October 31, 2018

Saddle Bag Kross Pro Team Saddle Bag Black

pannier saddle Cross pro team saddle bag black Saddle Bag Kross Pro Team Saddle Bag black
A minimalistic saddle bag ideally suited to carrying the most-needed items. Fast velcro fastening allows you to easily pull it and put it in your shirt pocket.


Material-600D Polyester



Brand: Kross

kross Saddle Bag Kross Pro Team Saddle Bag black

Kenda Komfort

kenda komfort Saddle Bag Kross Pro Team Saddle Bag black

  1. Good traction for country roads with light gravel and dirt.
  2. I am an avid mountain biker, and I wanted to use this in place of my Maxxis Larsen TT tires for some road/fire trail riding.
  3. Even though my Maxxis tires are designed for full mountain biking on low-traction (sandy) trails, they weigh 1/2 to 1/3 of these Kenda tires.
  4. The Kenda tires themselves look cheap and there is a very visible rubber strip in the center of the tires, where the machine molded them.
  5. I ended up having to trim it off with a utility knife (the strip looked bad and affected handling).
  6. On the plus side, these tires are very thick, which should greatly minimize the chances of blowouts and punctures.
  7. Plus, the rubber itself seems to be of good quality (though not as good as my other tires).
  8. As for performance, these are good on the road and pretty crappy anywhere else.
  9. You can use them on some light gravel, but the knobs on the side are so far out that you will slide all over the place if there you attempt to use these in some light sand.
  10. Reducing the PSI to 40 improved off road performance, but made the tires feel square on the road.
  11. As a side note, I was originally confused when the tires had no Kenda labeling at all, and came with the label “Sunlite”.
  12. A quick Google search indicated that this is what Kenda labels their cheaper tires with.
  13. Compared to the picture that you see above, these tires look the similar, but are of MUCH shoddier build quality (and are not branded).
  14. While I’m sure that the earlier reviews are accurate, these newer “Sunlite” tires are not a bargain.
  15. While I have used Kenda tires in the past, these are not nearly as good as I remember.
  16. In fact, I wouldn’t have purchased them if they hadn’t been labeled as Kenda tires (since I know Kenda makes quality stuff).
  17. But if I could do it again, I would steer clear of these tires (cheesy pun not intended).
  18. But if you install this on a high-end bike, you will come away very disappointed.
  19. Remember, these are the only things that actually come in contact with the road.
  20. They ride smoother and I think I go a little bit faster according to my average.
  21. I found myself using the bike more on roads than anything else, I try to ride to the gym every day, and didn’t need the off-road tires but didn’t want to completely lose the capability.
  22. I had two flats due to the rim spoke poking the inside and now I’ve gotten a flat from the inside of the tire breaking down and the metal or fiber reinforcement has rubbed a hole in the inner tube.
  23. I’ve heard this can happen with Kendra tires, that they don’t hold up well to multiple mountings.
  24. I’m still researching other tires, I might buy this one again since it was rather cheap and it did last two years.
  25. The front tire is going fine though and I think I will leave it for the time being.
  26. Just be careful when you have to remove and remount the tire!
  27. The tires I received did not have the yellow and white logo on the tire wall as shown in the picture, instead they are all black walls.
  28. I love the look of these tires and the mix of tread in the right places.
  29. Most of my riding is on the street with maybe 5 – 10% offroad.
  30. If you go to a smaller size (width) tire, you may want to replace your old tubes since they have probably stretched to fit your wider tire and may become bunched up in a narrower tire.
  31. These ride like slicks under most conditions, but have a double layer of rubber on the contact patch, plus side knobs for “excursions” – similar to the Krad (probably the same carcass) but significantly faster and quieter, less sidewall flex than Tioga Powerblock 26×2.1.
  32. At 70psi the Kross Plus feels fast and efficient, with a great ride, plus no worries about unpaved trails.

Buy Kenda Komfort here $19.95 – $37.23

PRO Medi Strap Bicycle Saddle Bag

pro medi strap bicycle saddle bag Saddle Bag Kross Pro Team Saddle Bag black

  1. The seat post strap has some grip, unlike the Topeak, which keeps the bag from sliding down the tube.
  2. The Velcro seat rail straps make it super easy to take on and off, which makes it easy to access your stuff for road side repair, and the bag is not going anywhere.
  3. The width of the sraps keep the bag from swaying, also unlike the Topeak.
  4. The “medi” sized bag holds one 28-32mm road tube, two Pedro tire levers (bigger levers than most, smaller levers would free up some room), Park glueless patch kit, two 16 g CO2 cans, a CO2 inflator (Pro Bike model with the canister tube), and a Crank Bros multi-tool (larger tool than most because it has a chain tool).
  5. These all fit tightly without rattling, though not so tightly that the bag is overstuffed.
  6. If you want to put more than your roadside repair equipment in your saddle bag (rather than in a jersey pocket, which is where I put my phone, phone, and car fob), recommend you go up a size.

Buy PRO Medi Strap Bicycle Saddle Bag here $29.88

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