April 23, 2018

Reflector Rear Red Mini

reflection backward red Mini Reflector rear red mini
Bicycle rear reflector made of plastic in red color for mounting on one gallon sheet. Provides excellent visibility to other road users.


– Material: plastic

– Color: red-white

– Diameter: 27 mm

Brand: HN Gdynia

hn gdynia Reflector rear red mini

USB Rechargeable Bike Tail Light – Super bright LED Bicycle Rear Taillight – Waterproof Wide Illumination – Fits all MTB Mountain Road Bikes – High Capacity Li-ion Battery – Cycling Safety Back Light

usb rechargeable bike tail light super bright led bicycle rear taillight waterpr Reflector rear red mini

  1. The unique line light source technology makes the illumination effect of this cycle gear superbright.
  2. When the battery falls below 25%, a blue light will display on the light pipe reminding you to charge the battery.
  3. IPX4 OUTDOOR WATERPROOF protects equipment parts from a splash impact and the 3D shape design make this lightweight electric light wind, dirt and dust resistant.
  4. STYLISH REAR LIGHT – stop wasting your money and never buy batteries again!
  5. If you are not satisfied with our blinder , we will replace it with a new one or refund your money.
  6. Our tail bike light can illuminate as wide as 220 degrees, which makes it easier to be noticed by surrounding people, increasing riding safety.
  7. Reliable installation of the blinker is so simple that even a kids can handle it.
  8. Using Cree LED bycicles lighting gear will make yourself more cool and noticeable to others on the urban street.
  9. Our bike ultra-light set fits for mtb, hybrid, bmx, folding and retro bicycles.
  10. For scott, specialized, cannondale, trek, gt, giant and so on.
  11. The Vibiker tail light has powerful high quality lithium battery support up to 400 recharges gives the bike lamp a long life.
  12. The smart indicator ( small lane of blue light) lets you know when you need to charge the bike blinder.
  13. It is activated when the battery level falls below 25%.
  14. The brightest Vibiker bike lights have a flashlight frequency close to the human breathing rate, 30/min, which makes it comfortable for others on the road.
  15. Easy installation red tail light with sturdy rubber strap at desired bracket height .
  16. In addition to mounting on the seat tube, the rear light can be set to your helmet, vest or backpack.
  17. Whether you’re running, walking your dog, cycling, skateboarding, or hiking, these safety lights will keep you safe and secure.
  18. IPX4 – Protects from splashing water, no matter the direction.
  19. Rain or shine, summer or winter – any weather condition.
  20. All our top bicycle lights accessories have a lifetime warranty on mount.
  21. In addition to the bike tail light you get a powered micro-USB charging cable.
  22. Make your bike look cooler with the tail lights which is ultra light.
  23. USB cycle flashing light with a computer, laptop, or cell phone charger for the internal battery, is a must have item.
  24. The wide viewing angle impressed me on this light as well as the design.
  25. A feature I really appreciated was the pulsing light instead of the flashing red.
  26. I think the pulse is a great attention ‘getter’ without the annoyance of the rapid blinking.
  27. I am not a fan of following behind someone on the trail or road who has a blinking red light because it can alter the depth perception.
  28. I ended up putting one on my bike but have put it on friend’s bikes as well.
  29. The fact that these are rechargeable was a major selling point for me.
  30. They secure easily but had to be modified to accommodate my choice of placement on my sissy bar under my banana seat.
  31. I bought a strip of foam rubber used for door seals at an automotive supply store to replace the thinner rubber pads provided by the manufacturer.
  32. My only dislikes of this product is that it doesn’t have as many display options as the set I replaced and side visibility is limited, my original set had a full 180 degree field of view, allowing me to be seen front, side and back.
  33. Still, it’s a nice little light for the price and I would buy again to gift to friends and family.
  34. Huge advantages are wide light viewing angle and watertight construction.
  35. This is not very bright, and the battery does not last very long at all before needing charging.

Buy USB Rechargeable Bike Tail Light – Super bright LED Bicycle Rear Taillight – Waterproof Wide Illumination – Fits all MTB Mountain Road Bikes – High Capacity Li-ion Battery – Cycling Safety Back Light here

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