March 23, 2018

Rear Lamp RED EDGE 3 Lm Battery

tube rear edge red lm battery Rear lamp RED EDGE 3 lm battery

tube rear edge red lm battery 1 Rear lamp RED EDGE 3 lm battery
Red Edge is a light and wind-driven rear light with a modern look.

The slender structure prevents the lamp from losing the leg from the saddle post.

The durable rubber strap allows for safe mounting of lamps on almost any seatpost or any rounded surface.

Easy to assemble and dismantle, compact and light-Red Edge perfectly signals your bike in public places.

One, light AAA battery (battery included)

supplies the Red Egde lamp for a full five hours in 100% mode, 9,5 hours in 60% mode and for 10,5 hours in flashing mode. Red Edge has a degree of water resistance at IPX4 level, thanks to which a protective light bank surrounds the biker, even in the worst conditions.


Batteries included-yes

Working time –
– 100% 5h;

– 60% 9.5h;

– Flashing 10.5h

Light power-3 lm

Installation-Fits 18-50 mm seatpost


Water resistance-IPX4

Dimensions-32 x 17 x 65 mm

Power supply-1 x AAA (included)

Source of light-LED

Brand: MacTronic

mactronic Rear lamp RED EDGE 3 lm battery

Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp

black diamond sprinter headlamp Rear lamp RED EDGE 3 lm battery

  1. Pavement was clearly visible, and felt in little danger of stepping in unexpected potholes.
  2. This headlamp was also significantly lighter, comfortable, like the strap system, so the lamp is stable while I am running, and also thought useful to have the red blinking light on the back behind the battery pack as a safety feature.
  3. I like the fact that I don’t constantly have to replace batteries.
  4. The red blinking light in the back blinks very fast (back to this in a moment).
  5. Now to the strange part, and wondering if it relates to the headlamp.
  6. Used it for the first time this past Wednesday morning.
  7. About a mile into the run, I felt a large object land on my head, fairly forcefully, and then fly off in front of me.
  8. Then on Thursday morning, went out again, this time with a hat as it was cool and just in case, also before sunrise, passed the same spot as my encounter the previous day, no issue so far.
  9. It was now just barely dawn and I saw an owl sitting in a tree on the side of the road, probably a quarter mile or more physical distance from previous encounter.
  10. I have never seen an owl on my runs previous to this week.
  11. I greeted it, rather cordially considering my previous encounter – not sure if the same owl, but made some grumbling about my previous experience with owls in general.
  12. About 5 second later, boom, the owl had pushed off from my head (like previous incident came from behind so did not see it, and they are really quiet flight as I have found out, no idea I was being stalked).
  13. Found some articles on the internet about other runners being attacked by owls.
  14. I am wondering if the rapid blinker on the back was particularly irritating to the owl population or at least gave them a guided beacon to the stop of my head.
  15. I will probably be saving it for hiking or at least a different season of the year.
  16. On longer runs, this lamp is comfortable to the point of hardly noticing it’s there (except for the bright bit of light in front of me).
  17. I haven’t found that I’ve needed it full strength, though it has the battery life to last for just about any run, even full bright (Black Diamond claims 6hrs at full).
  18. I never have to change batteries — just set it on its charger before bed and pull it off before heading out in the am (Black Diamond claims 5hrs to charge).
  19. And, finally, the small red light on the back adds an extra bit of safety out on the roads.
  20. It costs a little more than I’d hoped to spend, but it’s comfortable, easy to adjust to fit and use, and does it’s job beautifully.
  21. I wish it did a better job of warning you about low batteries before it stops working.
  22. As said by many others, this is the most comfortable headlamp for running I’ve used.
  23. It sits well, doesn’t bounce, and doesn’t bother me at all.
  24. The strength of the light works decently well for road running, but it’s not quite enough for my trail running.
  25. For the trails near me (central California coast; single track on hard-packed dirt, with some exposed roots), I go about 30 seconds/mile slower than I do in the daytime (9:00/mi vs.
  26. This means I can only run hard on the uphills, but not the flats.
  27. Finally, it’s annoying that when the batteries are low, the light suddenly turns off and can’t be turned on without being charged again.
  28. This happened to me during a workout, and it was difficult to make my way back with no light.
  29. There is a small LED indicator of the battery level when you turn the light on, but it’s a little difficult to interpret.
  30. Now I try to charge it every ~3 hours of use, even though it should get more.
  31. A better low-battery warning / low-battery dimmed mode would be helpful, rather than suddenly stopping.
  32. UPDATE: My original unit recently stopped working properly (the rear lights wouldn’t turn off, except when it was charging), but fortunately Black Diamond has great customer service.
  33. Within a week of filing a warranty claim, they had shipped a new unit to my house.
  34. I didn’t need to pay the shipping, and the process was very simple.
  35. The responsive, effective customer service is enough for me to bump my review to 5 stars, despite the minor shortcomings noted above.

