April 13, 2018

Reflector Front-back Set

reflex front rear set Reflector front back set
reflex front rear set 1 Reflector front back set
The issue of being visible on the road concerns both children and adults, although the latter group still rarely supplies with reflective materials, and even less often uses them.
The necessity of being clearly visible by drivers, especially after dark and difficult weather conditions, also applies to both pedestrians and cyclists and can often save the lives of drivers of two-track vehicles. For this reason, it is extremely important to have retro-reflective accessories, which most often cost very little, are light and almost do not take up space. Manufacturers offer a variety of accessories for visibility-both reflective and reflective. It is worth remembering that moving flares are easier to spot by drivers than constantly, but the latter are no less important, especially when it comes to cyclists.
A set of reflective accessories for the bicycle is offered by, for example, the Speeder company. It’s stable reflections in white and red colors, attached to the bike with screws added to the set.

– A set of bicycle reflectors that provide excellent visibility for other road users.
– Dimensions:
– height 3.8 cm
– width 5.5 cm

Brand: Speeder

speeder Reflector front back set

NinjaBike USB Rechargeable BRIGHT Led Bike Lights Front And Back Set Bicycle Headlight Rear Tail Light Easy Install Cycling Safety For Kids Men Women On Road Mountain BONUS Repair Kit 2 Wheel Lights

ninjabike usb rechargeable bright led bike lights front and back set bicycle hea Reflector front back set
  1. Buy this gift for them and they will never miss a thing on their next ride!!!
  2. CONVENIENT & FAST USB RECHARGEABILITY – Simple to recharge, the headlight is designed with a built-in USB charger outlet, completely recharging within 1 ½ hours.
  3. No need to replace batteries or use a USB cable for the front light!
  4. The tail light comes with a USB cable for easy 40-minute recharging from any USB port or charger outlet.
  5. ULTRA BRIGHT LONG LASTING LED LIGHTS IN MULTI-MODE OPERATION – Made of high quality durable aluminum, front and back bicycle lights will serve you better than ever in rain, fishing trips, and near water sources.
  6. The waterproof 300-lumen headlight lights up to 328 ft.
  7. SUPREME VERSATILITY – Ideal for camping, night activities, emergency nighttime tire changes, power outages, and more.
  8. Front headlight zooms in and out; the stand (affixed to handlebar) which holds it swivels up to 360 degrees; carrying cord makes for easy holding when required.
  9. Rear light has elastic strap for simple attachment to bike and wraps securely around carrying case, helmet light, or any other object of your choice.installed in up to 2 minutes flat!
  10. Battery-operated, the bike neon lights screw onto the tire valve and light up automatically as the wheel rotates!
  11. It comes replete with rechargeable LED bike lights front and back, bike repair tool kit and FREE BONUS bike lights for wheels.
  12. All lights are quick to install, long lasting and durable – and headlight and tail light are USB rechargeable, to boot!
  13. Sits on 360 degree swivel stand affixed to handlebar and includes zoom in/out function.
  14. Turns on and off and changes mode with a simple press of the light.
  15. Headlight and Tail light are made of high quality aluminum – unlike the flimsy plastic of most other brands.
  16. Both headlight and tail light charger outlets have screwed-on aluminum protective covers.
  17. Includes FREE BONUS of 2 BIKE WHEEL LIGHTS which light up automatically when wheel rotates, forming striking bright-blue circles!
  18. Tool-free installation of all 4 lights within 2 minutes flat!
