April 23, 2018

Reflector Set TF-115 Front-rear

reflector set tf front rear Reflector set TF 115 front rear

reflector set tf front rear 1 Reflector set TF 115 front rear
The set consists of 2 pcs with screws




Color –



Surface reflective-about 38 cm2


Fixing-for 1 wktet (spacing 3/4″)

Brand: Speeder

speeder Reflector set TF 115 front rear

Sunlite 4-Piece Reflector Set with Brackets

sunlite piece reflector set with brackets Reflector set TF 115 front rear

  1. Time takes its toll on all of us, including the two-wheeled machines that we love.
  2. These were easy to install, look good, and provide the safety characteristics that I needed to be seen while riding.
  3. The price was right, and the quality exceeded my expectations.
  4. It has a notch just the right size for the spoke of your wheel.
  5. Put the reflector between the inner and outer spokes and slide it up the spoke towards the rim.
  6. When you get it as close to the rim as it will go, grab the little white plastic “screw”, and push it firmly into the hole, slotted side first.
  7. Use a quarter or a flathead screwdriver to turn it clockwise, which should lock it into place.
  8. As a relative newbie to cycling, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this kit, but I got just what I needed.
  9. I was puzzled for a minute about installing the wheel reflectors, but I figured that out after looking at them for a bit.
  10. The front mounted securely on the handle bar and the rear did likewise on the seat post.
  11. The reflectors attach to each mount with a single self tapping screw.
  12. There’s also a plastic stud on each reflector that fits into a hole on the mount to help prevent the reflector turning.
  13. Construction is on the light side, but I don’t see why they shouldn’t give good service on my cruiser.
  14. I took a picture of this set and a different Sunlite reflector set for size comparison.
  15. I docked these 1 star because the brackets that were included for the front and rear reflectors are too small to fit my bike handle bars OR seat post!
  16. I was most impressed with the variety of connectors included with this set (alongside a random, flat, 1×2″ piece of platic), and with help from Tall n’ Geeky’s review was quickly able to mount all four reflectors to my needs.
  17. One tip I found was that the different parts from the plastic mounts were interchangeable, meaning that if you preferred the angled bracket be used with the wider ring, or the straight bracket connected to the narrower ring, you have those options.
  18. I’ll definitely buy another set again if I have the need, even though the quality of the reflectors compared to stock ones left a little to be desired.
  19. The rear one attached to the cargo rack perfectly
    The front one comes with a mounting bracket that is way too narrow for the handlebar post, so I couldn’t use it at all.
  20. The snaps are difficult to turn in the mounting holes, and also are flimsy, which leads to them breaking inside the mounting hole when rotated.
  21. The mounting brackets for the front and rear reflectors are fine for the handlebars but too small for mounting to the seat support post, and too large to attach to the rear wheel braces.
  22. No instructions, which is pretty self-explanatory but would help someone who hasn’t put them on before.
  23. The brackets included weren’t super useful, we ended up having to buy brackets from a local bike shop.
  24. My old bike needed some replacements & I wanted to be sure that my kids bikes were fully set too.

Buy Sunlite 4-Piece Reflector Set with Brackets here $7.59

BLITZU Gator 390 USB Rechargeable LED Bike Light Set, Bicycle Headlight Front Light & FREE Rear Back Tail Light. Waterproof, Easy To Install for Kids Men Women Road Cycling Safety Commuter Flashlight

blitzu gator usb rechargeable led bike light set bicycle headlight front light a Reflector set TF 115 front rear

  2. The Gator 390 is powered by the latest CREE LED that provides an Ultra Bright 390-lumen output and up to 300 feet beam length.
  3. VERSATILE AND EASY TO INSTALL – Leave your screwdrivers in the toolbox, Gator 390 bicycle light installs, and detaches in under 2 seconds with NO tools required.
  4. Use it as a flashlight and keep it inside your emergency kit.
  5. Can be mounted almost anywhere; Fits on your stroller, mower, snow blower, skateboard, wheelchair, motorcycle, trike, BBQ grill, scooter, ebike, boat, kayak, and more!
  6. DURABLE, LIGHT WEIGHT & WATER RESISTANT – When reliability matters and every gram is critical, Gator 390 is your priority choice with only 56 Grams and IPX5 Rated, meaning you’re 100% covered in all types of severe weather!
  7. Every light purchase comes with a ONE-YEAR HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY and friendly customer service provided by BLITZU, Proud to be a U.S.
  8. We are proud to design, engineer, and test our leading lights at our US based facility.
  9. We are committed to build the highest quality lighting systems available anywhere in the world because we understand the importance of proper lighting for every cyclist’s visibility and safety.
  10. DAYTIME NOTICEABLE TECHNOLOGY – Be visible when it matters the most.
  11. Did you know 75% of cycling accidents happen in daylight?
  12. The GATOR 390 features the latest technology to keep you visible NOT ONLY at night but also at daytime.
  13. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND HASSLE – Never Waste Your Money on Batteries again!
  14. Save the Hassle to Replace Batteries Every Week, It’s a WIN-WIN!
  15. FREE USB RECHARGEABLE TAIL LIGHT – This set comes with a rechargeable headlight and a rechargeable tail light (FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME) making your bicycle stand out with an unmatched 360º visibility so you and your loved ones are safer in any low light conditions.
  16. Enjoy enhanced visibility and comfort knowing you’ll be safe and secure at any time of the day.
  17. USB Rechargeable 

    – Charges from your computer or any device with a USB port.

