April 23, 2018

Rear Disc Brake BRM445-BLM 445R

brake disc backward br blm Rear disc brake BRM445 BLM 445R
The basic hydraulic disc brake from the Shimano collection model M445 (handle BL-M445, clamp BR-M445)
The clamp is designed with two opposing rods.
This solution increases strength and gives control over the entire braking stage. In addition, the advantage of the opposing rods is absorbing the vibrations of the disc, which gives smooth and powerful braking.
The handle has adjustable position and flat containers.
The brake is easy to vent with a funnel.


– Coloring for higher groups.
– A modern look.
– Good braking power.
– A resin lining.
– Durable handle.
– Cable length: 1700mm (the cable is short)
– Brake caliper in 160 MP standard (post mount)
– Color: black

Brand: Shimano

shimano Rear disc brake BRM445 BLM 445R

Ibera Bike Rack – Bicycle Touring Carrier Plus+ for Disc Brake Mount, Frame-Mounted for Heavier Top & Side Loads, Height Adjustable for 26″-29″ Frames

ibera bike rack bicycle touring carrier plus for disc brake mount frame mounted  Rear disc brake BRM445 BLM 445R
  1. With a little tinkering it should fit most bikes with or without disc brakes.
  2. The arms that attach to the seat stays should be longer.
  3. Mine were too short to reach the mounting bolts on my Gravity Zilla.
  4. Luckily I had some longer pieces provided from another rack that I used to make things work out.
  5. An alternative fix would have been to forgo the built in attachment points and use P-clips with the provided arms.
  6. My seat stays are 17″ from the attachment point to the lower rack mount, and my chain stays are 18″ from the center of the bottom bracket to the lower rack mount.
  7. I needed the upper arms to be at least an inch or more longer and it seems a little silly for those items to have come up short.
  8. So installation issues resolved, it’s time to put it to use.
  9. I use my bike to commute to work daily, 19 miles, rain or shine, hot or cold.
  10. I already have a set of panniers that I’ve been using for a few years and there’s going to have to be some more tinkering or fabrication to make these work.
  11. I like to strap my bags down to keep them from flopping around and could for the life of me could not find a low enough attachment point to hook a bungie to.
  12. I’m sure the Ibera bags work great, and I have ordered the trunk bag, since I’ve been wanting to try one out anyway.
  13. At some point I’ll probably add the panniers designed for this rack rather than mess with building in my own attachment points.
  14. Expect to have to tinker with it a bit if your bike has long chain stays such as those found on touring bikes, and 29ers.
  15. Also expect some creative engineering if you’re going to use anything other than the bags designed for this rack or bags with very versatile attachment systems.
  16. Yesterday, the bolt on the bottom support of the rack snapped.
  17. I had a basket attached to the rack and a small load (3 pairs of wool socks, icebreaker leggings, and a 6-pack of Dales Pale Ale).
  18. Today, I went to the bike shop for a replacement bolt, but they didn’t have one to match, and on my way home, the other bolt snapped!!
  19. Both locations the bolts broke off were simple cracks in the road at intersections.
  20. Perhaps some sort of shock or additional support arms to connect to the dropouts?
  21. The only thing that previously bothered me about the rack, is the curved ends on both sides.
  22. This limits your basket choice to those that can sit flat in between the upward turned parts.
  23. It went on the bike the first time with everything fitting as it should.
  24. My bike a Giant Talon 29er it does not have mounts for the front of the rack.
  25. After mounting it i loaded it up and took it out on the trails for a couple hours.i trident to break it but I failed.
  26. When I returned and checked it out I hadn’t even loosened a bolt on it.
  27. I have no doubts that this rack will do the job and do it well.
  28. If your bike has disk breaks and you need a rack this is the one I recommend whole heartedly.
  29. It is highly adjustable for different size frames and wheels.
  30. The seat stay brackets are very adjustable for different mounting points on the frame.
  31. The side supports for panniers are well thought out, even the nib to prevent them from sliding backward.
  32. It can use quick-mount bags from the same company, or any other bags that are not quick mount.
  33. The panniers ride low enough that a rear light with side pointing LEDs is not obscured.
  34. Rated for 25 kg which is much greater than most other racks.
  35. The mountain bike I installed this on had threaded mounting holes by the wheel, but no braze-ons on the seat stays.
  36. There are several companies that make non-quick-release seat post clamps with rack mounts.
  37. I had to reverse the seat stay brackets on the rack (the Allen bolt is now on the inside rather than on the outside) to get it to fit the seat post clamp.
  38. The seat stay brackets were just long enough for a small frame which was good because I have had to make, or order, different mounting brackets for some racks and bicycles.
  39. The rack was missing all of the hardware needed to mount it on the disk brakes and no instructions were included with the product.
  40. If they made the extension rods just a bit longer this could have been more compatible with other bikes.
Buy Ibera Bike Rack – Bicycle Touring Carrier Plus+ for Disc Brake Mount, Frame-Mounted for Heavier Top & Side Loads, Height Adjustable for 26″-29″ Frames here $34.99

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