March 23, 2018

Rear Light XC-781 1 LED Mounted Fender

tube rear xc diode LED mounted fender Rear light XC 781 1 LED mounted fender tube rear xc diode LED mounted fender 1 Rear light XC 781 1 LED mounted fender Rear light on the fender, battery powered 2xAAA, built-in 1 LED Features: – Bicycle rear lamp mounted on the fender equipped with 1 LED – Powered by 2xAAA batteries (included) – Dimensions of the lamp housing, about 4.5 x 9.5 cm

Brand: XC Light

Lezyne Laser Drive 250 Tail Light

lezyne laser drive tail light Rear light XC 781 1 LED mounted fender
  1. Provides up to 250 lumens and multiple output/flash modes.
  2. Riding in Double Century I gave it to a rider whose tail light wasn’t working.
Buy Lezyne Laser Drive 250 Tail Light here $59.99

Stupidbright SBR-1 Strap-On LED Rear Bike Tail Light

stupidbright sbr strap led rear bike tail light Rear light XC 781 1 LED mounted fender
  1. Fits any sized seat post or bike frame, 3 Strapping Sizes.
  2. This light can be strapped on your helmet, your backpack, your bike, your stroller, and your pet’s collar.
  3. This tiny, yet power rear tail light consists of 3 modes: solid, fast-strobe, and slow-strobe.
  4. Aluminum alloy casing to increase impact resistance of the light.
  5. There are 3 different sizes strapping allowing users to strap on variety of places.
  6. A rubber gasket is installed in the casing to ensure it is water resistant, so users can use it in the rain (not recommended for diving).
  7. A great combination for our CREE powered Bicycle Lights.
  8. Safety improvement; This high-powered lighting output will increase your visibility to the vehicles surround you in the dark.
  9. Visible 180 degrees, meaning the light is not only visible from the rear, but on both sides.
  10. Versatile; this light can be strapped on your helmet, your backpack, your bike, your stroller, and your pet’s collar.
  11. No Question Asked Satisfaction guarantee or money back.
  12. No problem, we will replace another one for you for Free while supplies last.
  13. They are sturdy, small, and seem to be of high quality, and they boast 3 settings, solid, fast blink, and slow blink.
  14. This inexpensive double pack allowed me to purchase lights for my bike and my wife’s together for an incredibly reasonable price, and we are really happy with them.
  15. These lights were exactly what we needed to feel safe and legally ride on the road at night.
  16. They’re very small and light, but they feel durable and of good quality materials (quality plastic and aluminum with stretchy but durable bands.) The push-on operation is super handy when I’m already riding but forgot to turn one of them on (I have on on my helmet and one on my seatpost.) I have no idea how long the batteries will go for, but they’re LEDs, so I’m sure they sip power, and I’ve been using them every day to commute with no noticeable diminishment in brightness.
  17. The varied solid and two flashing modes are a great addition.
  18. My only wish is that they either came with band extensions of some kind, or could have the bands removed and be zip tied directly to things – as it is the bands are of good quality, but their length limits the places they can be mounted.
  19. You need to make sure the seat post has enough visible area in case you use a under seat bag etc that may block the light.
  20. Not hyper bright like the models with multiple LEDs or like a full 2 watt version – those models can easily be seen even during the day.
  21. But it should be helpful for drivers to notice used in conjunction with the reflectors and a headlight.
  22. A recent study showed that such lights are the most visible to drivers and markedly increase safety.
  23. Here is how to do it: Cut off the “belt” part of the rubber strap and leave the beveled rubber.
  24. Remove the small screw attaching the rubber, buy one slightly longer (metric thread, countersunk head).
  25. Drill a hole in the lower heal of the shoe, just large enough for the screw.
  26. Use a hacksaw to cut it just long enough to reach to the edge of the beveled rubber.
  27. Install the beveled rubber over the screw with the “fat” part facing the bottom of the shoe (this corrects for the curve in the back of the shoe).
  28. They are metal housings with a nice, soft rubber mount which is very easy to use and really secure.
  29. The back of the body/mount has a slight angle so when you install the light on a seat tube, it is aimed properly backwards.
  30. The light is really only visible from almost directly behind, but that is the most important angle anyway.
  31. The light is nice and compact, and the black color blends nicely with a variety of frame colors, even on my wife’s white frame it blends in nicely.
  32. Initially I was impressed at the ease of attachment, simple push on/off operation, advertised battery life, and low cost.
  33. Ordered 2 more upon of receipt of the fist, so 4-total.
  34. One arrived with dead battery, OK it happens, so I just ordered a couple of cards of batteries.
  35. I can shake it and hear the insides rattling as if something came apart in the main body, no crash, no drop, just decide to transform into a thumb rattle.
  36. After using another 2 of the 3 remaining both shut down after a couple minutes time perhaps due to vibration, still keeping an eye on this, but vibration resistant seems NOT.
  37. One has worked well over the past two weeks, the other stopped after first ride (have two bikes).
  38. They are not the most powerful lights but the one that works is more than good enough.
  39. Almost gave 2 stars as don’t feel they are dependable, but, I guess that is why they send 2!
  40. I had seen other bicyclists with rear-facing lights attached to their helmets so I decided to do the same.
  41. The Stupidbright LED is a perfect size for attaching to a helmet and it is indeed bright.
  42. Pressing on the lens turns the unit on and repeated presses will cycle it through the various light pattern options.
  43. The metal housing seems solid and the rubber strap holds great.
  44. Since I only needed one light from my helmet, I’m now trying to figure out a way to fasten the second light to my backpack and make use of it.
  45. The Seller Chris Evan Industries sent an email in advance of my receiving the product with some FAQs and a link to a video showing how to activate the batteries.
  46. One note: While the video only shows one battery divider keeping the batteries from going live, I found 2 dividers in one of the lights.
  47. So, if you find the lights don’t work after removing the divider, unscrew the light again and look for another divider.
  48. Simple, easy alternative to the old fashioned LED lights that run on triple A batteries.
Buy Stupidbright SBR-1 Strap-On LED Rear Bike Tail Light here $9.95

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