  19. Ideal for kids bikes, road bikes and mountain bikes – in the rain, fishing expeditions and near water sources.
  20. Lights are a perfect accessory for camping, night activities, emergency nighttime tire changes, power outages, and more!
  21. I purchased this flashlight for my bike as I was recently struggling with offroad visibility while riding during late hours of the day.
  22. This flashlight performs well during the night, I can see much better now while riding, as it lights up approximately 20 feet in front of me, which is pretty good and gives me enough time to steer away from any obstacles.
  23. One of the most important things is that it is actually rainproof, unlike some other flashlights I’ve used before.
  24. It comes with additional tail light that I really like, that makes you visible when you’re riding in areas where there is car traffic
    It is pretty light and attaches easily to the mount on the bike itself, but still durable enough for long term use.
  25. So far I don’t have any cons, but I will try and share/update if there will be some issues/flaws.
  26. I was worried that my husband sometimes travels back home in the dark.
  27. I came across this set and immediately understood this is what we need.
  28. The set includes several useful items such as a repair kit, head and tail light with a mounting apparatus, charging cable and wheel lights.
  29. Both the head and tail lights are highly durable and water resistant (boy, is that important in Seattle).
  30. The head light is extremely powerful, also useful for camping.
  31. All in all: it’s a great product at the right price range, don’t hesitate!
  32. I ended up securing it with a zip-tie, but the end of the zip-tie rubs against my thumb sometimes(ouch.) if it holds, I will use it like that because I am very satisfied with the light output.
  33. If anyone finds a mounting bracket that will hold secure this light on a 2015 Raleigh Willard One’s handlebar please comment and let me know.
  34. Both the front and rear lights are rechargeable with no need to detach either, mounting and removal are quick,easy, and secure (front mount comes with a rubber insert that assures a tight fit on any size handle bar), light is bright and has 3 modes, it’s water tight and solidly built, and last but not least; the hex wrench set also comes with 4 socket wrench sizes.
  35. Who puts this much thought into a product these days?!!
  36. Twice I fully charged the taillight at night and it was completely dead the next day.
  37. As a test I charged it, turned it on and monitored it closely for well over and hour with no problem.
  38. I will have to charge it as soon as I get up so it will (hopefully) function while I am on my early morning ride.
  39. Love the 3 different settings and the length the light hits is amazing!
  40. The headset and the tail lights are both rechargeable so you dont have to worry about wasting money on batteries.
  41. The little all in one tool kit is worth a lot just in itself.
  42. Gotta get if you are a bike rider or know someone that does.
  43. The lights are bright when fully charged and you don’t need to replaced them since they are rechargeable.
  44. Cons: The only things that consider me giving this a four out of five stars is the rear light since the can be loose on certain bike frame.
  45. I bike home on a dark road and it doesn’t help me see past cm in front which is not nearly enough booking at 10mph.
  46. Thanks to the other post that showed the little blue lights screwed onto wheel, I had no idea what to do with them.
Buy NinjaBike USB Rechargeable BRIGHT Led Bike Lights Front And Back Set Bicycle Headlight Rear Tail Light Easy Install Cycling Safety For Kids Men Women On Road Mountain BONUS Repair Kit 2 Wheel Lights here