Buy Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp here $62.00

Hat Light Rechargeable LED Headlamp : Best Head Lamp Clip On Flashlight Torch With Brightest Lumens Lights For Running Camping Cycling & Work. Bright UV Blue & White Headlight Bulb With USB Charger

hat light rechargeable led headlamp best head lamp clip flashlight torch with br Rear lamp RED EDGE 3 lm battery

  1. Our rechargeable headlamp was designed with you in mind, included a head strap in the package and a hat clip to double its usability.
  2. Since it glows in the dark, the switch on top of the lamp is easy to find, it also acts as an indicator while charging via USB cable.
  3. LIGHT MODES INCLUDING UVPowered by a lithium-polymer battery, our lamp has four different lighting modes: High, Low, STROBE, and UV.
  4. Turn a night-time trail into day with the high setting or save battery power with low.
  5. Stay safe in the dark using the strobe setting to make yourself visible on your bike or run.
  6. Our favorite setting to use is the UV (Ultra-Violet) LED.
  7. Great for night fishing using a fluorescent line and lure or revealing materials that are hidden under normal lighting.
  8. DEPENDABLE IN THE WILD If you are an outdoors-man or outdoors-woman, you know the treatment that your gear can undergo in the wild.
  9. That’s why our head light is water and impact resistant.
  10. While the competition struggles to light their path, our rechargeable headlamp provides 100 lumens of white light on the highest setting.
  11. HANDS FREE LIGHTING Using the vertical tilt on the clip of the headlamp, you can adjust the angle at which your light is shining.
  12. This allows you to use your hands to perform tasks in the dark while our headlamp illuminates your space.
  13. Using the strap provided, the lamp can easily be used as a bike tail light.
  14. Just simply wrap the head strap around your bike seat and position the light towards the rear of your bicycle.
  15. This will give drivers a clear warning that you are there.
  16. REVIVAL GEAR GUARANTEE Be careful of items you buy online that don’t have verified reviews to reflect the quality of their product.
  17. We make sure our products are tested thoroughly before they are shipped to your door.
  18. Also, every one of our products is backed with our one year warranty.
  19. If you have any issues with the product, contact us immediately and our English speaking customer support team will be happy to help.
  20. Let us show you why Revival Gear is the right choice today!
  21. You can also strap it to your bike seat to act as a tail light while riding at night using the strobe feature.
  22. WATER RESISTANT Our headlamp is military tested and can handle being left in the rain.
  23. MILITARY STRONG: Providing the most durable headlamp on the market and had some of our own US troops test them out in training.
  24. In order to do this, he has to crawl under my jeep and re-wire it.
  25. The reason he’s been putting it off is because I get home from work at 7pm every day and he claims there’s not enough light to work.
  26. He’s also able to detach it from the strap and clip it onto any hat he’s wearing.
  27. This is a benefit because he’s always wearing hats at work while he’s fixing school buses.
  28. He has also been able to use it almost all day and it’s still just as bright.
  29. He plans to charge it during the day so it’s always fully charged before work.
  30. We’ve all been fighting over this head lamp to use around the house.
  31. It has also come in handy while shoveling the driveway full of 24” of snow.
  32. This little, super-lightweight light is super bright, and lets me walk my dog at night – I can see where I’m going, and drivers can see me.
  33. Multiple settings; bright, flashing, black-light which are all great.
  34. The best part is how light it is; Charges quickly and easily and has a simple, one button design.
  35. Besides clipping to a baseball cap, it comes with a head strap.
  36. At first I didn’t see the strap – it was neatly packaged in a separate section of the box so look carefully!
  37. Since it doesn’t ride on top of my hard hat it never get snagged or knocked off.
  38. The only possible downside is I don’t know about the elastic band.
  39. My favorite feature is u can recharge the battery with a usb cord.
  40. I would definitely recommend for runners as well as others.
  41. The awesome feature is that it can be charged and keep going.
  42. It has a clip that you can clip to your pocket, or your cap.
  43. Came with an elastic forehead band, if you’re not wearing a cap, and a recharge cable.
  44. Love that it’s recharchable and it’s super light so it doesn’t slide down my head (like my husbands heavy duty one) when it’s on the head band.
  45. Comes with a strap for without hat use and a charging cable.

Buy Hat Light Rechargeable LED Headlamp : Best Head Lamp Clip On Flashlight Torch With Brightest Lumens Lights For Running Camping Cycling & Work. Bright UV Blue & White Headlight Bulb With USB Charger here

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