  18. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We are so confident you will love the Gator 390 bike light set that we offer 30 days Money Back Guarantee with one year warranty!
  19. I bought 6 of these light sets and completely charged them, then put the front lights on the brightest non-blinking setting and the rear (red) lights on the lowest blinking setting (which is quite bright).
  20. The LED indicator on top of all 6 of the front lights started blinking (indicating low battery) after about 1 hr 45 minutes to 1 hr 50 minutes, providing full brightness the entire time, and then went dim over the course of maybe 2 to 5 minutes, and then provided dim light (probably enough to see maybe 10ft) for another 5 minutes or so before turning off.
  21. The back lights stayed blinking at consistent brightness for at least 12 hours, then I left them unattended for about 6 hours and when I came back only one of them was still blinking.
  22. Each set comes with two charging cables that seem to be good quality and are about 8″ long.
  23. They also charged fine with the charger and charging cable (micro-USB) that came with my kids’ Samsung Galaxy tablets, or with a micro-USB cable plugged into my laptop USB port.
  24. The mount for the front light is pretty robust and grips well on the handlebar or handlebar stem, and tilts up and down by slightly loosening the screw in the center of the mounting square.
  25. The tilt is necessary for stem mounting, but is useless for handlebar mounting.
  26. You’re more likely to get the light to point exactly centered where you want it if you mount on the handlebar stem, as it is not possible to angle the light left or right on handlebars that are angled even slightly back toward the grips.
  27. The front light slides in and clicks securely with a plastic tab that must be pressed down to release the light.
  28. The rear light mount is not as robust – the plastic “hook” that the rubber strap hooks onto is a bit thin and flexible, and on all 6 of mine the plastic tab that should allow the rear light to securely “click in” is bent too far downward and provides very little security, so that the light can slide out without pressing the release tab at all.
  29. If you put the mount on the seat post with the plastic tab “up”, it’s definitely secure enough for a paved or gravel road ride, but if you use it on your MTB for a road ride to the trailhead, you might want to take the light off and put it somewhere secure before hitting technical singletrack.
  30. The rear light can also mount to the back of my helmet, but the front mount is not helmet-friendly.
  31. It would be nice if they provided a helmet mount for the front light.
  32. The color temperature is about 6000k, so it’s a bit blue, not harsh like the cheap crap though.
  33. Comparing it to 4500k convoy L6 3C on low and medium, I would say the gator gets closer to 300 lumens OTF.
  34. It’s got a good spotty optic with some spill, which is great for bikes.
  35. On the inside, we find a 1200mah 1s lipo battery (4.4 watt hours) which means, at 100 lumens/watt, the light will be burning at 3 watts or so.
  36. The housing is plastic and the USB is not waterproofed.
  37. The little rubber thing protecting the port is the only defense against water from the rear.
  38. It should survive a downpour, but don’t take it swimming.
  39. The taillight is generic and maybe 40 lumens (cell phone light brightness) but has l/m/h solid and blinky (double click to change) and I was too lazy to open it up.
  40. The charging circuits should be safe and since I don’t have a multimeter I can’t check how much current it draws.
  41. Probably around 500ma which is low enough not to harm at least the main light’s battery.
  42. A great purchase unless you’re looking to put a search light on your bike.
  43. After a month of daily use, they’re still holding up great and are holding their charge.
  44. I’m getting noticed much more, and immediately, both day and night.
  45. One thing I did notice is to make sure you have micro usb cables that fit!
  46. The rear tail light’s female jack is embedded deep into the light’s enclosure, and if you have many cables like me, make sure they fit or you’re carrying the cable it was packaged with.
  47. Update #2 – 10/24/2017
    Still going well with 3 months of daily use!
  48. I finding myself riding more at night due to the season changing and I don’t think I could be happier with this product.
  49. Your path is lit up like a car, which sometimes makes me nervous because I can’t tell if a car is behind me.
  50. I end up looking over my left much more at night with this headlight.
  51. Get this if you’re a commuter and/or are looking for a lightweight lighting solution.
  52. Just what I was looking for that could be charged from the batter pack on my electric bike.

Buy BLITZU Gator 390 USB Rechargeable LED Bike Light Set, Bicycle Headlight Front Light & FREE Rear Back Tail Light. Waterproof, Easy To Install for Kids Men Women Road Cycling Safety Commuter Flashlight here

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