April 23, 2018

Rear Derailleur Shimano CLARIS RD-2000 SS 8-row

rear saddle Shimano Claris rd ss row Rear Derailleur Shimano CLARIS RD 2000 SS 8 row
The new version of the Claris R2000 road group replaces the existing 2400 series components and the 8-row group remains. In the hierarchy of the Japanese manufacturer is located under 9-row Sora and 10-row Tiagra and 105-t.
Shimano dedicates Claris to users who start their adventure from the highway or treat the equipment as a substitute or training model.
Shifters and brake levers are also available in the standard version, straight steering wheels, thanks to which the treadmill bikes will also benefit from the new group. The Claris RD R2000 rear saddle has taken over the technology of building the truck and body structure from the higher groups.
The cart provides support for the maximum size 34T in the GS version.
The saddle is characterized by an efficient and reliable change of gears, and a smooth running of the chain.

Total capacity-37T
Maximum front differential-16T
Minimum lower set-25T
Maximum lower rebate-32T
The smallest lace-minimum 11T / maximum 13T
Effective construction of teeth collection-11T
Length of the cart-SS-short cart

Brand: Shimano

shimano Rear Derailleur Shimano CLARIS RD 2000 SS 8 row

Shimano Claris 8-speed Direct Mount Road Bicycle Rear Derailleur – RD-2400

shimano claris speed direct mount road bicycle rear derailleur rd Rear Derailleur Shimano CLARIS RD 2000 SS 8 row
  1. To me the rear derailleur has always been the most mysterious part of the bike, but I thought, why not try to fix this?
  2. I did a little research and discovered that most any new derailleur would be a direct replacement for my original Shimano Exage 7 Speed Derailleur.
  3. While I was hoping to find something that matched the vintage derailleur in looks, I was disappointed that most derailleurs are painted black rather than the polished aluminum of vintage derailleurs.
  4. I settled on the Claris partly because I trusted the Shimano brand name and partly because I thought the body didn’t look too modern.
  5. I would prefer this to be in polished or at least metallic body, but instead, it is a dark gray.
  6. Since the exage brakes on this bike are also painted a shade of gray, I thought it wouldn’t look out of place.
  7. I watched a couple of youtube videos and installed and set up the Shimano Claris in under a half hour.
  8. Most of that time was spent in just fiddling to get the gears to line up just right.
  9. It wasn’t difficult and in fact, I was amazed how simple a process it was.
  10. That is probably true of most derailleurs, but for the price, I’m happy with this one.
  11. I’ve put quite a few miles on it and have had no trouble from it so far.
  12. The original derailleur was Shimano Sora which has since moved up to 9 speed.
  13. I installed the derailleur on the bike and attached the cable and was starting to make the adjustments when the cable broke in the shifter and I couldn’t remove the end of the cable from the shifter so I brought the bike down to the bike shop where the mechanic disassembled the shifter to remove the end of the cable.
  14. So there was nothing actually wrong with the Sora derailleur it was the cable fraying in the shifter causing the derailleur to go out of adjustment.
  15. So I have a new Claris derailleur on my bike and it shifts well, it was also at a great price.
  16. I’m guessing that the distance of movement is controlled by the shift mechanism and not the derailleur itself (but this is a guess)
    I ordered the GS model which is described as medium length.
  17. The product that I received was a blue-grey color and not silver as shown in the picture (no big deal)
    Description says that it will handle up to a 32 tooth cog.
  18. I converted over to an 8 speed rear cassette setup and my 600 couldn’t reach in to the biggest gear back there.
  19. The build quality of this thing is junk compared to the 600 I removed because it just uses non-serviceable rivets to hold itself together and parts are steel and other parts are plastic.
  20. That took all of two minutes and I was off to the races.
  21. So it gets to live back there since it’s quiet and smooth.
  22. Mission accomplished, but it looks cheap compared to what I used to have.
  23. It makes sense, given the price, so I’m just kind of complaining about the inevitable.
  24. I probably should have bought a used vintage derailleur that looked better on my bike in my case.
  25. Yes, there are higher priced ones out there but I prefer the triple and I prefer the 7 and 8 speed size chains which are slightly thicker than the 9 and 10 speed sizes.
  26. OK, the bragging rights may not be there but who cares?
  27. Replaced my old RS3300 with this derailleur and it works flawlessly.
  28. I have put just over 300 miles on it and it is showing no sign of slowing down.
  29. Jockey wheels are quite and the spring was well greased.
  30. Unfortunately, the packaging was very poor, and the derailleur got badly scuffed in transit (this is primarily why I didn’t give it 5 stars).
  31. Fortunately this doesn’t affect the performance of the product.
  32. I also wish the limit screws where hex keys, as they are the threads are quite tight, and the Philips head screw driver didn’t really work well, but most lower end derailleurs are like those, so I can’t really fault the product for that.
  33. All in all, solid purchase to replace a tired rear mech.
  34. My wife’s Gitane from the 70s finally needed a replacement for its original Simplex unit.
  35. We did not care in this case about keeping the bike “authentic.” This derailleur installed in minutes, works just fine with the old friction shifters mounted on the downtube.
  36. Looks nice, too, with the frost-blue paint job on the bike.
  37. Works great in place of Tourney (7 speed) using Tourney brifters and gears.
  38. It is mated to a 5 speed rear cassette and Cannondale downtube-shifter frame (which has the derailleur hanger as part of the frame).
Buy Shimano Claris 8-speed Direct Mount Road Bicycle Rear Derailleur – RD-2400 here $26.99 – $32.99

Shimano Claris R2000-SS 8-Speed Short Cage Rear Derailleur

shimano claris speed short cage rear derailleur Rear Derailleur Shimano CLARIS RD 2000 SS 8 row
    Buy Shimano Claris R2000-SS 8-Speed Short Cage Rear Derailleur here $23.07

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