March 23, 2018

Rear Light XC-181R USB

tube rear xc usb Rear light XC 181R USB tube rear xc usb 1 Rear light XC 181R USB The XC-181R silicone lamp has a high brightness COB LED. The lamp is charged via the USB connector. The set includes a rubber grip that allows quick installation in both vertical and horizontal. Features: – high brightness LED COB – silicone housing, waterproof – built-in battery 3.7V Li-Poly, capacity 300mAh – functions of observation: permanent, pulsatile, angle of visibility: 180 degrees – low battery indicator, Micro USB charging socket – in the set, a rubber holder for fast mounting both vertically and horizontally (22-31.8mm) – Weight: 45g

Brand: XC Light

LE USB CREE LED Super Bright Bike Rear Tail Light IPX4 Waterproof 5 Lighting Modes Red Safety Cycling Light – Fits on any Bicycles Helmet Backpack

le usb cree led super bright bike rear tail light ipx waterproof lighting modes  Rear light XC 181R USB
  1. Safety guaranteed: The red light can be used for safety and warning.
  2. Steady on with 4 LEDs, quick flash with 4 LEDs, steady on with 2 HD LEDs, wave flash with 4 LEDs, and slow flash with 2HD LEDs   Long runtime.
  3. Lasting up to 4 hours (steady-on mode) or 13-14 hours (quick flash with 4 LEDs mode) on a single charge.
  4. Remain securely locked in position, even during off-road use.
  5. Only high end LED and advanced optical design are adopted.
  6. However I think that gives me a bit of insight when evaluating this thing.
  7. I’ve distilled my thoughts to the following summary: 1) Very bright and lots of modes.
  8. The thin silicone strap makes me nervous –even the thicker silicon straps tend to break, often without obvious cause.
  9. So this one being thinner than any that I’ve seen is suspect.
  10. I understand why manufacturers use silicone, but I think it’s a bad idea generally.) 3) IMPORTANT: There’s NO clip for this light.
  11. Buyers should be aware that the mounting system is designed for a seat post, not seat stays or any tube narrower than the average seat post.
  12. And while it’s not USB rechargeable, it’s very bright and has a clip and non-silicone mounting bracket.
  13. And there are benefits to battery power –if it dies while you’re out riding, just throw in some new batteries.
  14. After writing the review, I was contacted by the seller and provided with a replacement.
  15. The replacement seems slightly different, so possibly a manufacturing flaw in the first one has been fixed?
  16. Anyway, it has worked for a few weeks so far, and if it makes it through the winter, I’ll give this review another star.
  17. I got mine in January, and it lasted the rainy winter and spring this year, didn’t really touch it all summer since I was biking in the daylight.
  18. Then, this fall, after a full charge, it won’t stay on.
  19. So, for 10 bucks, you get something that will work for a few months.
  20. Double the battery life of the more expensive twin from Blitzu.
  21. For continuous on in the brightest mode, lasted 3 hours.
  22. If you are a serious rider, looking to buy your primary rear light and safety is paramont (as it is for me), I recommend the Flare R, and the LE as a secondary light.
  23. The problem with that is you may not know when the light goes out, and if I am riding with a group, I may not take the time to stop and switch.
  24. My only wish is that more mounting options as the silicone band is a bit flimsy but not unusable.
  25. Update 1/29/17- I took apart the original mount and bolted it to an old reflector mount ring.
  26. Also would like to add that I’ve been caught in the rain 3x for a more than 6 hours total and the light is still perfect.
  27. It was cockeyed and the screw head appeared to be stripped, preventing adjustments.
  28. The seller has been beyond helpful with this concern which prompted me to review this product again.
  29. Aside from the assembly issue with the stripped screw head, this product works as expected and is really bright.
  30. The screw head was able to be loosened to fix the cockeyed mount.
  31. I haven’t actually used it on my bike as it doesn’t mount as I was hoping it would, which is not a fault of the design.
  32. If you have a rack bag or seat post bag that get in the way, you can’t use this.
  33. There is no clip to hook it to the loop on one of those.
  34. The silicone strap will not mount securely to a back stay.
  35. Even if you could put it on a stay, it would be aimed wrong.
  36. I understand the attraction of a “quick mount” silicone strap for the mechanically challenged, but this could be a much better package if they would spend a few more pennies and include an adjustable angle clamp mount sized to fit on a back stay.
  37. After seeing my review, they proactively reached out to me to better understand my issue with the Light.
  38. They apologized for the issues I experienced and offered me a replacement.
  39. I accepted their offer and used the new light for the first time this morning.
  40. The real test will be how it holds up over the next several months.
  41. Purchased this in May 2017 and really liked it (strong lights, multi-flashing modes, held a charge for several multi-hour rides) until it started to act really erratic (losing a charge within a couple rides, initially turning on then stopping during the ride then turning back on).
  42. Although I’m going to attempt to salvage it by letting it dry out, I am very disappointed in what appears to be a flaw in the design that let’s in moisture.
  43. Really great price for 5 modes, rechargable, and easy to take off your bike and apply onto your bike as well.
Buy LE USB CREE LED Super Bright Bike Rear Tail Light IPX4 Waterproof 5 Lighting Modes Red Safety Cycling Light – Fits on any Bicycles Helmet Backpack here

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