummed because it is pretty easy to figure out, but I always enjoy having instructions so I know I am properly doing it.
  7. After actually looking at the packaging, there is a little graphic on the back of it telling you how to install it.
  8. To make things easier, I took my saddle off of the seat post to install it.
  9. It was a little tough trying to do it with it still attached to the seat post because I did not have a bike stand for working on it.
  10. If you want to get it done quicker, I recommend doing what I just said.
  11. A lot of people were complaining that it runs parallel to the ground, but I was able to angle mine perfectly to where it’s just at an angle but a good angle and will not fall out.
  12. If you are interested in mounting your water bottle cage to your seat post, this IS the way to go.
  13. You won’t find a better deal out there and for the price of this one, you get a very quality piece of equipment.
  14. The angle of the arms was fine for me, and did not cause the bottles to hit my back (being more upright probably also prevented it from launching any bottles on the bumps, but it appears you can force them to a slightly different angle if needed).
  15. I was able to reach the bottles in the back easily to refill my primary bottle between the aero bars and to squirt ice water on myself.
  16. According to aero studies, this setup behind the seat should not affect aero as much as a bottle in the usual boss.
  17. I cannot speak for flying dismounts, although you would really have to practice (and have long legs) with rear bottles there.
  18. It attached securely to my saddle, but it kept ejecting bottles with a Bontrager RXL cage.
  19. This is probably a function of the inflexibility of the seat tube transmitting the force of every bump, along with the overflexibility of the cage.
  20. After looking at a few different options (fancy bottles, expensive cages, magnetic mounts, silicon hair bands, etc.) I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble and just gave up on it.
  21. It attaches easily under the saddle (weighs next to nothing) and does not interfere with my road bag.
  22. I take the cages off when I’m not using it but leave the clamp attached to the saddle.
  23. It has worked well and thus far has stayed nice and tight on the saddle.
  24. I’ve experienced no problems with the water bottles coming out of the cages on rough roads.
  25. I can see that there may be a problem attaching it to some saddles like the Koobi, but it works well with everyday saddles like Fizik.
  26. Ok, I admit, when I hopped a curb, BOTH bottles flew off at the same time as the back tire came up the curb, but that was the only time and the circumstances were unusual.
  27. I had a good laugh, loaded them back up, and went on my way.
  28. It is well constructed, a bit heavy for the hard-core set, but simple to set up and use.
  29. I have ridden several hundred miles with them, have had no trouble with slipping or breaking where it mounts–just use common sense and tighten it properly.
  30. Under normal riding conditions it holds the bottles securely and makes them easily available.
  31. If you are worried, simply use a rubber band as a tie-down.
  32. Revision July 17: It broke at the head of one of the bolts while I was riding and the back plate came off and was lost.
  33. The angle at which mine sits doesn’t allow bottle to fully seat properly.
  34. So now after hard impact I just reach back to make sure I haven’t dropped my bottle.
  35. The mounting plate is too narrow for a Brooke B-17 saddle, unfortunately.
Buy Minoura Saddle Water Bottle Cage Mount here $11.49

KMC X11SL 11 Speed 116L Bike Chain

kmc speed bike chain 1 Saddle bracket 27.2 x 300mm steel
  1. I have a BMC Racemachine with 11 speed Di2 and it is very easy to perfectly index the gears for a nice, quiet ride but, while the shifting performance was fine, it just wasn’t possible to quiet this thing down.
  2. I ended up going to the LBS a few days later and picked up a SRAM PX1 for a lot less than this and it is dead silent and smooth as can be.
  3. There’s really not a whole lot you can say about a bike chain, though.
  4. I’ve always used SRAM chains due to the simplicity of taking it off the bike for a thorough cleaning.
  5. Just undo the missing missing link and it’s off the bike.
  6. It’s said that you should use a new missing link each time you reassemble the chain.
  7. I’ve not done that with SRAM and don’t understand why the KMC is different.
  8. However, since that’s what they say, that’s what I will do.
  9. I’d hate to be in the middle of nowhere and have the chain pop off on me.
  10. I don’t think the Titanium nitride coating is really necessary and would get the regular silver if I had to do over.
  11. It’s interesting that you can’t get replacement master links in the titanium coating.
  12. When this chain wears out I will be replacing it with the silver KMC.
  13. I just don’t see any added ROI for the extra cost of the titanium other that bling factor which is not my thing.
  14. My wife and I run these with Dura Ace components and for the price I don’t think there is a better chain on the market.
  15. These last more than twice as long as the DA chains I had at a fraction of the cost with no noticeable performance difference.
  16. My wife had an accident with hers that bent a link at a 90 degree angle rendering the bike unrideable, I bent it back straight with a couple allen wrenches and she was able to ride home.
  17. I would definitely purchase a few of the “missing link” segments that are used for the 11 speed groups.
  18. I haven’t had any issues yet, and it’s much more convenient than having to break a chain to take it off.
  19. First thing I do is replace the Campy chain and install the KMC chain.
  20. Raceface T30 front sprocket, Sram GX 11 speed derailleur and Sram XG1150 cassette.)

    -Loud chain noise through many gears
    -inconsistent shifting

    I switched back to a Sram PC1130 chain and all those problems disappeared without any other modification .
  21. I’ve used them across several 11 speed drivetrains with no issues.
  22. I ride about 7000 miles a year and use 2 chains a year.
  23. I could probably get a little more life out of them if I wanted, but I just swap them every 6 months.
  24. Install was simple using a chain breaker tool to make it the correct length.
  25. The chain in the box may not be what’s actually in the box.
  26. It works awesome with my Shimano road group Now to see how it holds up compared to other chains I have liked.
Buy KMC X11SL 11 Speed 116L Bike Chain here $44.78

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