April 23, 2018

Rear Derailleur XT 8-9 -before RDM-771 Top Normal Type SGS

rear saddle xt tert rdm top normal type SGS Rear Derailleur XT 8 9  before RDM 771 Top Normal type SGS
Derailleur XT equipped with traditional Top-Normal springs.


– Increased stiffness at lower weight by increasing the distance between joints.
– Handwheel on a ceramic bearing
– Tensioning pulley on machine bearings.
– Excellent, new design with laser-cut XT logo.

Brand: Shimano

shimano Rear Derailleur XT 8 9  before RDM 771 Top Normal type SGS

BEIOU Carbon Dual Suspension Mountain Bicycles All Terrain 27.5 Inch MTB 650B Bike SHIMANO DEORE 10 Speed 12.7kg T700 Frame Matte 3K CB22

beiou carbon dual suspension mountain bicycles all terrain inch mtb bike shimano Rear Derailleur XT 8 9  before RDM 771 Top Normal type SGS
  1. For the part of Bottom Bracket, we overlap T700 and T800 carbon fiber to increases the strength and the rigidity, which makes it work in great safety and speed up quickly in dancing.
  2. Well here it is:

    So far the riding has been good, the bike is very light and response well both in concrete (local green line) and off road.
  3. The seat is somewhat uncomfortable, kind of expected in this type of bikes, (still getting use to it).
  4. In general a great bike with maybe cheap components at some level.
  5. I did had an issue with the derailleur, (but the seller quickly took care of replacement parts), again shifting was not all that in tune, until I paid additional at the shop.
  6. So far my experiences off road has been good, with great response from the full suspension.
  7. I might make some adjustments – looking to set the bike to my own customized configuration).
  8. One current issue i just came across (03/19/17) changing the cheap “Walmart” pedals, while unscrewing the right pedal from the crank arm the tread of the crank arm seem to have been already worn out, making it impossible to security tie the new pedals in place.
  9. I sent an email to seller in an attempt to get this part under warranty.
  10. I will see if customer service stays on top on this one!
  11. After just a few hours since I contacted the seller, they are sending me a new crank arm, no questions asked!
  13. This is my replacement for my stolen used 2012 Specialized Carbon Fiber Enduro.
  14. I will be updating this review for the performance of the bike.
  15. Jaquar6.0 feels lighter than my stolen bike perhaps because the rear axle is also carbon fiber.
  16. I see some postings of chain problems, but I don’t have any.
  17. The problems could more likely be due to shifting techniques especially beginner level.
  18. If you’re advanced intermediate, you might really like this bike.
  19. It’s new derailleur is now 1×11 so it’s like a 10% improvement.
  20. Front shocks still work great and have been to difficult terrains.
  21. I somewhat impulsively bought this bike online after reading decent reviews of Beiou.
  22. The seller was excellent, and the item came quickly and as described.
  23. It was very easy to assemble myself, and I did so in less than 30 minutes.
  24. The components all seemed of average to good quality, although they did state that servicing the suspension could get tricky because it is not a name brand.
  25. The saddle was a bit hard for my sensitive hiney, so I replaced it.
  26. I have ridden the bike pretty hard over the last few weeks up in the sierras and it has not let me down.
  27. The dual suspension makes for a comfortable ride on rocky terrain.
  28. I am happy with this purchase and would do business again with this seller.
  29. I have been riding all my life, and this is my third adult MTB and easily the best.
  30. I have rode a specialized the past 10 years and it was awesome, but I decided to look elsewhere for my next bike and I was not disappointed.
  31. Nobody will beat this price easily driving up the overall value rating.
  32. Frame & Front Fork: Frame high quality Carbon fiber, no issues so far includes internal lines for brakes making them less susceptible to damage from riding.
  33. Drive Train: Excellent brakes (given they didn’t work on my old bike a huge improvement), nothing extraordinary there but work great.
  34. The chain, derailleur, and gear are not the highest quality, I have had minor issues with them my first few rides, nothing I couldn’t easily tweak and adjust but something I will likely aftermarket upgrade at some point.
  35. At the price point however these are excellent value once again.
  36. I went from riding a high end bike to this, for less experienced cyclists you won’t notice anything wrong with them.
  37. Other Components: Seat & post, wheels and handlebar all exceed expectations, strongest carbon fiber and the seat is surprisingly comfortable, I was expecting less and was surprised by the quality, high quality carbon fiber wheels with aluminum spokes are great quality and I have not had any issues.
  38. Rider Experience: It is a comfortable ride, due to only 11 speeds (vice my old 24 speed bike) I cannot build up nearly as much speed as I did on my previous bike–that being said I have not found myself overly limited and its not an issue.
  39. My ride usually includes a couple sets of stairs both up and down and have had no issue with that or any other terrain and overall its very comfortable and smooth as a dual suspension bike tends to be.
  40. Turns out it can be done and BEIOU does it fantastically.
  41. I give it overall 5 stars, and my highest recommendation for both the experienced and casual rider, you won’t find a better deal and it is one of the best values I have ever seen.
  42. You cannot lower the seat post for descending as it will contact the rear suspension.
  43. Before and after fixing the cable, the bike will not stay in gear.
  44. I negotiated a recall on this problem, but it was refused.
Buy BEIOU Carbon Dual Suspension Mountain Bicycles All Terrain 27.5 Inch MTB 650B Bike SHIMANO DEORE 10 Speed 12.7kg T700 Frame Matte 3K CB22 here

Review Rear Derailleur XT 8-9 -before RDM-771 Top Normal Type SGS

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