Blitzu Gator 320 USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set POWERFUL Lumens Bicycle Headlight FREE TAIL LIGHT, LED Front and Back Rear Lights Easy To Install for Kids Men Women Road Cycling Safety Flashlight

blitzu gator usb rechargeable bike light set powerful lumens bicycle headlight f Reflector front back set
  1. Save Yourself the Hassle to Replace Batteries Every Week, It’s a WIN-WIN!
  2. It charges from your computer or any device with a USB port.
  3. FREE TAIL LIGHT INCLUDED – Comes with both a headlight and a tail light (FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME) making your bicycle stand out with unmatched 360º visibility so you and your loved ones are safer in any low light conditions.
  4. Instantly improve your visibility & safety with our Ultra Bright LED bike light.
  5. VERSATILE, MORE THAN A BIKE LIGHT – Can be used as an emergency flashlight, keep it inside your car, basement, attic, and emergency kit.
  6. Use it when you’re running, jogging, hiking, camping, walking your dog, cycling, changing a tire, night time family/kids activities, power outage and MORE!
  7. Enjoy enhanced visibility and comfort knowing you’ll be safe and secure at any time of the day.
  9. Features One Touch Quick Release Button, press and slide the light out without removing the whole mounting bracket, mount and detach in just seconds without tools!
  10. This Front Bicycle Light Constructed with Military Grade Anodized Finish.
  11. Water resistant rated to IPX5 – Protected against splashing water from any angle.
  12. Every light purchase comes with a ONE-YEAR HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY and friendly customer service provided by BLITZU, Proud to be a USA Manufacturer.
  13. We consider efficiency, aesthetics, and durability to all our products.
  14. From our latest light technology to our performance compression garments, there’s always something to suit your needs.
  15. Look for us to develop more new innovations to help with life’s daily challenges in the near future!
  16. Delivering everyday reliable performance in an affordable super lightweight headlight.
  17. The Gator 320 is great for commuting at night as well as an extra safety precaution during the day!
  18. The Gator 320 charges from your computer or any device with a USB port.
  19. Features USB Smart Charging Technology with four lighting modes.
  20. Powered by the latest LED technology with an Ultra Bright 320-lumen output.
  21. Now you can say goodbye to weekly battery changes with the Gator 320 Headlight!
  22. The Gator 320 bike safety light is super bright, Never worry again about riding in the dark!
  23. USB Rechargeable
    – Charges from your computer or any device with a USB port.
  24. Blitzu is the only authorized manufacturer to sell this product.
  25. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We are so confident you will love the Gator 320 bike light that we offer 30 days Money Back Guarantee with one year warranty!
  26. After searching and comparing reviews for a long time I chose to buy this.
  27. I used it two nights ago and the moment the headlight came on the signs and reflectors three blocks down were being illuminated by the Blitzu.
  28. Whilst biking I kept looking behind me because I thought a car was coming because of how visible the road was in front of me.
  29. Additionally, this headlight comes off its mount so you can easily recharge it without having to redo it every single time.
  30. With the simple yet effective rear light coming in this package this lighting package for your bike is worth every penny.
  31. Lumens is great, but if you should desire more power, Blitzu offers that as well on their website.
  32. This light PIVOTS on it’s attachable base if you want to move it left or right (which the base is EASY to set up, NO TOOLS REQUIRED) And this light DETACHES with the click of a button, and sliding it off the base, making it easy to use as a FLASH LIGHT.
  33. I understand) It comes with the USB cable (but no outlet port), base, light, AND A SMALL TAIL LIGHT.
  34. I like to use the dim mode because it uses the least amount of battery and is still plenty bright enough.
  35. The rear light is very bright as well and has several modes, my favorite is the random flashing.
  36. The front light is easily detached leaving the mount in place so you can easily charge it which is a great feature.
  37. The charge lasts me for weeks and I ride about 3 nights a week for about an hour a night.
  38. I can see this being the last bike light I’ll ever have to buy.
  39. I’m a road-bike guy and live in the south of USA (Charlotte NC).
  40. In the summer the days are too hot for a comfortable ride, and the traffic is not friendly at any time.
  41. My previous headlight was AAA-battery powered and more to be seen, rather than to see.
  42. But when it died I searched for a roughly-comparable replacement and the Blitzu looked good.
  43. It has 4 modes of operation: three stages of brightness (trading intensity for battery-reserve), and my favorite, a pulsed mode.
  44. The last flashes I’d guess about 2 times per second at a 50% duty cycle, very visible and distinct.
  45. The mount is excellent, it fits nicely on the bars near the stem and doesn’t mess with the shift and brake housings.
  46. The light itself separates from the mount (with a simple catch) for recharging or for use as a flashlight.
  47. Recharging is simple with a Micro-USB to USB cable, included.
  48. There’s a rain-resistant cap on the light to cover the Micro-USB port during use.
  49. It wraps snug onto my handle bars which I like because it doesn’t shake on bumpy paths.
  50. Has many settings and the nice thing about it is that it’s rechargeable!!
  51. The mounting system was very easy to install and is very flexible regarding the locations you can choose to mount the lights.
  52. The only thing we don’t like about it is that it doesn’t lock on and someone can easily steal it.
Buy Blitzu Gator 320 USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set POWERFUL Lumens Bicycle Headlight FREE TAIL LIGHT, LED Front and Back Rear Lights Easy To Install for Kids Men Women Road Cycling Safety Flashlight here

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